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10 Things to Do in Bangkok in August

Get ready to enjoy an intense summer in Bangkok, a city where you can visit temples, museums, beaches and enjoy the local festivities.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

9 min read

10 Things to Do in Bangkok in August

Escultura de oro en Tailandia|© Worachat Sodsri

In the world, there are many places full of charm and tradition, where the doors are always open to tourists. Bangkok, capital of Thailand, is one of them. A modern, cosmopolitan city, full of art, fashion and entertainment to visit at any time of the year.

In Bangkok, August is a month of monsoons, occasional rains that cool the atmosphere for locals and visitors to enjoy a humid tropical climate, with average temperatures of 28°C, reaching daytime highs of 33°C -quite warm-.

It is an ideal time of the year to take tours, enjoy walks, parks, visit markets, museums, temples and enjoy multiple activities with family or friends.

Museums, temples, monuments, restaurants, bars, luxury hotels, cooking schools, spas, are some of the activities you will find at very good prices, because, although it is a vacation period, it is not considered high season. Here are 10 things you can see and enjoy in Bangkok in August.

1. Celebrate the Queen's birthday

Queen Sirikit of Thailand|©VC34
Queen Sirikit of Thailand|©VC34

August 12 is a day of celebration in Thailand. It is the birthday of the monarch Sirikit, which coincides with Mother 's Day, so the country, especially its capital Bangkok, is dressed in blue - color of the queen -, lights of multiple colors, decorations and much symbolism surround the emblematic buildings such as the Grand Palace. It is a National Holiday.

Throughout the day, locals and visitors can participate in free activities such as parades, concerts, shows, art exhibitions and handicrafts typical of Thai culture. And at night, fireworks and a show with drones that reflect in the sky images and messages in homage to the queen, to the rhythm of symphonic music, fill the celebration with magic.

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2. Visit the Temple of the Reclining Buddha - Wat Pho

Bangkok - Wat Pho|©Aubrey Stalnaker
Bangkok - Wat Pho|©Aubrey Stalnaker

One of the characteristics of Bangkok, known as the 'city of angels', is the large number of temples, their sizes, designs, color and majesty that amaze children and adults. The urban landscape is a combination of modernity and tradition that is worth touring.

Of the most representative buildings, is the temple of the reclining Buddha, south of the Grand Palace in the Phra Nakhon district, with multiple halls, halls of monastic rituals, chapels, galleries and more than ninety decorated stupas, as it is known to the type of Buddhist architecture for relics.

Inside the Phra Vihara hall, on a pedestal of 3 levels, stands the striking statue of the reclining Buddha, 46 meters long and 15 meters high, bathed in gold, and surrounded by symbols, flowers and offerings. The largest in Thailand.

In this architectural marvel of 80 thousand square meters, there is also the School of traditional medicine and traditional massage, a great attraction for tourists who want to learn or enjoy a relaxing massage. You can not miss it!

You should keep in mind:

  • You can't enter wearing pants or short skirts or suspenders and barefoot.
  • It is open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • You can request a speaker for the tour.
  • Entrance to the temple costs approximately 6 euros.
  • The massage service has an average cost of 7 euros.

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3. Stroll and shop at the Klong Ong Ang market

Thai market|©too close for infinity
Thai market|©too close for infinity

If you want to take a kayak ride or walk while enjoying delicious Thai snacks and shopping for some Bangkok souvenirs, you can visit the modern open-air market Klong Ong Ang, which means ceramic canal, located between Chinatown and Indian quarter.

Every weekend, this particular place in the Chinatown district, offers live performances with local musicians, street art and dancers, which will brighten up your night in this waterway. You will also find flea markets, large murals and decorations with flowers, plants and colorful lights, as well as a wide gastronomic offer with sweet and savory flavors at moderate prices. One of Bangkok's newest tourist attractions.

Important to know:

  • Open from Friday to Sunday from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
  • You can walk or rent a kayak to enjoy the scenery from the canal.
  • You can learn about the history of the area from a local guide.

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4. Live unique experiences in the railroad market and the floating market

Maeklong Railway Market|©Fabio Achilli
Maeklong Railway Market|©Fabio Achilli

Like the shooting of an action movie, at the Maeklong market, it is the passing of the passenger train that marks the moments when you can buy and when it is better to stand still. It is known as the 'risk of life' market and is one of Bangkok's main attractions.

When the siren sounds, vendors gather their wares to make way for the speeding train. Once it advances, they again invade the lanes in a 100-meter stretch with different foods and items for sale. There you will find fresh food for all tastes and at lower prices than anywhere else.

But if you prefer to take a boat ride while you can do your shopping, the Damnoen Saduak floating market is the option. You can buy different edible products or typical handicrafts of the Asian country.

Important to know:

  • The floating market is open daily from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • The Mae Klong Market is open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • The train passes through Mae Klong market 8 times a day.

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5. Enjoy the panoramic view at the Golden Mountain

The Golden Mountain|©Michaël DUCLOUX
The Golden Mountain|©Michaël DUCLOUX

At a height of 80 meters and 318 steps, is the Wat Saket or temple of the Golden Mountain, which stands out among the skyscrapers. During the tour you can appreciate the large vegetation, beautiful gardens, small altars, huge mythological bells, gongs and relics, ideal for connecting with culture and nature.

The mountain in the Pom Prap Sattru Phai district, next to the mouth of the Chao Phraya River, is a large Buddhist temple that offers a panoramic view of the city and an emblematic pilgrimage site. On the terrace you will find the Great Golden Stupa, an experience you won't want to miss. By the way, the best time to go up is at sunset to enjoy the beautiful colors of the landscape.

Important to know:

  • The approximate price of the entrance fee is 2 euros. It depends on the time of the year.
  • It is open daily from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

6. Learn about the history of Bangkok at the National Museum

The Bangkok National Museum|©Mike Hawley
The Bangkok National Museum|©Mike Hawley

Very close to the popular Wat Phra Kaew temple and the Grand Palace, is one of the largest museums in all of Southeast Asia. The National Museum, located in the Wang Na Palace, is a place full of art and beauty.

There you can visit different halls with art exhibitions, antique exhibitions such as masks, costumes, paintings, weapons, sculptures, even musical instruments, a journey through time, which will take you into the Thai culture. One of the most attractive tours for tourists.

The building outside is an architectural beauty of the eighteenth century. Its interior is as beautiful as it is educational. During the tour you will see an extensive collection of Buddha figures from different periods, royal furniture, sculptures, murals, ceramics and royal treasures.

You can not leave the place without seeing the inscription of King Ram Khamhaeng, dating from 1292 AD, considered documentary heritage of the world, a priceless piece with historical and cultural information. It even records the invention of some characters of modern Thai writing. very interesting!

Important to know:

  • The entrance fee is approximately 5 euros.
  • It is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Offers guided tours in foreign languages

7. If you like adrenaline, stroll through the Maha Nakhon viewpoint

The MahaNakhon building|©Edward Schonsett
The MahaNakhon building|©Edward Schonsett

If you like adrenaline, you can not miss the spectacular viewpoint of the Maha Nakhon building, on the 78th floor of the King Power Mahanakhon skyscraper, the tallest in Thailand -314 meters high-. There you will have an unforgettable experience walking on a glass floor and have a panoramic view of Bangkok. In the building there are luxury apartments, a hotel, stores, bars and restaurants.

This attractive modern skyscraper was designed by German architect Ole Sheeren. Its facade looks like something out of a pixel movie because of the cube-shaped glass boxes that give it an unusual effect, multimedia touch screens that display images in augmented reality and balconies from which you can take great photos for your scrapbook. And when dusk falls appreciate the night city, with its multiple lights and shows to enjoy in bars, nightclubs and cabaret.

Important to know:

  • General admission costs approximately 23 euros for adults. Children up to 15 years old pay a fee of about 7 euros.
  • It is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (last admission at 11:00 p.m.).

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8. Enjoy the great outdoors at Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park|©sawasdee krap
Lumpini Park|©sawasdee krap

If you are looking to enjoy a walk in the fresh air, the public Lumpini Park offers many options. In this space surrounded by nature of 57 hectares, you can relax while walking or cycling through its many paths. You can enjoy the good atmosphere or if you prefer to rent a boat for a ride on the artificial lake and exercise in the many outdoor gyms. If you go with children, the playground, they will love it.

You can also take pictures at the statue of King Rama VI, visit the library or the Youth Center where you can perform various sports activities such as soccer, swimming, basketball, among others in which you will have fun with your family. When you finish the tour you can go through a pedestrian walkway with an option to ride a bicycle and visit Benjakitti Park in Khlong Toei district.

Important to know:

  • Entrance to the park is free of charge
  • The opening hours are from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Boat rental costs approximately 1 euro.
  • It is near Sala Daeng Station on the Silom Line of the Bangkok Air Subway.

9. Let yourself be conquered by the magic of the Buddhist temple Wat Arun

Thailand Wat Arun|©Jin aizawa
Thailand Wat Arun|©Jin aizawa

On the banks of the Chao Phraya River very close to the Grand Palace and Wat Pho, you will see the imposing Wat Arun or temple of the sunrise of Bangkok, an attractive and very colorful structure not only for its height, but also for its design. The central tower and the four satellite towers are decorated with seashells and porcelain inlays, which glow at sunrise, hence the name.

At the bases of the towers you will see different Chinese figures of soldiers, animals and demons and an Ordination hall where the image of the Buddha Niramit is. The central tower (or central prang), with a height of 77 meters, is the tallest tower in Bangkok. It has a Khmer style representing Mount Meru, center of the Universe according to Hindu symbology. Climbing up the stairs you will find two terraces and a magnificent panoramic view of the contrast between the modern and traditional city.

Important to know:

  • Open daily from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.
  • Entrance fee approximately 1 euro.

10. Have fun with your family at the Siam Amazing Park

Roller coaster|© Somruthai Keawjan
Roller coaster|© Somruthai Keawjan

You can not miss in your trip, a day of adventure and joy at the Siam amusement park in the district of Kannayao, in Bangkok. This place of entertainment offers different plans in one place, including a water park, where you will find the largest artificial sea in the world**(Guinness World Records to date**), with games and slides of different sizes and shapes.

If you want something more extreme, you will find two spiral roller coasters. There, adrenaline is the main ingredient. There is even an African jungle with moving animals, a carousel and a haunted house. Everything you have imagined, you will find it there. And for the little ones, a dinosaur space with multiple fantasy attractions and the land of Aunt Swan Sally, with carousel, spinning boat and mini bikes, among many other attractions.

Important to know:

  • Admission to the park costs approximately €2 for children and €4 for adults.
  • Open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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