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Experience Highlights

Enter into an adventure full of sensations and illusions at the Museum of the Senses in Prague. With the entrance ticket to this spectacular place, enjoy a space with more than 90 exhibits spread over 17 rooms that will awaken your senses in ways you could never have imagined.

To enhance the experience, the approximate maximum number of participants in this activity will be 19 people. Discover hidden aspects of your own senses in an interactive journey perfect for stimulating the imagination, having fun and learning thanks to a colourful visual spectacle.

  • Venture into Prague's Museum of the Senses, one of the funniest and strangest museums in Prague.
  • Tour this space with over 90 science-based interactive exhibits designed to trick your senses.
  • This is an ideal activity to stimulate the imagination and learn in an original, dynamic and active way.

What’s included

  • Entrance to the Museum of the Senses in Prague

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Step by Step

There are few experiences as original and stimulating as a visit to Prague's Museum of Sensations. Here you will find more than 90 interactive exhibits spread over 17 rooms. Prepare to have your senses awakened in ways you would never have imagined and put them to the test with jaw-dropping optical illusions.

This activity is the perfect way to learn how to enhance and use your senses in a different way and encourage inspiration in a place with a multitude of enigmas, paradoxes and strange visual effects. The approximate maximum number of participants will be 19, giving you a closer experience.

The Museum of the Senses Prague offers adventures, exercises and challenges for your mind and body. To fully understand and enjoy the museum you will have to use your imagination to use your senses, so you will learn a lot about perception, sight, sounds, touch, smells and the human brain. From traversing a wild jungle to walking through desert dunes, some of the exhibits you'll see include: a head on a tray, changing your face by placing parts of different faces, a display of colourful projections, a disco with endless mirrors or a bed of pointy pins where you can lie down.

Entering a room where you change size, using a giant kaleidoscope and discovering how cartoon sounds are created are also some of the unique experiences you will have at the museum. You will learn a lot about our own brain, science and senses from an innovative perspective.


· 120 Reviews
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    The museum has a very interesting concept and the space has been used in the best way. It is true that it is not huge, but there is a lot to see and enjoy.
  • V
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    Perfect for clearing your mind and just being entertained. Makes you think about the way we perceive things.
  • M
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    Entertaining! All very well.
  • K
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    A great experience to live with family or friends. We were all delighted and we took lots of pictures. When we posted them, they were a success. Everyone asked us about the place, the price and more. Undoubtedly a great visit.
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