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Experience Highlights

Tour the Museum of Illusions in Seville with this ticket and fast-track entry included. During this adventure you will face 3D puzzles, interactive games, optical illusions and other attractions that will test your imagination and ingenuity.

Take your friends or family on an experience where you will have to overcome puzzles, see mirages and holograms, an infinity room and go through a vortex tunnel. Take the opportunity to take fun photos and make sure you immortalise unique moments with your loved ones.

  • Don't hesitate to enter the Museum of Illusions in Seville, a space created to test your wits and imagination with optical illusions and puzzles.
  • Get ready to levitate in an inverted room, cross the vortex tunnel, see mirages and much more.
  • Enjoy with your loved ones an experience full of puzzles, challenges and moments to take photos to remember.

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  • Tickets for the Museum of Illusions in Seville

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The Museum of Illusions in Seville is a place for participants to test their senses, ingenuity and creativity. Don't hesitate to buy your ticket and bring your family to enjoy an interactive, fun experience for the whole family.

Walk through the different rooms of this space dedicated to optical illusions. Go through the vortex tunnel, the infinite room, solve 3D puzzles and jigsaw puzzles and admire authentic holograms, mirages and other visual deceptions that will make you question your own senses.

The museum is a visual, sensory and educational journey, which not only sets you complex challenges to overcome, but also plays on your intrigue and curiosity. This space is divided into different types of attractions:

  • The images: enjoy optical illusions and holograms, where you will discover how your brain acts when faced with certain visual stimuli.
  • The illusion rooms: enter the inclined room that will play with your sense of perspective, the upside-down room or the vortex tunnel, which will make your head spin.
  • The installations: watch a head on a tray, see how the little ones sit on the Beuchet Chair and outdo you in height, or go through the clone table.


· 1282 Reviews
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    I came with my mother-in-law and my children, we all loved the whole place, we left here with a big smile on our faces and our camera memory full.
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    My kids loved it, they took so many pictures that they looked like cameramen.
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    The mirages were amazing, they make you feel the world upside down.
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    From the moment you enter it begins to play with your mind, optical illusions and holograms will make you believe that you are in a strange world.
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