Abu Dhabi Day Trip from Dubai with Mosque Sheik Zayed, Qasr Al Watan Palace and Etihad Tower Tickets

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With this tour from Dubai, you can visit Abu Dhabi's most iconic sights: the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the Qasr al Watan Palace and the Etihad Towers. On a tour lasting approximately 10 hours, you will spend a full day in the capital of the United Arab Emirates with a professional guide. Groups of around 17 people are allowed on this activity.

To get to Abu Dhabi, located about 115 kilometres from Dubai, an air-conditioned vehicle will pick you up from your hotel in Dubai and transfer you back at the end of the tour. You will also be provided with bottles of mineral water throughout the tour.

  • With this activity you will have the entrance tickets to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the world; the Qasr al Watan Palace, the presidential palace in the United Arab Emirates; and, the complex of five skyscrapers, called the Etihad Towers, which is the largest in the world.
  • A professional guide will accompany you throughout the 17-person tour.
  • Round trip transfer from Dubai by air-conditioned car.

What’s included

  • Professional guide
  • Entrance fees to Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Qasr al Watan Palace and Etihad Towers
  • Return transfer from Dubai
  • Bottled water

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Step by Step

If you want to discover the most important sights of Abu Dhabi in just one day, this is the tour for you. An air-conditioned vehicle will pick you up from your hotel in Dubai and take you back at the end of the tour. In a group of about 17 people, a professional guide will tell you the history of the three sites you will visit during the tour, which lasts about 10 hours:

  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque: one of the largest mosques in the world.
  • Qasr al Watan Palace: the incredible presidential palace of the Emirates.
  • Etihad Towers - a skyscraper complex in the heart of Abu Dhabi

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi is one of the largest mosques in the world. With its 107-metre-high minarets and impressive architectural style, it is one of the most beautiful and most visited temples in the world. But access is only available in the morning, from Sunday to Thursday. Also, women must be covered, including their heads, and men must wear long trousers. If these conditions are not met, access will be forbidden .

Al-Qasr al-Watan is not open to guided tours. Therefore, the guide will remain outside, where he will tell you all about the history of the impressive building. You can enter on your own to see the 37-metre diameter dome and a chandelier with 350,000 pieces of glass from the inside.

You'll also have the opportunity to visit the Etihad Towers, a complex of five skyscrapers that stand out in the Emirati capital and were used as a filming location for the 2015 movie Full Throttle 7. There are now offices and hotels inside.


· 7299 Reviews
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    If you go to Abu Dhabi you should definitely check out the Marina Mall. There is also one in Dubai so it's great to know the differences between the two. It is very close to the Emirates Palace and there are many stores.
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    The places we visited were very peaceful. I had never seen anything like it before. We enjoyed it all the time.
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    The first time I wanted to visit the Qasr Al Watan was a total "fail". We went by bus on our own, we couldn't even enter because the tickets were sold out and it was about to close. We had hoped to see at least something on the outside but we needed a ticket to the palace to see everything, so this option is great. The price is good because other activities are also offered. Plus, you have the help of the guide in the previous tour. There are not so many people so you can enjoy every detail.
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    This is a tour you must do if you are in Dubai. You will not regret it. While Dubai is full of activities of all kinds, here you can feel more relaxed, hand in hand with luxury and culture.
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