San Francisco Bus Tour and Alcatraz Day Trip

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Experience Highlights

Join this experience that includes a bus tour of San Francisco and entrance to Alcatraz. This city offers not only beautiful scenery, but also stands out for its gastronomy, good atmosphere and architecture. On the other hand, you will have access to the famous Alcatraz Prison, where famous people like Al Capone were locked up.

This activity will last approximately 6 hours and you will see famous locations such as the Golden Gate Bridge or Fisherman's Wharf while you listen to the information provided by the professional guide. Also included is the ferry ride to Alcatraz and an audio guide on your visit to the prison.

  • Enjoy a bus tour of San Francisco and access to Alcatraz Prison, which also includes an audio guide and ferry transfer to and from the port.
  • Learn about the city's landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street and Union Street from the expert guide on the bus.
  • Discover the mystery of the prison where the criminal Al Capone was imprisoned and about the city where fortune biscuits were born.

What’s included

  • San Francisco Bus Tour
  • Entrance to Alcatraz
  • Guide on the bus
  • Audio guide during the visit to Alcatraz and ferry transfer

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Step by Step

Enjoy this bus tour of San Francisco including entrance to Alcatraz . This tour lasts approximately 6 hours, you'll take an expertly guided tour of the fourth most populous city in the United States while passing important sites such as Fisherman's Wharf, Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park.

A ferry transfer and audio guide will be available during your visit to Alcatraz Prison. This is one of the most famous prisons in the world, especially for having been the place where Al Capone was imprisoned.

San Francisco was founded in 1776 and is the 13th most populous city in the United States. In addition to being a major financial and banking centre, San Francisco is popular for its steep streets, Victorian and Art Nouveau architecture, and its multicultural atmosphere.

It is also the second best city in the US for quality of life, a major centre for technology research and home to Silicon Valley. During your bus tour of the city, you will pass some of the following outstanding locations:

  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Union Square
  • Van Ness Avenue
  • Golden Gate Square
  • Palace of Fine Arts
  • Presidio Visitor Center
  • Lands End Park
  • Haight Street
  • The Castro
  • Market Street
  • Twin Peaks
  • Chinatown
  • North Beach

You'll also explore the interior of Alcatraz Prison. Located on an island off the coast of the city, it was built between 1910 and 1912. Its fame is well known and has spread all over the world, and it has even been featured in series and films. It was the place of incarceration for 1,576 criminals, including Al Capone, possibly one of the most ruthless and notorious gangsters in history.


· 2170 Reviews
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    It was an amazing day, very nice tour and quite informative at all times. More than recommended for everyone.
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    Great orientation tour.
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    Excellent value for money. The services provided by this excursion are very good and the tour around the island is super interesting. Highly recommended.
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    Excellent excursion.
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