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Hop on Hop off Bus Tours in Seville

To cross the city quickly and comfortably while still enjoying the sights, hop on one of its tourist buses.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

5 min read

Hop on Hop off Bus Tours in Seville

©Sandra Vallaure

Walking through the streets of Seville is a real pleasure for the traveler, but the high temperatures, especially in summer, can be a nuisance. The tourist bus is an ideal option to tour the city and enjoy its sights without cold or heat.

1. The best tourist bus in Seville

Views of Seville from the tourist bus | ©Faber
Views of Seville from the tourist bus | ©Faber

The best sightseeing bus of Seville with panoramic views and free stops: is from the company City Sightseeing and it is difficult not to come across one on any walk through the Andalusian capital. You can get a ticket for this bus From $ 27:.

How it works

The Seville tourist bus pass is based on the concept of free stops (also known as Hop On Hop Off). This means that, once you buy a ticket for these buses you can make use of it in two ways: either doing the full tour or using it as a means of transport by getting on and off at the stops you want and as many times as you want.

In terms of prices, you can choose between a 24 hours or 48 hours pass; you will pay a flat rate of 22 or 31 euros and you will have no limit of use during that time. All tour buses have air conditioning on board and are adapted for wheelchair users.

How to reserve it

Once you have purchased the ticket for the tourist bus, you will receive your ticket automatically and you can print it or present it on your mobile phone once you get on the bus. An email will also be sent to you when you make your reservation with all the available information.

How to activate it

When you reserve your 24 or 48 hour pass, you must choose a specific day on the calendar to use it, but you can activate it up to three months after that date. It is activated with the first use and from then on the time starts to count. That is, if you activate a 24-hour pass at 12 noon on a Friday, you will be able to use the city's tourist buses until 12 noon on Saturday morning.

Advantages of the tourist bus

  • Panoramic views with an open-air top floor
  • Audio commentary in 16 languages
  • Stops at the main tourist points of the city
  • Free admission to different monuments in the city
  • Guided walking tours of selected areas included in the 48-hour ticket price
  • Discounts on selected services

Ana's Traveller Tip

The time of the passes for Seville tourist buses is counted by hours elapsed since their first use and not by calendar days.

2. Tourist bus route

Views of the Giralda
Views of the Giralda

To have at hand the schedules, stops or even monitor where the tourist buses are at all times, you have available a free mobile application: "City Sightseeing Spain". You can also request an information map by mail or at any of the points of sale.

Although the historic center of the city can be reached on foot, to get to important neighborhoods such as Triana or Macarena you will have to use public transportation, a problem that is solved by the tourist bus tour.


  • Paseo de Cristobal Colon
  • Plaza de España
  • Seville Aquarium
  • Plaza America
  • Plaza de Cuba
  • San Jacinto Street
  • Castilla Street
  • Expo 92 Avenue
  • Magic Island
  • Alameda de Hércules
  • Plaza del Duque
  • Plaza de Armas bus station

3. What is included in the tourist bus pass

The Plaza de España | ©Joan Oger
The Plaza de España | ©Joan Oger

Although sometimes they tend to go unnoticed, all autobuses turísticos passes include a series of additional benefits to those that their use entails. In the case of Seville, these benefits are even more notable than in other cities and my recommendation is that you review them in depth when planning your trip. Some of them may be of interest to you.

Tickets and guided tours included

  • Free admission to the Navigation Pavilion
  • Free admission to Los Venerables Hospital
  • Free admission to the Casa de la Ciencia
  • Free admission to St. Anne's Church
  • Free admission to the Carriage Museum
  • Free admission to the Hospital de la Caridad
  • Free admission to the Church of the Divine Savior
  • Discount on the entrance fee to the Torre de los Perdigones
  • Discounted admission to the Maestranza Bullring
  • Free walking tour of the Santa Cruz neighborhood and the historic center of Seville
  • Free walking tour of the Plaza de España
  • Free walking tour of Seville Magellanic Seville
  • The 48-hour pass, in addition to all of the above, includes:
  • Free admission to the Flamenco Dance Museum
  • Free admission to the Aquarium of Seville
  • Guided visit to the Museum of Fine Arts
  • Discounted admission to the Aire de Sevilla baths
  • 30 minute bike rental
  • Free walking tour of Triana
  • Free tour "Betis Experience

Ana's Traveller Tip

Don't hesitate and take the free walking tours included with your sightseeing bus pass; you'll more than pay for the cost of the ticket.

4. What to see Seville

The Golden Tower on the banks of the Guadalquivir River ©Santiago Lacarta
The Golden Tower on the banks of the Guadalquivir River ©Santiago Lacarta

If this is your first time visiting Seville, you may not be familiar with these names, but you will certainly be familiar with some of the points of interest you will encounter during the tour. I recommend that you make use of the audio commentary to enjoy the sights and to put them in context and know what you are seeing.

Main attractions

  • Seville Cathedral
  • Santa Cruz Neighborhood
  • Real Alcázar of Seville
  • Torre del Oro
  • Maria Luisa Park
  • General Archive of the Indies
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Basilica of the Macarena
  • Alamillo Bridge
  • Santa Ana Church
  • Flamenco Dance Museum
  • Triana Market
  • Plaza Nueva
  • Seville mushrooms
  • Navigation Pavilion
  • Mudejar Museum
  • Perdigones Tower
  • Carriage Museum
  • Plaza Mayor

Ana's Traveller Tip

On at least one occasion, I recommend you relax by taking the full tour of the city while listening to the audio commentary.

5. If you are interested in taking a touristic bus route around Seville, you will also be interested in...

The Cathedral of Seville | ©Emilio
The Cathedral of Seville | ©Emilio

You have seen that the 48 hour ticket for the tourist bus also includes several walking tours that you can do for free. If you have done any of them and liked them I recommend you to take a look at this article about Best Tours and Day Trips from Seville:.

The experience of visiting a place with an expert guide has nothing to do with that of doing it alone. Alone you can get to know a city, but with the guidance of a local you can discover its history and customs. When you return from your trip you will not only be able to say that you have seen Seville, but that you "know" Seville.

If you also want to know in depth its main attractions, you can take guided tours of the Alcazar and the Cathedral. Here are my practical guides with everything you need to organize them: Alcázar Tickets and Tours y Seville Cathedral Tickets.