Vigo in 3 Days: a guidebook for getting the most out of your visit

You only have three days to visit Vigo? Don't worry, it is possible to get to know a good part of the city in a very short time.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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Vigo in 3 Days: a guidebook for getting the most out of your visit

Touring Vigo | ©Alejandro Piñero Amerio

The best things to do and see in Vigo can be organized in a three-day itinerary. If you plan everything in advance you will be able to enjoy the whole city. You also have the advantage that Vigo is a small city, so you don't have to worry about excessive distances.

The best thing to do is to divide the city by areas. This way on the first day you will learn a bit of its history and origins. On the second day you will be able to explore its neighborhoods and perhaps areas that few tourists usually visit. Finally, on the third day you can explore the port and visit its beautiful beaches.

Day 1: explore the origins of the city and its culture

El Castro fortress sentry box| ©Contando Estrelas
El Castro fortress sentry box| ©Contando Estrelas

You've finally arrived in the City of Olivos! The first thing I recommend to start your journey in Vigo is to visit its historical sites. There is no time to lose, so if you come by plane, choose the best transfer from the airport to the city center.

I recommend you to go to your hotel and leave your luggage there. Normally hotels have good restaurants where you can have breakfast before you start exploring the city. I suggest you order something typical from Vigo like empanadillas del Carballo. After lunch you will be ready to explore the city.

Visit the Castro de Vigo

The best time to visit Castro de Vigo is in the morning. From the center of Vigo you can walk about 15 minutes to reach the Castro de Vigo settlement that hides secrets from the Bronze Age.

Some people say that entering this village is like entering another world. This village is located on a slope of Monte de O Castro and has the remains of a village that was abandoned centuries ago. To date, at least three houses have been reconstructed and when you see them you can see what the Roman occupation was like in its beginnings.

Visit Monte de O Castro

The Monte de O Castro is the park that offers the best views of Vigo. It is located in the heart of the city, right where the first settlers lived. After visiting the castreño settlement, you should climb up to appreciate the views. I warn you that it can be a bit complex, so it is best to go with very comfortable clothes and shoes.

In this park you can enjoy sports areas and playgrounds, so it is a good choice for you to enjoy Vigo with children. In addition, this visit is free and you can access the Monte from Camelias street. It is also accessible by car.

Lunch and tour of the center of Vigo

At the end of your visit to Monte de O Castro it will be approximately 12 noon, ideal time for lunch. I suggest you walk back to the center of Vigo because there you will find different restaurants where you can have a great meal.

After recharging your energy with a good lunch, it's time to take a tour of downtown Vigo. The best thing to do is to hire a local guide to take you around the area. These tours usually last about two hours and cost about 60 €.

The walking tours usually start at the Plaza Fuente del Sol, right next to the famous sculpture of the "Sireno". Sites you can visit include the Fortress of San Sebastian, the emblematic El Olivo tree, as well as several iconic squares and streets. Don't forget to buy some souvenirs in the handicraft stores.

Details of interest

  • Price: approximately 60 €.
  • Duration: about 2 hours.
  • Means of transport: walking tour.

Visit the museums of Vigo

Visiting the Museo do Mar de Galicia| ©Contando Estrelas
Visiting the Museo do Mar de Galicia| ©Contando Estrelas

When the walking tour ends at around 5 pm, you still have time to continue exploring the city. I suggest you visit some of the best museums in Vigo. Many of them offer free admission.

If you like contemporary art, I recommend you visit the Marco Museum. Here you will find avant-garde works and temporary exhibitions of plastic arts, music, fashion, among others. Right at 6 pm this museum offers guided tours so you could plan your day to arrive just in time.

If you are interested in plays, concerts and similar shows, you can visit the Teatro Afundación Vigo. However, the schedule will depend on the performances of the day. Other places to visit are the Fundación Barrié and the Casa das Artes.

Enjoy the night in the Alameda

From the center of Vigo to the Alameda, specifically the Plaza de Compostela, you can get there in seven minutes walking. When you get there you will see beautiful gardens and terraces. During the day it is ideal to spend some time with the family and kids.

During the night it is an ideal place to hang out and have a cocktail with friends. For dinner I recommend a restaurant like Mesón de Compostela, where you can enjoy excellent views and delicious food.

After dinner you can return to your hotel by cab or use the Vitrasa buses. Keep in mind that many of their lines stop working after 8 pm.

Day 2: explore Vigo's neighborhoods

Vao Beach| ©
Vao Beach| ©[email protected]

For the second day I recommend getting away from the center of Vigo to get to know much more of this city. As on the first day, the best thing to do is to have breakfast at your hotel or in a nearby restaurant. This way you can make the most of your time.

On this day you can visit the coastal area of the city, an interesting museum, some beaches and much more.

Visit Alcabre and the Museo do Mar

Alcabre is a small parish of Vigo. To get there from the center of Vigo, you must go to the Colón bus stop and take the bus XG624. The trip has an average duration of half an hour and only includes two stops, one of them being Bouzas, where you should get off.

Once there I recommend walking for about 20 minutes to the Museo do Mar. On the way you will see the Church of Santa Baia de Alcabre. Once you enter the museum you can take a tour to discover all the secrets of the fishing activity in the area.

On the way out I recommend you to walk to the Lighthouse of the Museo do Mar. From this beautiful place you will be able to appreciate the sea and the whole coast, don't forget to take a few pictures!

Spend some time on the beach

After this visit it will be noon, so the best thing to do is to find a good restaurant to eat. Very close to the museum is located the Bar O Muiño do Alcabre where you can have lunch. If you want to enjoy the beaches Samil or Vao, you should walk at least 20 minutes to them. In the surroundings you will also find good restaurants such as La Hacienda de Machado.

Now, Samil beach is ideal for a family day out and is perfect if you are traveling with children. Its waves are gentle and it also has swimming pools, restaurants, green areas, among other areas that you will love. On the other hand, the beach of O Vao is more of a beach for young people. It is an ideal place to learn to windsurf or even go sailing.

Traveller Tip
When you go to the beach, never forget your sunscreen. Remember that the skin is very sensitive to ultraviolet rays. Also, I recommend you to always stay hydrated so you can enjoy your vacation better.

Visit the Roman Villa of Toralla or a forest park

Roman Villa of Toralla| ©Septem Trionis
Roman Villa of Toralla| ©Septem Trionis

After enjoying the beach until four or five in the afternoon, you can visit the Roman Villa of Toralla, located next to the beach O Vao. This is a very interesting archaeological site in Vigo. It dates from the 4th and 5th centuries AD. In addition, it is the only Roman villa in Galicia that can be visited and that is excavated in its entirety.

To explore you can choose two modes. One of them is the external, accompanied by information panels that will help you understand everything you see. The other option is to enter the villa with a guided tour. However, to enjoy this option you must call in advance and make your reservation.

Instead of this visit you can also go hiking or have a picnic in a forest park. Near the area are the Coruxo and Saiáns parks. However, to reach them in half an hour you will need to travel by cab.

Farewell the day in the seaside neighborhood of Bouzas

When it is already getting dark I recommend you to take a cab to the seaside neighborhood of Bouzas. Keep in mind that in this area there are no bus lines so it is best to take a cab or come to this area with a rented car.

In Bouzas you can walk through its beautiful cobblestone streets while watching the night fall into the sea. I recommend walking along the Paseo Marítimo until you reach the Son Vento Restaurant. There you can have a luxurious dinner accompanied by Albarino white wine, the best wine in the area. To return to your hotel I recommend taking a cab.

Day 3: Get into the Vigo Estuary

Monteagudo Island| ©Sergei Gussev
Monteagudo Island| ©Sergei Gussev

To get to know the Vigo estuary I recommend exploring the Cíes Islands. Definitely this third day of your stay in Vigo should be to relax and enjoy these natural wonders. You have the option to enjoy them as a quiet beach day or as a day to explore.

Two of the islands can be visited at your leisure, while the third one requires a private boat. I will explain a bit about how you can visit them and what activities to do on each one. To close your last day in Vigo I suggest a dinner on your boat back to the city center. The trip can be half an hour or more, it depends on the experience you request.

Visit the Illas Atlánticas National Park

The Atlantic Islands National Park stretches from the Arousa estuary to the Vigo estuary. The different islands in this area form a beautiful National Maritime-Land Park that you must see before leaving Vigo. In order to explore it you must take a boat to the Cíes Islands at the Estación Marítima de la Ría, five minutes from the center of Vigo.

Among the companies that offer boat and sailboat rentals is AC Náutica. Rental prices can be found from 30 € and you will also find several tour options. Don't worry as you will receive all the information at the station before boarding.

This is an ideal plan if you are traveling in summer or Easter. Those are the best dates since the weather is ideal to go into the sea. In the winter you would freeze to death if you travel by boat in this area, but if that doesn't bother you, you are sure to find good prices for these trips.

Explore Monteagudo Island

Depending on the tour you choose, you can visit one or more beaches of the Cíes Islands. These islands are one of the archipelagos that are part of the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park. Although there are three islands, only Monteagudo Island and Faro Island can be visited. The third island, San Martiño, is only accessible by private boat.

The first two islands are connected by a footbridge, so it is easy to visit both. You can easily spend the whole day on these islands without any problem as they have a lot to show. Monteagudo Island has the beaches of Figueiras and Costa do Bufardo. I invite you to visit them and lie under the sun.

After a few hours it will be time for lunch, so you can visit the Rodas Restaurant, the only one in the north island. There you can enjoy the beautiful scenery if you eat on the terrace, as well as enjoy the delicious seafood.

Explore Faro Island

The island of Faro has more things you can see and do all afternoon. Tourists usually stay in the Camping area of this island. It is very close to Rodas Beach and Dos Viños Beach. You can walk around these areas on foot and spend some time admiring the scenery.

To explore the area you can always follow the Camiño do Lago. However, you can also take a detour to see the Alto da Campá Bird Observatory. There you can admire the sea and the birds that live there. To finish enjoying the afternoon, I recommend you to relax on one of the beaches and take a swim.

If you like adventure, you can always rent a boat to explore the island of San Martiño or south island. Here you will find San Martiño beach which is usually deserted. On this island you will also find the Faro dos Bicos Lighthouse, 175 meters above sea level. Another thing you can see is the Muiño de Limpiño, but to get there you must go into the vegetation as there are no trails. You can also see the remains of a salting factory.

Dinner at a restaurant in the Cíes Islands

A relaxed plan to say goodbye to the day on the island of Faro is to have dinner at the Illas Cíes tapería restaurant. However, if you want something more special you can return on a sailboat with dinner included. This type of tours along the coast are an ideal plan especially if you are traveling as a couple.

The cruises usually include a dinner or tasting. A bottle of wine is also included. It is the ideal option if you do not want to stop enjoying the day even when you go back to the center of Vigo. Remember that the boat will drop you off near the Maritime Station, in the center of Vigo.

What to bring in your suitcase when you go to Vigo?

Luggage| ©tookapic
Luggage| ©tookapic

When you go to Vigo, it is best to pack a couple of swimsuits in your suitcase. In this city you have a great variety of beaches that you can visit so it is best to be prepared. I also recommend you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes since you should walk around the city.

Another recommendation is to bring sunscreen to use at all times. The plans in Vigo are walking tours, visiting the beach or cruises and in all these plans you will always be exposed to the sun, especially if you travel in summer.

How can you get around using Vigo buses?

Vigo| ©Sergei Gussev
Vigo| ©Sergei Gussev

To get around Vigo you can use the Vitrasa bus lines. These have multiple stops that can help you move to various parts of the city. However, if you want to explore the Vigo estuary, I do not recommend that you rely on this option. The bus will drop you off in an area a bit far from the beaches so you will have to walk.

If you want to explore the center of Vigo, the bus can be useful and you can look up the route to follow on Google Maps. I recommend that you pay the ticket on the way in or buy a card if you have to use the bus multiple times. Both can be purchased when you board the bus.