Washington DC Residences of the Presidents Tour

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Experience Highlights

Stroll through some of Washington DC's most beautiful neighbourhoods and see the homes of some of America's most famous presidents . Accompanied by an expert guide, you will have the opportunity to visit the homes of presidents such as Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover and Dwight D. Eisenhower . You will be in a small group of about 8 people, ensuring that you will enjoy adiscreet tour with personalised attention .

For about 2 hours, you will learn about the history of these presidents, their homes and the politics of their time. You will pass by the place where Ronald Reagan was shot and learn many interesting facts. An ideal activity if you like history, politics and walking.

  • Stroll through some of the capital's best-kept neighbourhoods.
  • See the homes of several famous U.S. presidents .
  • Learn about the history and politics of these presidents from an expert guide .

What’s included

  • Tour of Washington DC Presidential Residences
  • Expert local guide

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Step by Step

Walk through one of Washington's lesser-known sides and visit some of its most luxurious residential neighbourhoods . For about 2 hours, you will be accompanied by an expert guide and visit the homes of former U.S. presidents. The tour will be in a small group of about 8 people. You will have the opportunity to learn about the history and politics of the presidents, as well as the impact their policies had on the country they ruled.

Some of the most emblematic places you will be able to visit during the tour are:

  • Dupont Circle: a popular residential neighbourhood, famous today for its vibrant nightlife and its many restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs. The neighbourhood is also home to a multitude of embassies from different countries, housed in classic stately buildings worth seeing.
  • Theodore Roosevelt's house: the youngest man to become president in the history of the United States. Roosevelt was also famous for being the first American to win the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Woodrow Wilson's House: Wilson was the president who led the United States during World War I. He was famous for his 14 points, proposals for a new constitution. He was famous for his 14 Points, proposals intended to promote peace and diplomacy after the end of the Great War. In 1919, he won the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower's House: Eisenhower was the supreme commander of the US military in Europe during World War II . He was one of the architects of the Normandy Landings . His achievements in the war led him to the Oval Office as the 34th US president.
  • Washington Hilton Hotel: Ronald Reagan was shot in the Hilton Hotel after leaving a conference on 30 March 1981. He managed to survive, even though he was already 70 years old and the shot had punctured his lung.

Throughout the tour, you will visit the homes of these and other presidents and learn about their history and politics, but you will also learn about their parties, romances and power battles . A tour that also shows the more scandalous side of America's presidents.


· 123 Reviews
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    What a wonderful tour! We had an incredible time and the guide's accompaniment was the best.
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    The time we spent on the tour was perfect. We saw all the highlights and the guide explained every detail very well. I recommend it with eyes closed
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    Standing where Reagan, Eisenhower, Roosevelt, etc. stood is priceless. It was a very exciting and well planned tour.
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    If you have never been to the United States, it is essential to take the tours about its presidents. It is part of getting to know the history of the world and it is very entertaining.
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