Oahu Glass Bottom Boat Cruise

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Experience Highlights

This glass-bottom boat tour of approximately one hour will give you the opportunity to admire incredible scenery above and below the ocean. Thanks to the boat's transparent bottom, you will see brightly coloured fish and the coral reef surrounding the island of Oahu, complemented by the explanations of an expert guide. The boat departs Honolulu harbour and arrives at Waikiki Beach.

  • Enjoy a short but exciting sea cruise.
  • Admire green turtles, parrot fish, dolphins and other species up close in their natural habitat.
  • Reach the well-known Waikiki Beach

What’s included

  • 60-minute glass-bottom cruise in Oahu
  • Experienced captain and crew
  • Water
  • Alcoholic beverages (can be purchased on board)

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Step by Step

This transparent-bottomed boat tour departs from Honolulu harbour and cruises to the famous Waikiki Beach. The cruise lasts approximately one hour and usually starts in the afternoon. During the cruise you will be able to listen to the explanations of an expert guide at all times. If you're wondering what wildlife you can see, you'll find the answer in the list below:

  • Parrotfish - recognisable by their squat shape, bright colours and the distinctive beak they use to crush rocks and coral, their main source of food.
  • Humpback whales - Humpback whales are cetaceans with an average length of 15 metres. They live in small groups and feed on zooplankton, a term that encompasses small crustaceans, larvae and krill (tiny marine invertebrates).
  • Green turtles - A common species in the archipelago, they can be seen both in the water and on the beaches, where they rest and accumulate heat.
  • Moorish idols - A colourful fish, characterised by a small disc-shaped body with yellow and black stripes. Its peculiarity is its long flag-shaped dorsal fin .
  • Spinner dolphins - Characterised by a long beak and white spots on the belly. They have a habit of following boats and performing large acrobatic jumps, probably for recreational purposes.
  • Fiery Surgeon - Dark brown with purplish highlights. Distinguished by white and orange "brushstrokes" around the fins.

This is just a small summary of the marine fauna as Hawaii is home to thousands of species. The cruise takes place aboard a medium sized boat, equipped with canopies to protect you from the sun. In addition, the tour includes water bottles to keep you hydrated. Alcoholic beverages are not included, but can be purchased on board.


· 1100 Reviews
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    They made it a very fun experience for all of us and especially for the kids, my two youngest children had a great time!
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    My friends and I joined this tour and had a wonderful time.
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    We saw lots of triggerfish, lots of coral and a stingray! It was fun to see how the fish were feeding and the boat ride was pretty easy.
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    My group and I were very happy we booked this tour, I highly recommend it!
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