Washington DC Capitol Hill Guided Tour

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Experience Highlights

Learn all about the Capitol, the US political venue par excellence, with this guided tour. It also includes entry to its main halls such as Congress and the Supreme Courts. The tour lasts approximately 3 hours and you will always be accompanied by a tour guide.

The tour groups are small, approximately 15 people, to make it a more personal experience. During the tour you can also see Thomas Jefferson's original collection of over 6000 books at the Library of Congress entrance.

  • See one of the most important political sites in the world, Capitol Hill in Washington DC.
  • Learn about all the decisions made and all the anecdotes that have happened inside with a tour guide.
  • This tour includes admission to the Capitol Hill, as well as the Library of Congress, Congress and the Supreme Courts.

What’s included

  • Guided tour of Washington DC's Capitol Hill
  • Tourist guide
  • Entrance to the Capitol
  • Access to the Congress

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Step by Step

Take this guided tour of the entire Capitol Hill grounds where you will learn many details and anecdotes about American politics. The tour also includes several entrances such as the Capitol, Congress, the Library of Congress and the Supreme Courts.

You will be accompanied by a tour guide for approximately3 hours. The groups are small, about 15 people, so you will have the opportunity to ask questions and have a more personal experience.

This guide will explain how the country began to be organised politically, what the first laws were, as well as interesting anecdotes about different presidents. Besides the political history, you will also learn about the building itself, about all the times it has been rebuilt and how it has evolved over more than 2 centuries.

Inside the Capitol you will be able to see the belongings of great personalities such as Thomas Jefferson as you will be able to appreciate his book collection of more than 6000 books. Not forgetting a short visit to the museum inside, with authentic images.

Towards the end of the tour the guide will also recommend restaurants in the area. As he is a local guide, he will talk to you about the car parks as he has grown up with them. In this way, you will get to know the cultural side but also the gastronomic side.


· 357 Reviews
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    I really liked the way the tour was organized, plus entering the U.S. Capitol without waiting in line or anything else was a huge joy. I had been there years before and because of the amount of people I had to wait to see it. I definitely recommend this service!
  • M
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    Good attention and service, I recommend it.
  • W
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    Everything was great!
  • A
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    As a novelty and a mandatory point to know if you go to Washington is fine. I'm not really into history, but the guide made the whole talk very entertaining.
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