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10 Things to Do in Marbella at Night

Are you looking for the best nightlife activities to do in fantastic Marbella? Don't worry, in this city you will never run out of options!

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

10 min read

10 Things to Do in Marbella at Night

Nightfall in Marbella | Wirestock

Marbella is undoubtedly a paradise that allows you to enjoy a relaxing vacation at all times. During the night you can find the best things to do in Marbella as its nightlife is very lively. There is an ideal activity for all tastes, I am sure you will find something you will love in this list!

Going to the beach, dancing or eating are just a few things that a city like Marbella has to offer. Besides, the night is always young in this earthly paradise. Choose at least five of the ten activities I recommend and enjoy your days off to the fullest. Don't forget to be cautious with your alcohol consumption and, let's celebrate!

1. Take a night tour of Marbella

Plaza de los Naranjos at night| ©Nan Palmero
Plaza de los Naranjos at night| ©Nan Palmero

The ideal way to get to know Marbella is by taking a tour of its streets. It is not the same to do a day tour than a night tour. In each of them you will see a different side of the city. It is best to take a guided tour so that a professional will guide you and you will not get lost in Marbella. This type of tours have an average cost of 30 € and a duration of approximately two hours.

Among the sites that are usually visited in this type of tours highlights the Alameda Park. This is a central point in the entire urban area and is also one of the lungs of the city. In the company of your guide you can hear the stories of these sites and the promenade, very close to the park.

After that visit the next stop is usually the old town, where you can see buildings that were built in the Arab era. You will be able to see the most popular places for locals to go for drinks. I recommend that you do this tour with comfortable shoes and clothes. At the end you can choose one of the suggested places and continue enjoying, the night is young!

I do not recommend this type of tour for small children or people who have problems with their legs or knees. Another important recommendation is to bring your personal water bottle, this way you will stay hydrated along the way so you don't have to depend on anyone.

Book a tour in Marbella

2. Sailboat ride with dolphin watching at sunset

Sunset Sailing| ©Sara Groblechner
Sunset Sailing| ©Sara Groblechner

Boat rides are definitely a magical experience in coastal areas. When visiting Marbella I recommend you to enjoy a sailboat tour to not only enjoy the sunset and dusk, but also to see beautiful dolphins. The average cost of this experience is 60 € and lasts approximately 2 hours.

No doubt this is a romantic trip that you can do as a couple. Don't worry because the group that travels with you is usually a maximum of 10 people. While you go along the sea you will have a beautiful view of Marbella and its mountains. On clear days you can also see the Strait of Gibraltar and Africa in the distance.

All this walk is enlivened by a relaxing musical background while you are served snacks and fruits. You can also enjoy an alcoholic beverage such as white wine, soda or water, whichever you prefer. As the sailboat progresses, there will be more opportunities to see the dolphins jumping in the sea. It is quite a marine spectacle to see these cetacean animals in their natural habitat.

3. Going out for tapas in the old town of Marbella

Plaza de la Victoria| ©Daniel Nouri
Plaza de la Victoria| ©Daniel Nouri

"Tapear" or "ir de tapas" is another favorite activity to do in Marbella. The best time to do it is during the afternoon and evening, because the day is almost over and you can drink more calmly. In addition, economically it works out very well because for an average of 15 € per person you can eat quietly.

In the old town there are many tapas bars, but you have to search a little to find the best ones. I recommend going to Calle San Lázaro, which is, without a doubt, a reference for this activity. Right in the alley located between Plaza de la Victoria and Fortaleza street you will see authentic bars such as Bar el Estrecho and Taberna Tierraranda.

You can also go to Pantaleón street where you will find the bars Tapas y Tintos and El Callejón. The former is a bit cheaper than the latter. Other places I recommend are Bodeguita El Callejón and La Cuisine Tapas Bar. In each one you can taste a delicious wine or beer along with some exquisite tapas.

Book a tapas adventure in Marbella

4. Go dancing in the nightclubs

Party in the pub| ©Redd F
Party in the pub| ©Redd F

Nightlife in Marbella is especially known for its nightclubs. These places offer exclusive parties that attract many tourists, even celebrities. If you like to wake up under the lights of a disco and the sound of the music of the moment, a night in these clubs will be the best for you.

The first club I recommend is Olivia Valère, ideal for people who go for the luxury and glamour of Marbella. You will find a beautiful outdoor patio where celebrities often take iconic pictures. If you go I'm sure you'll run into several celebrities, what a thrill!

Following the line of luxury nightclubs, Pangea is ideal for you to enjoy a party with beautiful panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Strait of Gibraltar. However, if your thing is to enjoy a party with a good DJ, I recommend you to visit Aqwa Mist. In addition, here you can go to their best VIP areas, private bars and even jacuzzis. A luxury party is what awaits you in this nightclub!

Other popular clubs are La Suite Marbella, La Clave Discoteca Latina and Seven Puerto Banus. Anyway, the list of locals is super extensive, but this is only good news. You can choose just one or visit several in one night, let's celebrate!

5. Visit a beach club

Party on the beach| ©Levi Guzmán
Party on the beach| ©Levi Guzmán

If there is something that identifies Marbella is its beautiful beaches and great parties. Would you like to combine that experience? In the beach clubs you can do it. These places are ideal to spend the night because they offer facilities similar to those of a hotel, but they do not include lodging. You can enjoy the beach area, swimming pool, dressing rooms, restrooms, food, drinks and much more.

This is an ideal option, since it is not recommended to visit public beaches at night. This measure is implemented for safety reasons, since many tourists tend to drink too much and put their lives at risk when near the sea. In the beach clubs there is greater security, in addition to the fact that the drinks ingested are monitored to prevent customers from getting drunk.

In Marbella it is easy to find this type of premises. Some of them offer access to beaches with the blue flag awarded by the Association for Environmental and Consumer Education, which certifies beaches that meet quality and health requirements. This way you can feel safe while enjoying a fun and relaxing night out in Marbella.

Among the beach clubs I recommend are Ocean Club Marbella, Siroko Beach (if you go with your family) and New Bounty Beach (if you don't want to spend too much on this activity). Each of these clubs offers quality services that will help you have an unforgettable night.

6. See a flamenco show

Flamenco dancer| ©Kazuo ota
Flamenco dancer| ©Kazuo ota

Flamenco is a traditional musical genre in Andalusia and also a world heritage, recognized as distinctive of this autonomous community. If you travel to Marbella my best recommendation is to attend a flamenco show at night, you will not regret it! In this kind of shows you will appreciate how they mix music with singing and dancing.

Something that characterizes these events is that the artists tend to let themselves go a little and give free rein to improvisation. This is why each performance is unique. In addition, each artist interprets the songs in unique and different ways, as each one has their own style.

The evening is an ideal time to see an event like this. In Marbella you will find different venues that offer this type of functions. Among these is The Farm which offers a free show on the premises. If you want to go you only have to pay for your drink or whatever you consume on the premises.

Other places I recommend you to visit are Flamenco Puerto Banus and Taberna El Bordón Marbella. In this city you will get a variety of bars that offer this show.

Book a ticket for an authentic flamenco show

7. A night of karaoke in Marbella

Karaoke| ©Abstral Official
Karaoke| ©Abstral Official

Karaoke is one of the most fun activities for many people. It is not the same as going dancing or just going for a drink. When you sing you can feel like you are the star of the night or just laugh with your friends. A karaoke night in Marbella with your friends is certainly unforgettable.

The bars and nightclubs in Marbella usually offer a luxury service where you have several areas. You can go to the dance floor, sit down or, in the case of karaokes, go directly to sing. In these places you can approach the DJ and ask for the track of the song you prefer. You can also sing along while your companions cheer you up and order cocktails to liven up the night.

As in everything that has to do with nightlife in Marbella, they have a long list of venues to choose from. Among them is Crystal's Karaoke, located in Puerto Banús. This place is a premium karaoke and the best on the list. Its hours are usually from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m., are you ready to wake up singing? If you want to go I recommend you reserve your table in advance.

Other karaoke bars you can visit are Rolling bar Karaoke, Splash and Azabache Karaoke Bar. If you can't go with a group of friends, don't worry, these places offer a party vibe that will make you have a good time anyway.

8. Visit the Casino Marbella

Casino Marbella| ©Casino Marbella
Casino Marbella| ©Casino Marbella

Do you like casino nights, gambling and winning money? If you travel to Marbella you can live that experience in one of the most luxurious casinos on the Costa del Sol: Casino Marbella. This place is located in the most exclusive area of Marbella since 1978. It has about 3,500 square meters for your entertainment, are you going to miss it?

When you enter you will see a lot of slot machines, sports betting tables of Sportium, Black Jack, poker rooms, American Roulette and much more. While you place your bets you can enjoy a delicious cocktail. You can also order something from the casino restaurant. There you will also see another show of flavors and dishes prepared by a professional chef.

This casino is also known for being a luxury place visited by some celebrities. In addition to all the games of chance, it is possible to attend theme parties in the casino. Before you go, check their website to see if there are any special events. You can also enjoy all its areas, since it also has a beautiful garden.

9. Gastronomic tour in Marbella

Marbella Lighthouse| ©Harvey Barrison
Marbella Lighthouse| ©Harvey Barrison

One of the few experiences you can enjoy with children in Marbella at night is a gastronomic tour. If you don't want them to stay up too late, you can choose a tour that starts at 7 pm. I also recommend you to consult with your guide about the menu options to choose something special for your kids.

Now, if you are traveling alone or with adults, the tour will surely include alcoholic drinks and visits to different bars, so keep that in mind. The gastronomic tour is a different way to get to know Marbella that will leave you amazed.

The regular route of these tours start at the lighthouse until you reach the beach, where you will see the imposing contemporary buildings that hide quality restaurants. You will also pass by the top of the hill and you will have a beautiful view. All this tour is accompanied by the narrations of your guide, who will be in charge of telling you stories and curious facts about the sites and the food.

Among the dishes you will taste are fried fish, homemade salmorejo, chicken flautas with guacamole, seasoned artichoke and much more. You will also be able to taste delicious desserts including ice cream. In total you will make five stops to eat and each one includes a drink. Among these restaurants can be Tempora Marbella.

Traveller Tip
For this type of tour is always recommended to go with a stomach prepared to eat a little bit of everything. I recommend that at least four hours have passed since your last meal.

10. Dinner in a luxury restaurant

Nobu Restaurant in Marbella| ©Nobu Hotel
Nobu Restaurant in Marbella| ©Nobu Hotel

Luxury in Marbella you can get it everywhere, from a small outing in the streets to a delicious dinner. If you are going to Marbella to celebrate a particular date, I recommend going out to eat. As you probably already know, Marbella has a wide variety of restaurant options, but I will recommend just a few to make your life easier.

Nobu is the luxury restaurant at the top of the list. This place is chef Nobu Matsuhisa 's first restaurant in Spain. Here you will find recipes that mix traditional Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, a curious fusion. Order the dish recommended by the house and enjoy your dinner.

Another well-known restaurant is Leña, whose owner is Dani García, a very famous chef in Spain. Here you will find a variety of cuisines. Also, Nintai offers a Japanese atmosphere with recipes from that country.

Other options with more variety of food are Monkey club, El Lago, El Grill and Messina. Choose one and spend a pleasant evening with a dinner you will never forget, with the best international flavors and a lot of luxury.