Boston and the Freedom Trail Day Trip from New York

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Experience the unique experience of Boston and the Freedom Trail with this day trip from New York. You'll depart early in the morning on a private bus to make the most of your time.

The main attraction is the Freedom Trail, a four-kilometre trail that tells the story of America's history in Boston with stations of squares, parks, houses and monuments.

Enjoy its streets full of culture and gastronomy on a trip that will take you along the East Coast of the country, starting in New York, passing through Connecticut and Cambridge and arriving in Boston.

  • Boston and the Freedom Trail Day Trip
  • Walking tour of historic sites such as Trinity Church and Harvard Campus
  • Visit to Boston Common Park, the oldest park in the region

What’s included

  • Day trip to Boston
  • Private bus transfer from New York
  • Cultural guide to get to know the city
  • Wi-Fi available on the bus

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Step by Step

The tour to Boston and the Freedom Trail begins with a private bus trip along the East Coast of the United States. You will depart from New York and travel through Connecticut to Massachusetts.

You will visit Harvard University's Harvard Yard campus in Cambridge. You'll stroll through this 10-hectare garden that represents the oldest and most historic epicentre of the institution.

You will stop at Widener Library, the site of the statue of John Harvard, the University's founder. There you can fulfil the tradition of rubbing his shoe for good luck.

The experience continues by road through Cambridge, passing the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), another of the world's most renowned universities, before crossing the Charles River into Boston.

At Copley Square, a stroll past architectural landmarks such as Trinity Church, the Boston Public Library, the John Hancock Tower and the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, built on the ruins of the Museum of Fine Arts, awaits you.

On the way to the Freedom Trail you will pass Boston Common Park. The oldest public park in the region, founded in 1634, it is one of the city's most iconic landmarks.

The journey continues at historic stations along the Freedom Trail. These include the Paul Revere House, the Old Corner Bookstore, the famous King's Chapel and its cemetery, among many other epic sites where much of contemporary US history was written.

To complement the day trip, you'll experience the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, a museum in the form of a barge that floats on the water. There you will learn about the history of the American Revolution in a very special way: each participant will take on the role of a historical figure.


· 462 Reviews
  • P
    Patricia Frias
    (0 Reviews)
    El guía fue muy bueno y el tour visita las cosas más importantes por conocer en Boston.
  • J
    Just Wong Fong Sang
    (0 Reviews)
    It was very good 👍🏾
  • L
    Lelyana Yudha
    (0 Reviews)
    the tour was awesome but need longer time so no need rushing when visiting places. maybe leave NYC earlier
  • C
    Cesar Roman
    (0 Reviews)
    Great trip and value.
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