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Vienna Card in Vienna

If you are thinking about purchasing the Vienna Sightseeing Card, read on and I will tell you how to use it, how much it costs and whether it is worth it or not

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

6 min read

Vienna Card in Vienna

Belvedere Palace | ©Arno Senoner

Vienna has a lot to offer its visitors. Its palaces and museums are known all over the world, but visiting them requires an investment of time and money. To save time and money, there is the Vienna Pass.

Tourist Card
Vienna Pass (Includes Hop On Hop Off Bus Tickets)

Vienna's top attractions at the best price

If you want to get the most out of the city without breaking the bank, this tourist card will be your best asset. Save time and money on access to Vienna's most popular attractions.

From $ 90 at Hellotickets

The "city passes" are tourist cards for which you pay a fixed amount to use them for a certain number of days and with it, you can access for free the main tourist attractions of a city. In addition to free access to the attractions, the Vienna Pass will give you unlimited access to the Vienna Sightseeing sightseeing buses.

When booking, select the number of days you want and choose between having the card delivered to your home address or collecting it upon arrival in Vienna at any of the points of sale. If you have purchased the Vienna Pass, but have to cancel or change your travel plans and have not yet activated the card, you will be refunded. Once you have booked online you will receive an email with all the details and a contact person to write to if you have any questions.

With the first use of the card, it will be activated and you will be able to benefit from its advantages. The same will happen with the Travel card (if you have selected this option) and with the use of the tourist bus: you will enjoy them during the time your city pass is active.

If you add the Travel Card to your Vienna Pass you will have a surcharge of approximately 10 to 20 dollars depending on whether you want it for 24, 48, or 72 hours.

Advantages of using the Vienna Pass

Vienna at sunset
Vienna at sunset
  • Unlimited use of the sightseeing buses with free stops of the Vienna Sightseeing company.
  • Fast-track and no queuing at selected museums and monuments.
  • Travel guide to help you find your way around Vienna.
  • Free access to Vienna's public transport if the Travel Card option is selected.

You can purchase the Vienna Pass for one, two, three, or six days and there is also a lower-priced option intended for children over six years old (children under six will get free admission to attractions when accompanied by an adult Vienna Pass holder). If you'll be using Vienna's public transport regularly you can upgrade any of these options with the Travel card.

Ana's Traveller Tip

If you're hesitant about whether or not to get the Travel card along with your Vienna Pass, remember that the sightseeing bus is already included and is one way to get around the city.

Top Attractions and Experiences included in the Vienna Pass

Detail of St. Stephen's Cathedral | ©Fred Romero
Detail of St. Stephen's Cathedral | ©Fred Romero

The Vienna Pass includes free admission to more than 60 monuments and museums in the city of Vienna. Once you have the card in your possession you will be able to check the complete list, but let me tell you that it's almost all the points of interest of the city (the most significant exclusion is perhaps the entrance to the Vienna State Opera). If you want a sneak peek of your visit to the Austrian capital, these are its main landmarks:

Schönbrunn Palace

Maria Theresa, Emperor Franz Joseph I, or his wife Elisabeth, better known as Sissi, lived in this magnificent complex of the XVII century. With impressive gardens and rooms that are as luxurious as they are historically significant, this is a must-see for all who travel to Vienna. There are several tickets to visit Schoenbrunn Palace and included in the Vienna Pass is the Grand Tour, with which you can see the entire interior of the Palace.

Hofburg Palace

Today it is the political center of Austria, but its historical value lies in having been the official residence of the Habsburgs until 1918. Inside are the Imperial Apartments, the Imperial Silver Collection and the famous and much visited Sissi Museum.

Schoenbrunn Zoological Garden

If you travel to Vienna with children is not crazy to take them to see the Schoenbrunn Zoo as it is one of the most relevant in Europe and its gardens and facilities will make the visit also worthwhile for adults.

Kunsthistorisches Museum

Also known as the Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna. The works of art housed in this museum are too numerous to list and many of them are world-famous. Such a splendid collection owes its merit to the various monarchs of the Habsburg dynasty.

Albertina Museum

Artists such as Raphael, Rembrandt, Dürer, or Klimt have some of their works in this museum that also periodically brings together splendid temporary exhibitions.

St. Stephen's Cathedral

A Gothic church that stands out among the rest of the baroque temples that dot the city. From each of its two towers, you can contemplate a beautiful overview of Vienna.

Belvedere Palace

A huge palace converted into a museum that houses an extensive collection of paintings including the legendary work "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt as well as many works of art of French impressionism by authors such as Paul Cézanne, Edgar Degas, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, or Auguste Renoir.


Vienna's amusement park par excellence. An iconic destination for the little ones that also delight the adults who visit it. The legendary Great Ferris Wheel is its highlight.

Beethoven Museum

If Empress Sissi is one of the most iconic characters of this city, the other is undoubtedly the prestigious musician. In his museum, you will discover Beethoven's history and review the importance that his work has today for the Austrian capital and the rest of the world.

When to buy the Vienna Pass

Prater Amusement Park | ©Jorge Franganillo
Prater Amusement Park | ©Jorge Franganillo

Regardless of its advantages, getting the Vienna Pass is a major investment for the traveler and it is, therefore, logical to consider whether or not it is worth buying it and for how many days. Comparing it with the rest of the existing tourist passes, there is no doubt that the Vienna city pass is one of the ones that offer the most advantages.

To keep in mind...

One of the main advantages of this pass, besides the free entrance to the main points of interest of the city, is the unlimited use of the tourist bus with free stops. This is something you should not pass up as it not only gives you the chance to tour the city enjoying panoramic views and audio commentary, but also allows you to move comfortably between the main points of interest of the city.

To find out whether or not the Vienna Pass is worthwhile you can also make a plan of all the monuments and museums you want to see during your visit. Keep in mind that prices in the city are not exactly cheap and with more than three visits the price of the one-day tourist card, for example, would already be amortized.

Finally, I advise you to take into account your travel pace; this does not only imply the number of museums or monuments you want to see but also whether or not you are willing to concentrate all the visits in a few days. After reflecting on all these points you will have a much clearer idea of whether or not you should buy the Vienna Pass.

My advice

From my point of view, several days are necessary to take advantage of them all, so my main advice is to invest in a pass of at least two days.

Ana's Traveller Tip

The Vienna Pass works by calendar days of use; activate it first thing in the morning to take advantage of the first full day.

If you're interested in purchasing the Vienna Pass, you'll also be interested in...

Sightseeing bus through the streets of Vienna | ©Marco Verch Professional Photographer
Sightseeing bus through the streets of Vienna | ©Marco Verch Professional Photographer

Although the Vienna Pass covers most tourist attractions in the city of Vienna, there is one experience that in my view everyone has to have when visiting a city that is not included in the tourist card: a city tour.

Guided walking tours of the city are guided walks through a certain area in which a local guide enlightens you and a small group about the mysteries and stories behind the main points of interest of the city. In Vienna, you can take several of these guided tours regardless of your budget and I guarantee that they are all worthwhile. If you want to know more, I recommend this article about Vienna Tours.

If on the other hand, you prefer to tour the city as comfortably as possible, the tourist bus is always a good option. I have written all the details about it in this article: Hop on Hop off Bus Tours.