Oahu North Shore Day Trip

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Duration: 8 hours
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This tour along the north shore of Oahu takes approximately 9 hours and starts from the famous Waikiki Beach. During the day you will discover the wild nature of the island with its pineapple and tropical fruit plantations, surfing beaches, pristine islands and much more. The trip is by minibus and includes a local guide and pick up and drop off at your hotel.

  • Tour the North Shore of Oahu comfortably seated in a minibus.
  • Learn about the island's history from an expert guide
  • Admire the natural beauty
  • Enjoy a kayak or SUP tour
  • Take advantage of pick-up and drop-off at your hotel

What’s included

  • Oahu North Shore Tour
  • Expert guide
  • Transport by minibus
  • Pick up and return to hotel in Waikiki

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Step by Step

This tour heads to the northern part of the island, giving you the opportunity to admire the natural beauty of Oahu. The tour is by minibus and includes a local guide. When booking, you can choose the standard version and, if you wish, add lunch, a SUP or kayak ride and entrance to the Waimea Valley Botanical Garden. In total, the tour lasts about 9 hours.

Before reaching the North Shore, the itinerary passes through the Diamond Head State Monumentand Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. Afterwards, the route touches on the following places:

  • Halona Blowhole: a fissure in the rocks of the coast gives rise to a curious phenomenon. When the waves break, a geyser-like jet is created.
  • Tropical Farms, The Macadamia Nut Farm Outlet: a grocery shop where you can buy a product originally from Australia but perfectly adapted to Hawaii's climate: macadamia nuts.
  • Mokoli'i Island: an island of volcanic origin in the shape of an inverted cone. It is surrounded by a coral reef where hammerhead sharks are commonly sighted.
  • Banzai Pipeline: a beach on the north coast characterised by strong waves that break on a shallow bottom, creating a kind of tube.
  • Waimea: an area strongly linked to the local religion and home to several places of worship. The bus passes through both the valley - with waterfalls, trails and a beautiful botanical garden - and the bay, a popular destination for surfers and divers.
  • Haleiwa: small coastal town and a favourite destination for surfers.
  • Dole Plantation: one of the island's most popular attractions. Here they grow lychees, bananas, papaya, sugar cane and much more.

This option allows you to take the hassle out of travelling and will save you money on car hire. Thanks to the archipelago's good climate, the itinerary can be done in any season.


· 3408 Reviews
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    The excursion was well organized and kept on time and on schedule throughout the day
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    I highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Oahu.
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    The tour was a great way to experience some of Oahu's best beaches in one day.
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    Amazing trip: our guide had more energy than I've ever seen. Definitely helped keep everyone excited and engaged on a somewhat cloudy day.
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