Nashville Music and Fun Bus Tour

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Experience Highlights

Discover the music city the fun way! This bus tour will take you to Nashville's most iconic landmarks while you dance and sing along. The friendly guides will explain the history of the city and sing the most iconic songs that have brought Nashville to life.

In addition to touring the city, they'll tell you everything you need to know about singer-songwriter Dolly Parton, an icon of the Nashville music movement. You'll also have the chance to meet an artist or musician who will be part of the tour as a special guest.

  • You'll tour the city by bus, discovering the city's secrets and landmarks.
  • Learn about the history and importance of music to Nashville.
  • You will dance, sing and have fun in a small group with the excellent and talented guides, who will make the tour a unique musical and humorous experience.
  • Meet a musical celebrity.

What’s included

  • Approximately one and a half hour bus tour
  • Professional guides and artists
  • Meeting with a Nashville celebrity artist

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Step by Step

Enjoy a unique tour of the music city. This small-group tour, lasting approximately one and a half hours, will take you to Nashville's main points of interest. Accompanied by expert guides, you'll see:

  • Music Rover, the most iconic street in the American music world.
  • RCA Studio B, Nashville's best-known music studio that gave birth to iconic figures such as Dolly Parton
  • Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, where you can have a drink (at extra cost) and learn all aboutcountry music
  • Downtown Nashville, including downtown highlights

Plus, during the Music Rover tour, you'll meet a celebrity or two who will tell you more about the history and importance of the local music industry, especially the city's iconic country genre.

The amazing guides are complete entertainers. Not only do they know the history and secrets of the city, but they'll put on a musical and comedy show on the bus, so you'll have the best experience during your stay. This way, you can enjoy the city while you learn about the history, sing along to the music hits of artists like Dolly Parton and be entertained by the great jokes and hilarious performances of the guides.

Music is part of the soul and essence of Nashville. Home to the country's best artists for decades, it is now a major home to music studios, record companies and educational institutions for music and songwriting, as well as bars and restaurants that feature guest musicians every night.


· 530 Reviews
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    Hilarious. I went with my two best friends and literally from the moment we got on until we got off we couldn't stop laughing and singing. We even cried from laughing!
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    The entertainment on the bus is very well thought out. The guides are the best.
  • Y
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    There is no doubt that I would do this tour a thousand and one more times. I would recommend it to every person who comes. It totally changed our trip.
  • R
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    The singing with everyone on the bus was epic. I had never done anything like it before. It is definitely an unforgettable experience and something to do if you are in the city.
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