10 Things to Do in Buenos Aires in December

Find out what you can do during the last month of the year in the Argentine capital and discover the best events to enjoy.

Nicolas Reffray

Nicolas Reffray

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10 Things to Do in Buenos Aires in December

Buenos Aires | ©Andrea Leopardi

The city of Buenos Aires is known for its energy and rich culture. During the month of December, there is an abundance of events and activities for all ages and interests.

From shows, live music, Christmas and New Year's dinners at top restaurants, to shopping in local stores and visiting fascinating museums, Buenos Aires in December is an experience you won't want to miss! Whether you're traveling with your family or a group of friends, Buenos Aires in December is an experience you won't want to miss - find out what the city has to offer during this time of year!

1. Experience International Tango Day in December

Tango Show| ©deepfoto
Tango Show| ©deepfoto

If there is something that identifies the city of Buenos Aires, it is tango. Every December 11th is celebrated the International Tango Day, a very special celebration. This date was chosen in honor of the birth of two great tango figures: Carlos Gardel and Julio De Caro.

The city dresses up to commemorate this important date for Argentines, especially tango lovers. The streets are filled with music and dance, and public spaces are transformed into authentic open-air milongas. In the most emblematic corners of the city you can find couples of all ages dancing, between bandoneons and guitars.

One of the places to celebrate Tango Day is the neighborhood of San Telmo, where you can find numerous milongas and bars that join the celebration. This neighborhood is considered the cradle of tango, its cobblestone streets and old buildings give it a special atmosphere, absolutely unique. And if you want more, I recommend you to book a tango lesson in Buenos Aires or even attend a show. Here are a couple of options:

Book a tango show in Buenos Aires

2. Participate in the Night of the Temples

Inside the Metropolitan Cathedral| ©Paula Vbran
Inside the Metropolitan Cathedral| ©Paula Vbran

At the beginning of December, the Night of the Temples is celebrated. It is an event that invites you to know the religious and cultural richness of the different cults present in the city of Buenos Aires. I recommend you to book a guided tour around Buenos Aires to enjoy it to the fullest. The activity of the Night of the Temples brings together 86 religious buildings that open their doors to share their historical, cultural and architectural heritage.

The Night of the Temples is a great opportunity to enter the universe of different religions and learn about their practices, rites and beliefs, while you can visit for free some of the landmarks of local architecture, qualified as thebest buildings in Buenos Aires.

In this event there are 10 guided tours that go through the different neighborhoods of the city. In this way, you can delve into its history and culture with the help of a guide. The night includes shows of sacred music, art and gastronomy, with different activities that will make this night a unique and unforgettable experience.

Book a guided tour of Buenos Aires

3. Celebrate Boca Fan's Day like a local in December

La Bombonera| ©magro_kr
La Bombonera| ©magro_kr

If you are a soccer lover, then you surely know that Argentina breathes this sport. Boca Juniors is one of the most popular teams in the country, so you can't miss its stadium, known as La Bombonera, and its Casa Amarilla museum. Don't hesitate, book a tour of the River Plate and Boca Juniors museums. In addition, in December, Boca's Fan Day is celebrated all over the country. Boca fans are famous around the world for their passion and fervor.

On December 12, fans gather at La Bombonera to celebrate and show their love for the club's colors. The celebration is a real party, with music, dancing and chants echoing throughout the stadium. There are also events in different parts of the city, such as concerts, fairs and exhibitions, all dedicated to honoring the team's fans.

For Boca fans, December 12 is a very special date, and if you are in Buenos Aires for this celebration you can experience first-hand the Argentine soccer passion.

Book a tour of the River Plate and Boca Juniors Museums

4. Tour the city in a tourist bus and enjoy the Christmas lights

Buenos Aires Bus| ©Punto de Encuentro
Buenos Aires Bus| ©Punto de Encuentro

A comfortable and entertaining way to tour the city is to book the Buenos Aires tourist bus. This service is ideal if you want to visit the main tourist attractions comfortably and without suffering the December heat. You can get off at any stop and get back on whenever you want within the 24-hour ticket period. This way, you will be able to tour the city at your own pace and without worrying about transportation.

The Buenos Aires tourist bus has different stops, including emblematic places such as:

  • The Colon Theater.
  • The Plaza del Congreso.
  • The Paseo de la Historieta.
  • San Telmo.
  • The Bombonera.
  • The neighborhood of La Boca.
  • The Lezama Park.
  • The Ecological Reserve.
  • The Museum of Latin American Art.
  • The MALBA Museum.
  • The Palermo Woods.

And if your visit is in December, it is a more than appropriate month to book the Buenos Aires tourist bus. At this time of the year, it is hot and walking around the city can be exhausting. The bus allows you to enjoy the city's attractions in a cooler and more relaxed way.

Book a guided tour of the Colon Theater

5. Attend a show at the prestigious Teatro Colón at Christmas time

Colón Theater| ©Leo Tomarchio
Colón Theater| ©Leo Tomarchio

The Teatro Colón is one of the most important opera houses in the world and a cultural and architectural icon of Buenos Aires and Argentina. Inaugurated in 1908, it has impeccable acoustics and an architectural beauty that makes it unique in its style. Therefore, it is essential to book a guided tour of the Teatro Colón.

It offers a wide variety of shows throughout the year, and in December there are usually special shows for Christmas and New Year's Eve festivities. In addition, there are shows through the outdoor screens located in the Vatican Square that are usually free and a great option to enjoy culture and art in an accessible way.

As for the experience of attending a show at the Teatro Colón, I can assure you that it is unique and unforgettable. The majesty of the building, the quality of the artists and the unique atmosphere that is created in each performance, make it an essential place to visit and enjoy culture and art in Buenos Aires. If you decide to attend one of these shows, I suggest you do your research:

  • How to get tickets for the Teatro Colon.
  • Its website or social networks, so you can choose the show you like the most and plan your visit in advance.
  • And I also suggest that you arrive with enough time before the start of the show, as the theater is very large and there may be queues to access.

Book a guided tour of the Teatro Colón

6. Welcome the New Year in the city of Buenos Aires

Puerto Madero| ©Hernán Piñera
Puerto Madero| ©Hernán Piñera

If you plan to spend the New Year in Buenos Aires, a perfect place to do it is the modern neighborhood of Puerto Madero, one of the most fashionable. It is located on the banks of the Río de la Plata, on land that was gradually reclaimed from the river.

There you will find a great variety of restaurants offering special menus for the occasion, dinners with shows and live shows. In addition, the view of the illuminated port is simply spectacular.

But best of all are the fireworks. In Puerto Madero, the tradition is that restaurants organize their own fireworks to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. So, you can enjoy a light show from your table at the restaurant, or stroll along the docks and watch the fireworks from different perspectives. Without a doubt, this is one of the best things to do in Buenos Aires at night.

Book the Buenos Aires tourist bus

7. Do your Christmas shopping in the streets of Buenos Aires

Christmas in Buenos Aires| ©Miguel Martinez
Christmas in Buenos Aires| ©Miguel Martinez

December is the perfect month for shopping in Buenos Aires. You will find a lot of special offers and discounts in the stores, from home decorations to gifts for friends and family. In addition, stores often decorate their windows and facilities with Christmas motifs, which creates a festive and pleasant atmosphere for visitors.

But that's not all, you can also enjoy craft fairs where you can find unique and original products. The artisan fairs in Buenos Aires are characterized by offering quality products, and during the month of December, you will find a greater number of them in different parts of the city.

Visit the fair in Plaza Francia, where you will find everything. You can also take the opportunity to stroll around the neighborhood and enjoy some of the best things to do in Recoleta.

Book the Buenos Aires tourist bus

8. Attend the Santa Lucia celebrations in mid-December

Santa Lucia Festivities| ©Gobierno de San Juan
Santa Lucia Festivities| ©Gobierno de San Juan

December 13th is the commemoration of Santa Lucia's Day. Saint Lucia is a very venerated saint in Argentina and in other countries of the world. She lived in the 4th century and was martyred for her faith in Sicily, in southern Italy. She is depicted with her eyes in a dish, since, according to legend, they were plucked out before her death.

The celebration takes place at the Santa Lucia Parish located in Barracas, a neighborhood in the south of Buenos Aires. There, various religious and cultural activities are held to honor the saint.

The day begins early in the morning with a mass in which the image of Saint Lucia is venerated. After the religious ceremony, a procession takes place through the streets of the neighborhood in which the faithful carry the image of the saint and accompany her with songs and prayers. In addition, throughout the day, cultural activities are held around the church and in the adjacent square, such as music and folkloric dance shows, typical food stalls, handicrafts and games for the little ones.

9. Come to the events for the Immaculate Conception of Mary in December

Metropolitan Cathedral| ©Robert Manríquez
Metropolitan Cathedral| ©Robert Manríquez

December 8 is a very important date for the Catholic community of Buenos Aires and the whole country, since it is celebrated the Day of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. During this day, several activities are carried out to honor and venerate the Virgin, one of the most loved and respected figures by the Argentineans.

In the city of Buenos Aires, the celebrations begin early with a mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral, located in the heart of the city. This mass is officiated by the Archbishop of Buenos Aires and is broadcast live on television and radio so that the entire population can participate.

In addition, throughout the day there are fairs, festivals and concerts in different parts of the city where you can find food and drink stands so you can taste all kinds of local preparations. On this day, there are also processions. If you have the opportunity to be in Buenos Aires on this date, I invite you to join the celebrations and live this unique experience.

10. Visit the Ateneo Grand Splendid, the most beautiful bookstore in the world at Christmas time

Buenos Aires Athenaeum| ©Jose Dwek
Buenos Aires Athenaeum| ©Jose Dwek

Among the many things to see and do in Buenos Aires is to visit the Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Buenos Aires. Located in a restored former theater, it offers a unique experience to visitors.

Itis the largest bookstore in Latin America and considered by National Geographic as the most beautiful in the world. Here you can get books in several languages, special editions and much more. But, you may ask, why is it a good idea to visit in December?

  • First of all, because it's the beginning of summer in Buenos Aires and temperatures can be quite high and humid. If you need a cool and comfortable place to take shelter from the heat, the Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore is an excellent option.
  • Secondly, December is a time of year when the city is especially "dressed up" for Christmas. The festive lights and decorations add to the magical atmosphere of the bookstore, which is already impressive in itself.

So this activity, besides allowing you to get to know an iconic place in Buenos Aires, can also be a refuge from the high temperatures. At Ateneo Grand Splendid you can relax browsing through books and tasting some of the delights of its cafeteria, as well as take advantage of the seasonal offers and buy some good books to give as gifts for the New Year's Eve festivities.