Oahu Dolphin Watching and Snorkelling Cruise

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Duration: 3 hours
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Have an amazing experience with this dolphin watching cruise and enjoy the opportunity to snorkel in Oahu with sea turtles and fish. In an activity that lasts about three hours and in groups of about 60 people, you will sail through areas where there is a chance to see dolphins and other varieties of marine animals.

With this booking you will be provided with snorkelling equipment, as well as kayaks and paddle boards so that you can carry out different activities in the sea. You will also be provided with a complimentary lunch, as well as transfer to and from your hotel, although only those available for this experience.

  • Go on a dolphin cruise and snorkel in Oahu with this reservation.
  • Make the most of this experience and snorkel with green turtles with the equipment provided.
  • Do different water activities such as kayaking and paddle surfing.
  • Enjoy a typical Hawaiian show on board the boat.
  • Enjoy a delicious healthy lunch included in the experience.
  • Don't worry about transportation as round trip transfers are available at selected hotels.

What’s included

  • Dolphin watching and snorkelling cruise in Oahu
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Water slide
  • Kayak, boards and paddles

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Step by Step

Enjoy this dolphin watching and snorkelling cruise in Oahu like never before. On this tour, which lasts around three hours, you'll have the chance to sail alongside dolphins on a boat and observe them in their natural habitat. With this experience, you will also be provided with snorkelling and kayaking equipment. Included is transfer to and from the hotels, but only selected hotels, and also a healthy lunch.

Oahu is known as the "gathering place" where virtually the entire population of Hawaii is concentrated and where most activities take place within this dream place.

For this reason, the activities in this reserve will be incredible. On the boat itself, the crew will perform a folkloric dance to learn a little more about the Hawaiian culture. During the cruise, you will have almost a hundred per cent chance to see the dolphins swim along the stern and bow of the boat, as well as dozens of species of colourful fish.

During one of the boat's stops, you will be provided with snorkelling equipment so that you can swim alongside these animals yourself and see how wonderful it is to be under the sea. In addition to the dolphins, you will also have the opportunity to see green turtles, an endangered species found in Hawaii.

You'll also be able to do a range of water activities, such as a waterslide on board, kayaking or paddle surfing while you cruise around a designated area and enjoy the sea breeze.

As for the included lunch , you can choose from healthy meals typical of Hawaii, such as Shoyu Chicken or Tofu Veggie Stir-fry.


· 1020 Reviews
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    We saw many spinner dolphins, which was very exciting. We learned a lot of information from the guides.
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    We had a great time on this tour and would recommend it to others.
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    The dive site was really very impressive. We saw a big and a small turtle and some very small fish.
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    I had an amazing day! We saw lots of dolphins, the ocean water was perfect! The boat crew shared stories and histories throughout the trip.
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