10 Best Sights in Seville

Seville has a special color. If you want to see for yourself on your way through the city, do not miss this list of the best viewpoints.

Carmen Navarro

Carmen Navarro

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10 Best Sights in Seville

Sunrise in Seville | ©Charlie Marchant

Seville is a charming city that enchants all tourists who visit it. I don't know if it is because of its colorful architecture, or its Arab influence, but it definitely has something different that catches the attention of all those who stroll through its streets.

If you are planning what to see and do in Seville, you can't miss any of these viewpoints and terraces to get great views of the entire city.

1. The Giralda

View of La Giralda| ©Paul VanDerWerf
View of La Giralda| ©Paul VanDerWerf

The Giralda is, without a doubt, the most characteristic monument of Seville.

This tower stands out notoriously in the skyline of the city and is one of the most visited sites along with theAlcazar of Seville and the Cathedral of Seville. Generally, combined visits are made to the three monuments, as they are mandatory stops on any itinerary through the city.

But its popularity is not only due to its 104 meters high, but also to the 360-degree views you can get by climbing to the top.

But this reward is not so easy to obtain, as for this you must set out to climb 35 floors and 17 steps. Unfortunately, I know this is not for everyone. But keep in mind that with patience you can easily climb it. And at the top you will have your coveted prize.

The downside of this option is that you won't see the Giralda itself. But in exchange, you will get privileged panoramic views of this wonderful city of Spain.

The entrance to the viewpoint costs 11€ if you buy it online. If you buy it at the ticket office the price is 12€. The ticket includes access to the visit to the Cathedral and is a joint ticket. It can not be purchased individually.

  • Where: Av. de la Constitución, s/n, 41004 Sevilla
  • Price: from 11€.
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday from 10.45 am to 7.30 pm. Sundays from 14.30hs. to 19.30hs.

Book your guided tour of the Alcazar, Cathedral and Giralda of Seville

2. The Golden Tower

View of the Torre de Oro| ©Angel de los Rios
View of the Torre de Oro| ©Angel de los Rios

On the banks of the Guadalquivir River, the only navigable river in Spain and famous for its characteristic boat rides, stands the Torre del Oro. This construction is 36 meters high and has an incomparable location, on the water's edge.

What was once a defensive tower to protect the city from imminent invasions, is now one of the favorite viewpoints of the entire city of Seville.

At the top of the Torre del Oro, you will have a panoramic view of the city, including all the bridges that cross the river and even the popular neighborhood of Triana. The Giralda is also visible in the distance on the horizon.

General admission is 3€, and includes access to the Naval Museum, whichis located on the first two levels.

  • Where: P.º de Cristóbal Colón, s/n, 41001 Seville
  • Price: 3€.
  • Hours: Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 6 pm. Saturdays and Sundays: from 10hs to 18hs.

3. Metropol Parasol, the Mushrooms of Seville

Seville mushrooms| ©Hernán Piñera
Seville mushrooms| ©Hernán Piñera

In 2005, a totally innovative and controversial project was carried out for the city of Seville. Las Setas, as the locals call it, is the result of the remodeling of an old market that used to take place in this square, the Plaza de la Encarnación.

This wooden structure of curved and completely original shapes was a very questioned project, since Seville is characterized by being a traditional city and proud of its Andalusian customs. Such a modern and different construction could go against its essence. But the situation has evolved and, nowadays, it is one of the most visited and photographed points of the whole city.

At 28 meters high, we find the viewpoint of Las Setas, which can be easily accessed by an elevator. You can also find a nice tour through some walkways, which will allow you to get full views of the entire skyline of Seville.

It is always a good time to access the viewpoint. Whether during the day, where you can identify all the monuments from the top; at sunset, which becomes a postcard like few others; or at night, when all the blue lights of the walkways and buildings of the city are lit.

Tickets start at 5€ and you can buy them online or at the ticket office, don't miss it!

  • Where: Pl. de la Encarnación, s/n, 41003 Seville
  • Price: 5€.
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday, from 09.30hs to 00hs

4. Tower of the Perdigones

Tower of the Perdigones| ©Eduardo J Bulnes
Tower of the Perdigones| ©Eduardo J Bulnes

La Macarena is one of the most famous neighborhoods of Seville, but also one of the most remote. Fortunately, getting around the city of Seville is very easy and you will have no problems in reaching any of its corners.

Here, we can find the Torre de los Perdigones, a building dating from the nineteenth century and still stands as if the years had not passed.

In 2007, the city council decided to turn it into something more than an old structure of a pellet factory and made the modifications to transform it into a camera obscura.

But... what is a camera obscura? A camera obscura is an optical instrument that allows us to project an image on a screen in real time. This allows us to feel that we are looking at the city through a telescope. That is, a unique experience in the city of Seville.

If you feel like having panoramic views of Seville at 45 meters high, do not hesitate to approach the Tower.

The entrance is priced at 4 € for viewpoint and camera obscura, but if you only want to access the viewpoint access costs 1.50 €.

  • Where: C. Resolana, 44, 41002 Sevilla
  • Price: 1,50€.
  • Hours: from 11hs to 17hs, every day.

5. The English Court of Plaza Duque

Plaza Duque English Court| ©Harold Medina
Plaza Duque English Court| ©Harold Medina

As in many other cities in Spain, the Corte Ingles has a terrace of preferential location and totally free where you can have panoramic views of the city of Seville.

On the top floor of this building, is housed the Gourmet Experience, a highly recommended place to stop and eat something after so much walking.

Although the historic center is a bit far away and you can not identify some monuments of the city of Seville as La Giralda, it is a worthwhile visit to end a day of vacation with good views and a good gastronomic offer.

  • Where: Pl. del Duque de la Victoria, 8, S1, 41002 Sevilla
  • Price: free
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday from 10hs to 22hs.

6. Doña María Hotel:

Terrace of the Hotel Doña Maria| ©Ana Maria Redondo
Terrace of the Hotel Doña Maria| ©Ana Maria Redondo

In the heart of the Santa Cruz district, you will find a great classic of the city of Seville: the Hotel Doña María.

The terrace of the Hotel Doña María has two floors, always with music and a very pleasant atmosphere. And considering its great popularity and location, the prices of drinks and cocktails are really tight.

It is one of the busiest terraces in the city of Seville due to its proximity to the Giralda and its panoramic views of the historic center. Keep in mind that the lights of the Giralda remain on only until 1 am, so plan to go up before so you don't miss this wonderful image.

If you are deciding about places or tapas tours in the city of Seville, don't hesitate to include the terrace of the Hotel Doña María in your options and take a picture of the whole city at night.

  • Where: C. Don Remondo, 19, 41004 Seville
  • Price: per drink
  • Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 15hs to 01hs. Wednesday and Thursday from 17hs to 01hs and Saturdays and Sundays from 12hs to 01hs.

7. EME Catedral Terrace

EME Catedral Terrace| ©HolaIdiomas Academia
EME Catedral Terrace| ©HolaIdiomas Academia

The terrace of Eme Catedral is another of the star panoramic points of the city of Seville.

Also located in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, on this terrace you will find the Giralda so close to you that you will need a camera with a wide focus to capture its full magnitude.

The space is not very large and is usually crowded. If you do not want to miss your visit to the terrace of Eme Catedral, remember to book in advance.

If you are thinking about where you can experience a romantic sunset or an elegant evening, this is the place for you. The prices of the menu are the highest in Seville, and the cocktails are particularly known for their high quality and authorship. The atmosphere is sophisticated, exclusive and with good music.

  • Where: C. Alemanes, 27, 41004 Seville
  • Price: per drink
  • Hours: Sunday to Thursday, from 12hs to 00hs. Friday and Saturday, from 12hs to 1hs.

8. Muelle New York Terrace

Pub Muelle de New york Pub in Seville| ©Muelle de NY
Pub Muelle de New york Pub in Seville| ©Muelle de NY

If you are looking for an option with good views but with guaranteed fun, I present the New York Pier Terrace. This terrace is located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, offering privileged views of the Triana Bridge and all this popular neighborhood and reference of the city of Seville.

It has a wide range of drinks and cocktails, so the Terraza Muelle New York is one of the best alternatives in the city for a good snack or tapas at sunset.

But the highlight is that you do not have to weekends to enjoy its atmosphere, as it is open every day and with the same quality of music and attention. In fact, on Wednesday nights there are special events, starting at 23hs, with a different Dj every Wednesday and live shows with professional dancers.

  • Where: P.º de las Delicias, 3, 41001 Sevilla
  • Price: free.
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday from 12hs to 2hs.

9. Seville Tower

Seville Tower| ©avier Pereda
Seville Tower| ©avier Pereda

The Seville Tower isthe tallest tower in Andalusia, and you can visit it on your way through the city of Seville.

This building is home to a shopping center with lots of stores of all kinds, a large gastronomic area and even a chain of gyms. But on the top floor, we can find a high-class hotel and the spectacular panoramic viewpoint. This can be visited without staying in the vicinity of the hotel and is one of the great attractions that the city has today.

This skyscraper reaches no less than 181 meters high, allowing you to get a full view of the city without any kind of obstacle wherever you look. A different and original proposal when it comes to enjoying the best views of the city of Seville.

  • Where: C. Alemanes, 27, 41004 Seville
  • Price: 8 ¤ until 19hs, 16 ¤ from 19hs until closing. Includes a drink.
  • Opening hours: Monday to Wednesday from 11hs to 23hs and Thursday to Saturday, from 11hs to 01hs.

10. Hotel Fontecruz Sevilla Seises Terrace

Hotel Fontecruz Sevilla Seises Terrace| ©Anna Kaminski
Hotel Fontecruz Sevilla Seises Terrace| ©Anna Kaminski

Finally, I present a different and ideal alternative for the hot summer days in Seville. In case you didn't know, the Andalusian summer temperatures are quite high and can reach ...46 degrees!

But don't be discouraged. The Fontecruz Hotel has given rise to the Pura Vidaterrace on its top floor with a large swimming pool and live music.

Pura Vida not only offers unparalleled views of La Giralda, but is also a place where you can enjoy flamenco shows, typical rhythm of the Andalusian region.

Space is limited, so remember to make your reservation in advance to avoid being left out of this great moment.

If you are interested in cooling off in their pool, you can get subscriptions to make your visit a complete experience. They also have beauty and spa treatments and prices range from 30€, as the price varies depending on the time of day you choose.

  • Where: C. Segovia, 6, 41004 Seville
  • Price: according to your consumption.
  • Opening hours: Monday to Wednesday from 11am to 11pm and Thursday to Saturday from 11am to 1am.