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Don't miss this opportunity to visit the San Francisco Aquarium of the Bay. With your ticket, you'll be able to explore in depth a place that is home to more than 24,000 marine animals. The aquarium is divided into four walk-through areas, which include tunnels with aquatic animals, tanks and interactive exhibits.

Leopard sharks, Japanese sea nettles, bat rays, endangered crabs, rockfish and even otters are just some of the marine wildlife you'll encounter.

  • Explore the San FranciscoBay Aquarium.
  • Butterflyfish, corals, multiple types of sharks and much more are on display in this marine paradise, where you can, on occasion, touch the animals.
  • Spread over 4 exhibits, 24,000 marine animals from all corners of the Pacific Ocean and from areas close to San Francisco.

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Dive into this marine adventure with your ticket to the San Francisco Bay Aquarium. From seven-gilled sharks to moon jellyfish to otters, this aquarium contains marine life native to the Pacific Ocean and the waters around San Francisco Bay.

Walk through the 4 exhibits of this aquarium where there are more than 24,000 aquatic species. Not only will you pass through tunnels and tanks where animals swim at will, but you'll also have the opportunity to touch some of these specimens in interactive exhibits.

The San Francisco Aquarium of the Bay opened in 1996 and welcomes an average of 600,000 visitors a year. Located on the edge of the city's Pier 39, the aquarium focuses on ocean conservation and the local aquatic animals of the San Francisco Bay and its rivers and watersheds. It is a member of the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums).

Among its wide variety of marine fauna, this aquarium is home to species such as:

  • Pacific Angelsharks
  • Seven-gilled sharks
  • Leopard sharks
  • School sharks
  • Bat rays
  • Eastern Kelpfish
  • Spiny dogfish
  • Scorpionfish
  • Sturgeons
  • Gobies
  • Rockfish
  • Eels
  • Otters
  • Moon jellyfish
  • Decorated war bonnets

Up to 4 exhibits make up this building: Discover the Bay, Under the Bay, Touch the Bay and North American River otters. Each is well differentiated and contains different species where you will be constantly surrounded by tunnels and tanks of beautiful aquatic animals, some of which are endangered.


· 214 Reviews
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    Nice place, the visit was very pleasant, I shared many fun and unforgettable moments with my family. I highly recommend it.
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    I loved the experience, I really enjoyed the tour of the aquarium. Highly recommended.
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    A magical place, although somewhat small.
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    My daughter was fascinated with every animal we saw, and the more we went through the aquarium, the happier she was. An unforgettable day for the three of us.
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