Vienna Hop on Hop off Bus Tours

The tourist bus allows you to discover the capital of Austria in a fast and comfortable way while making sure you see all its monuments and buildings. Discover all its advantages

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Ana Caballero

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Vienna Hop on Hop off Bus Tours

Sightseeing bus through the streets of Vienna | ©Marco Verch Professional Photographer

Vienna is one of the great capitals of Europe and, despite how much you enjoy a walk through its streets, the distances can be long. This is a drawback that solves the tourist bus.

The best option

Vienna Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Bus Tour

Visit Austria's capital city in comfort

Get to know Vienna with a 24, 48 or 72-hour ticket on a sightseeing bus with free stops and an audio guide so you won't miss a thing.

With the Vienna sightseeing bus ticket, which you can buy for 24, 48 or 72 hours, you can visit the capital of Austria comfortably and with an audio guide that will not let you miss a detail.

You will enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of the city with the freedom to hop on and off at any of the stops among the three different routes available. In addition, with the ticket you have the possibility to choose a self-guided walking tour through the musical heritage of the city, a walking route, and even a boat ride.

Recommended: For the first and second day of your stay in Vienna, and if you want to know the city comfortably and without missing any detail.

Types of tour buses in Vienna

Vienna sightseeing bus stop| ©Anton
Vienna sightseeing bus stop| ©Anton

Enjoy the elegance of the Austrian capital from a privileged point of view, without getting tired and in a comfortable way is what the different tour bus companies operating in the city offer you.

Book your Vienna sightseeing bus

1, 2 or 3 day pass for the sightseeing bus with free stops

Vienna Opera House illuminated at night| ©Tyler Cipriani
Vienna Opera House illuminated at night| ©Tyler Cipriani

This is the most economical option and therefore one of the most popular. The price starts from 46 (increases if you want to use the tourist bus for more than one day) and for this amount you can access any of the three routes of the Big Bus. The red route passes by the most outstanding monuments and sights in the center of Vienna and the blue route focuses on the area of the city where Schoenbrunn Palace is located.

You can buy a pass for the sightseeing bus with free stops and you have the possibility to add to the use of the sightseeing bus additional experiences such as a self-guided walking tour of the musical heritage, a walking tour through the center of Vienna or a boat trip. If any of these activities appeal to you, booking them along with your Vienna Big Bus pass is a way to save.

Blue route stops

  • Vienna Opera House / Albertina Museum
  • Museumsquartier / Mariahilferstrasse
  • Aqua Terra Zoo / Haus des Meeres
  • Hotel Mariahilferstrasse / IBIS
  • Schönbrunn Palace + Zoo / Schloss Schönbrunn + Tiergarten Schönbrunn
  • Main train station / Hauptbahnhof
  • Upper Belvedere / Oberes Belvedere
  • Lower Belvedere / Unteres Belvedere
  • The Hundertwasserhouse / Hundertwasserhaus
  • Citypark / Stadtpark

Red route stops

  • Opera / Oper
  • House of Music / Haus der Musik
  • Museumsquartier / Mariahilfer Straße
  • Museums / Hofburg
  • City Hall / Rathaus
  • Votive Church / Votivkirche
  • Augarten
  • UNO City / DC Tower
  • Danube Island / Donauinsel

Blue Danube

  • Schwedenplatz / Danube Canal
  • City Park / Stadtpark

Ana's Traveller Tip

Some tour bus routes have a stop at the central train station, so keep this in mind when you arrive in the city.

1, 2 or 3 day Vienna Sightseeing Bus Pass with boat trip

Austrian Parliament| ©Drew de F Fawkes
Austrian Parliament| ©Drew de F Fawkes

The Vienna Sightseeing bus with free stops and boat trip is the most complete option as the Vienna Sightseeing bus is one of the most varied routes and the pass also includes other advantages such as a guided walking tour of Vienna, a boat trip or a series of discounts on tickets to some of the most popular attractions in the city.

In addition, the Vienna Sightseeing sightseeing bus has among its on-board commentary a specific channel for children available in German and English. You can choose between a one, two or three-day pass and during that time you can move around the city through more than 50 stops distributed in four different routes.

You will have nothing left to see in Vienna with this alternative. My advice is that you take advantage of the variety by planning your day to day in Vienna and interspersing bus sections with walking tours of the city. When you purchase this pass you will receive a Vienna guide to help you do this.

About the cruise

As for the boat trip, when you make your reservation you will be able to choose the day you want to do it and via email you will receive all the details about schedules and departure point. The river cruise lasts approximately one hour and takes place along the Danube River that runs through Vienna. It is a highly recommended option for those who want to enjoy the city and its sights from a different perspective and get away from the stress and rush. The boat tour also includes audio commentary.

Stops on the red route

  • Vienna State Opera
  • Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
  • Mariahilfer Straße
  • Rathaus
  • Liebenberg-Denkmal
  • Schwedenbrücke
  • Schwedenplatz
  • Museum of Applied Arts
  • Kursalon Hübner
  • Votivkirche

Blue Route Stops

  • Museum of Applied Arts
  • Kunst Haus Wien. Museum Hundertwasser
  • Wien Praterstern Bahnhof
  • Alte Donau
  • Vienna International Centre
  • Reichsbrücke
  • Remise - Transport Museum of Wiener Linien

Yellow Route Stops

  • Vienna State Opera
  • Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
  • Westbahnhof
  • Schloss Schönbrunn
  • Südtiroler Platz
  • Museum of Military History
  • Schwarzenbergplatz
  • Haus des Meeres
  • Schloss Belvedere

Greenway stops

  • Votivkirche
  • Rathaus
  • Liebenberg-Denkmal
  • Museum - Sigmund Freud Museum
  • Liechtenstein Garden Palace
  • Grinzing
  • Kahlenberg
  • Schlumberger Kellerwelten

-Roßauer Lände

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Vienna Pass

Natural History Museum| ©Sandor Somkuti
Natural History Museum| ©Sandor Somkuti

If you are determined to use the Vienna sightseeing bus for one or more days, you probably also plan to visit important points of interest in the city such as Schoenbrunn Palace, the Hofburg Imperial Palace or the Natural History Museum.

If so, before making any decision, I recommend you to check the advantages of the Vienna Pass; a tourist card that includes free access to more than 70 famous attractions in Vienna, and also allows you to tour the city from a comfortable tourist bus with free stops including an audio guide on board.

When buying your Vienna Pass, the main question is whether or not it is worth it, but if you are already interested in using the tourist bus, with that and the visit to three monuments or museums would already be amortized Vienna Pass one day. The conditions of use of the sightseeing bus would be exactly the same as if you buy the Vienna Sightseeing Pass separately: audio commentary, panoramic views, unlimited use and free stops.

Book your Vienna Pass

How Vienna Sightseeing Buses work

Inside a Vienna Sightseeing Bus| ©Michael Coghlan
Inside a Vienna Sightseeing Bus| ©Michael Coghlan

Take the complete routes

There are two ways to take advantage of Vienna's sightseeing buses. The first is to take the full tour (or tours, as some companies offer more than one) to enjoy panoramic views of the city while listening to audio commentary about the major points of interest you'll encounter along the way. All tours run daily, although schedules may change during the low season.

Hop on and off whenever you want

The second is to use the option of free stops; this means that during the time you have contracted the use of the tourist bus you can use it as a means of transport to use getting on and off at the stops you want as many times as you want. The difference, apart from the views or the audio commentary, is that the tour is specifically designed for those who visit the city and want to see its main points of interest.

Day Pass

Vienna sightseeing bus passes can be for one or several days and you can choose depending on the time you have available and your travel plans. With either option you can hop on and off the bus as many times as you like during the days it is active. The time of use starts counting from the first time you get on the tourist bus.

Ana's Traveller Tip

Activate your sightseeing bus pass first thing in the morning to get the most out of your usage time.

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If you're interested in taking a sightseeing bus tour in Vienna, you'll also be interested in

Schönbrunn Park and Palace| ©Dimitry Anikin
Schönbrunn Park and Palace| ©Dimitry Anikin

When looking at the different Vienna tour bus routes, you will find that many of them pass through Schoenbrunn. This is an area further away from the center where the longtime summer palace of the Habsburgs is located. Schoenbrunn Palace and its majestic gardens are the most popular visit in Vienna.

You have several options to visit it: a tour of the interior, a tour that combines the interior with exclusive areas of the gardens, enjoy a dinner or a concert inside... In this article about Schoenbrunn Palace and its majestic gardens you will find all the information you need to make the most of your visit. Vienna Schonbrunn Palace Tickets and Tours you will find all the information you need to take advantage of the sightseeing bus tour and easily reach the palace.

Book a guided tour of Vienna with a visit to the Schonbrunn Palace