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Ibiza in 7 Days: a guidebook for getting the most out of your visit

Ibiza, an island of an enormous beauty where you can enjoy spectacular beaches, charming villages, unforgettable sunsets and much more.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

15 min read

Ibiza in 7 Days: a guidebook for getting the most out of your visit

Sunrise in Ibiza | ©Michael Tomlinson

Maybe when you hear Ibiza, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of beautiful white sandy coves and crazy parties until dawn, but Ibiza is much more.

This mecca of hedonistic tourism is also known for its bohemian atmosphere and hippie markets, in addition to having an old town worth admiring. So don't worry about anything and let yourself be guided by this seven-day itinerary in which I will tell you everything there is to see and do in Ibiza.

First of all, I am going to strongly recommend that if you have the possibility, rent a car to travel around the island. Ibiza has a fairly small area and easy to travel if you do it in this means of transport, as it only has 41 km long and about 15 km wide. This way, you will be able to move at your leisure and discover all the secrets that the island hides.

1. Day one: a morning in the historic center, and in the afternoon, a visit to the liveliest beach of the island

Cathedral of the Virgin of the Snows| ©Javier Angel Lopez
Cathedral of the Virgin of the Snows| ©Javier Angel Lopez

The best way to get to know the city of Ibiza is to stroll through its streets on foot. Therefore, for your first morning on the island, your plan will be to make a tour from the historic center to the neighborhood of La Marina.

After lunch in the city center, you will head to one of the liveliest beaches in Ibiza: Playa d'en Bossa, which has endless activities to offer.

Start with a walk through the highest part of the city.

We all know that the main attraction of tourism in Ibiza are the beaches, but I assure you that you will not regret it if you decide to invest some of your time in knowing its history. To start your first day, I advise you to make an effort and leave early to take advantage of the cool of the morning and climb to the highest point of the capital: the Cathedral of the Virgin of the Snows, a particular construction that combines Gothic and Baroque styles and is built on an ancient Arab mosque.

Both the cathedral and the rest of the city center are located on top of Mount Puig de Vila and are surrounded by Renaissance-style walls called Dalt Vila. Some of the architectural gems you can visit in this neighborhood are the Almudaina Castle, the Church of Santo Domingo and the Portal del Ses Taules.

Continue your tour through the neighborhood of La Marina

As the Dalt Vila district ends, you will find the Ibizan neighborhood of La Marina, which extends to the port.

This former neighborhood of fishermen and port workers, now has some of the busiest and liveliest streets of Ibiza, where you can find a variety of fashion stores, craft stalls, souvenirs, bars and restaurants. I encourage you to stroll through its streets, browse its stalls and if you feel like it, have a drink in one of its terraces.

Make a stop for lunch at the oldest restaurant in Ibiza

Located in the neighborhood of La Marina, is the legendary Bar San Juan, the oldest restaurant in Ibiza.

Although at first it may seem somewhat austere for the simplicity of its premises, it is a great place to eat if you are looking for a traditional homemade food at a very economical price, especially considering the high prices of the island.

Another very interesting and fun option for your tour of the capital is to book a gastronomic and cultural tour of Ibiza, in which you will be guided through the best culinary places and you can taste locally sourced food.

Discover Ibiza's liveliest beach

After a fabulous meal in the city center, I'm going to ask you to take a trip to one of the most famous beaches: Playa d'en Bossa. Playa d'en Boss a is one of the longest beaches on the island with more than two and a half kilometers of fine golden sand.

There, you can find a festive atmosphere that never rests, although if you are looking to relax, you can lie on one of the Balinese beds in the many beach clubs, between umbrellas and chill out music by DJs. If, on the other hand, you're looking for a bit of action, you can choose from a host of water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking or renting a jet ski.

When it's getting close to dinner time, you can take a stroll through the abundant restaurants in the area, where they offer a great gastronomic variety. Although if you do not want to spend a lot of money, you can always buy your dinner in one of the small street stalls of fast food to take away.

If you are one of those who have come to Ibiza attracted by the party, an option for the area would be the Ushuaïa, an exclusive club where the most famous international DJ's act. Of course, it won't be cheap.

2. Day two: explore two incredible coves and watch the sunset from a very special place

Cala d'Hort| ©Nicolas Vigier
Cala d'Hort| ©Nicolas Vigier

For your second day, I have prepared an expedition to two of the most beautiful coves of the island: Cala Vadella and Cala d'Hort. In the late afternoon, you can enjoy the sunset from a view that will make it an unforgettable experience, in front of the islet of Es Vedra. And finally, you will have the opportunity to stroll among the luxurious yachts and boats moored in the port of Ibiza.

Start the day in the quiet Cala Vadella

Enveloped by a beautiful natural landscape, you will find Cala Vadella, a picture-perfect beach with white sand and transparent turquoise waters. One of the peculiarities of this beach is that it is located in a small sea inlet of just 250 meters.

This makes the waters always remain calm, shallow and protected from the tides, which makes it a fantastic plan to do with children in Ibiza. In addition, its calm waters make it perfect for water sports such as paddle surfing, diving or water skiing.

Change beach and discover Cala d'Hort

As you know, in Ibiza there are countless small and magnificent coves, so I recommend visiting more than one a day if you want to make the most of your trip. Cala d'Hort is just over ten minutes drive from Cala Vadella, so you will not lose much time on the way.

It is a small cove just 150 meters long, protected by a rocky cliff and with wonderful views of the islet of Es Vedrà. Once there, I encourage you to indulge yourself and enjoy a delicious rice typical of the area in the restaurant Es Boldadó, which is located at the top of the cliffs.

Admire the sunset from La Torre des Savinar

La Torre des Savinar, also known as Torre del Pirata, is located very close to Cala d'Hort, on a high cliff. This tower formerly served as a watchtower and from it they supervised that no enemy approached the pirate ships that docked there, hence its name.

Although the goal is to get there to see the sunset, I recommend that you leave in advance, as it is a walk that will take some time and it would be a shame to miss the show.

To get there, you have to take the road that goes from Es Cubells to Cala d'Hort. At one of the highest points of the road, when you see the top of Es Vedrà, you should see a road towards the sea with a sign for Torre de Es Savinar. You can drive a few meters along this path, but the last part of the way you will have to walk along a marked path and it will take you about 30 minutes.

Once there, enjoy the incredible views of the islets of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell illuminated by the faint golden light of the sunset.

Close the day with dinner and maybe some partying in the port of Ibiza

After watching the sunset and retracing your steps back to the car, you can head back to Ibiza town. And for the night, your plan will be to stroll through the port of Ibiza, a lively area of the city where the most exclusive restaurants, pubs and nightclubs are concentrated.

You can also see the famous parades of the nightclubs, one of the most famous shows of the night. Another option would be to stroll through the craft markets, where you can find jewelry, records, clothes, caricatures and much more.

For dinner, I recommend the Calma Restaurant. I must admit that it won't be cheap, but its fantastic views of the illuminated harbor make it worth it. In addition, their dishes are among the best rated restaurants in the area.

Finally, if you feel like some partying, here you will find the most iconic nightclub in Ibiza, Pacha. If you want to get to know the Ibizan party, you will certainly not want to miss the opportunity to enter this mythical nightclub. But be careful with the hangover, because tomorrow more exciting plans await you.

3. Day three: from Can Marça Cave to Benirrás Cove

Can Marça Cave| ©Jorge Alpiste
Can Marça Cave| ©Jorge Alpiste

For your third day of the trip, I have prepared for you a visit to a mysterious cave hidden inside a cliff. Afterwards, you will head to Cala de Benirrás, where if you are lucky you will be able to see one of the most admired spectacles of the island.

Visit the millenary Cave of Can Marça

In the cliffs of Port de Sant Miquel, you will find the Cave of Can Marça, a cave more than 100,000 years old that hides hundreds of stalactites and stalagmites, as well as waterfalls and streams of water.

To reach the entrance you will have to pass by a viewpoint with privileged views where there is also a small bar with a terrace, where you may want to have a drink while watching the sea. Its access is no less than 14 meters high and to enter you will have to cross a staggered path between the cliffs.

To make this visit is essential to do it with a guide, however, you can buy tickets at the door, it is not necessary to do so in advance.

  • Where it is located: Port de Sant Miguel. In the north of the island.

  • Hours: daily in winter (November to April): 10:30 am to 5:30 pm. Every day in summer (May to October): From 10:30 to 19:30 h.

  • Price: from 12 €.

Discover the small but extraordinary Benirrás Cove

Less than ten minutes drive from the Cueva de Can Marça, is the small Cala de Benirrás, with only 150 meters long. This beautiful Ibizan cove is embraced by rock walls on the sides.

As it is a bay, it is protected from the waves, in addition, its waters are completely crystalline and have a rocky bottom. These characteristics make it an ideal place to live a snorkeling experience. Another peculiarity of this mythical beach is its rocky formation known as the**"finger of God**", a small islet located a few meters from the coast.

In addition, if you travel to Ibiza during the summer, you can find a hippy market in this cove almost every day of the week, except Wednesday and Thursday.

At lunchtime, you can taste the gastronomic offer offered by its restaurants overlooking the sea. Another option is to enjoy your meal in one of the beach bars located on the beach. However, the main attraction of this cove is its romantic sun set and the spectacle of timbales and drums with which a group of hippies treat those who are on the beach at this time of day.

Traditionally, the drumming party was held on Sundays every week, but due to the popularity of the ritual and all the public it attracts, you can now enjoy the show on other nights of the week if you go to this cove during the summer.

End the night at a place where dinner turns into a party

After sunset, your next stop on the tour will be back to Ibiza. Once there, you can attend one of the most luxurious places in the city, the STK Ibiza, an exclusive restaurant that later becomes a nightclub.

There you can enjoy different shows, performances of the most famous DJ's, crazy parties and endless options of cocktails and drinks to live an unforgettable night.

4. Day four: have fun at a party in the middle of the sea

Party on a boat| ©Omar Eagle-Clarke
Party on a boat| ©Omar Eagle-Clarke

As you may already know, Ibiza attracts a large number of tourists whose only goal is to experience the famous Ibizan parties, which could be considered, along with its beaches, as the star attraction of the island. For this reason, although in this guide I have prepared plans of all kinds and for all tastes, you can not leave Ibiza without living a real party day.

Participate in a party aboard a boat

To start your fourth day, I'm going to ask you to go back to Playa d' en Bossa. Starting from there, you will have the opportunity to sail along the coast of Ibiza aboard the Oceanbeat.

In this excursion, you will have an open bar, lunch, a professional photographer so that you have a souvenir of this wonderful day, champagne and a welcome aperitif. In addition, during the party you can enjoy live music by a DJ, and if you feel like it, a swim in the sea, as the boat makes a stop for those who want to cool off in the crystal clear waters.

In the afternoon, the boat will return the floating party back to the coast. However, the excursion also includes the entrance to choose one of the parties that are held afterwards, so you can continue partying until late at night.

One of the most famous clubs on the island is the Bora Bora, which holds a party on the return of your boat trip, so if you want to know this famous nightclub this is the perfect time.

Book an all inclusive boat party

5. Day five: a tour of the north

Xarraca Cove| ©Ivar Abrahamsen
Xarraca Cove| ©Ivar Abrahamsen

For your fifth day, I have prepared for you a tour of several points of the northernmost part of the island. To begin with, you will start with a visit to Cala Xarraca, known for having the clearest water in Ibiza. After a delicious menu based on typical food of the area, you will visit the small town of Portinatx. And finally, you can watch the sunset from the Faro des Moscarter.

Visit a new cove in the north of the island

The small golden sandy beach Cala Xarraca is located between two cliffs and is situated in front of a stone islet. Its most outstanding feature is the clarity of its waters, which makes it an ideal place for diving.

The cove is divided into two sections, the first is the longest and is the one that leads to the beach, to reach the second, you have to take a small path to the left. This last section is more hidden, which has caused many people to take advantage of this place for nudism.

At lunchtime, I advise you to choose between one of its restaurants specializing in fish and take the opportunity to try one of the typical dishes of the island: the Bullit de peix, a fish stew accompanied by potatoes and rice "a banda".

Get to know the popular tourist town of Portinatx

The town of Portinatx is a small urban complex located on a rocky area on the north coast of the island. In spite of the fact that it is a quite popular zone, the atmosphere is calmer than in other beaches of Ibiza.

In the bay of Portinatx, you can find three different beaches: S'Arenal Gros, the largest of them all, S'Arenal Petit, the most private and Playa Porto, the quietest of the three.

Once you get tired of sunbathing on any of the beaches, you can have a drink on the impressive terrace overlooking the sea at the Hotel Los Enamorados.

As sunset approaches, I recommend a hiking route to the Faro des Moscarter lighthouse. To get there, you will have to take a path through the forest and it will take you a little more than half an hour. Once there, you can enjoy the wonderful spectacle of watching the sunset from this place.

On the way to Ibiza town, you can stop for dinner at the cozy Om Sweet Home - Sabores Naturales Restaurant, in Sant Joan de Labritja.

6. Day six: travel by boat to Salada and Saladeta coves and end the day at a very special café

Salada Cove| ©Sakari Pönniö
Salada Cove| ©Sakari Pönniö

On your sixth day of travel, your plan will start with a boat tour that, among many other activities, will take you to two of Ibiza's most famous coves. At the end of the tour, you can witness one of the most beautiful sunsets from the Café del Mar.

Start with a boat tour

Ibiza has innumerable coves and natural spaces to visit, unfortunately, vacations don't usually last as long as we would like. For this reason, I recommend you to book a boat tour that starts in Sant Antoni de Portmany and stops, among other places, in the Calas Salada and Saladeta.

This way, you will be able to cover more in one day and also, you will do it in an exclusive boat with beautiful views of the coast of Ibiza. And if that's not enough, this tour includes a snack, entrance to the Aquarium Cap Blanc, drinks and snorkeling equipment, in case you want to try your luck with this water sport.

Book a boat tour along the coast

Have a cocktail at Ibiza's most famous café

Once you are returned to the coast, you can take advantage of the fact that you are in Sant Antoni de Portmany to take a walk to the Café del Mar, the most famous place on the island to watch the sunset.

After contemplating the magnificent sunset from the café, you can have a cocktail, or as many as you like. You also have the option to dine on its beautiful terrace, but the prices are not cheap. A tip is to book before you go, as it is usually quite crowded, especially at sunset.

To end the night, I recommend that you take a walk through the town of Sant Antoni, as it is an area with a lot of atmosphere where you can find a lot of pubs and nightclubs. One of the best known clubs is Éden.

7. Day seven: visit an authentic hippy market, discover one last beach and finish with a sunset adventure

Las Dalias flea market| ©David Garcia
Las Dalias flea market| ©David Garcia

You can't leave Ibiza without visiting one of its famous Ibizan street markets, so for your last day, your first visit will be to the Mercadillo de las Dalias. For lunch, you will stop at the beautiful Cala Jondal, and to end the day, I have prepared a paddle surf excursion to watch the sunset.

Buy a souvenir at the most famous flea market in Ibiza

The Las Dalias flea market is located in San Carlos, which was the cradle of the hippies during the sixties. More than fifty years later, their mark is still noticeable in this market located in a rural setting surrounded by trees.

In the summer season, which runs from June through September, you can find the market open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00-11:00 am. However, if it does not coincide with the dates of your trip, do not worry, as the market is open all year round, although you will have to check the schedule.

In this market you can find a lot of products, such as clothing, decoration, jewelry, handicrafts, books and musical instruments, among many others. It is the perfect place if you want to buy a gift or a souvenir of your trip to take with you.

One of its peculiarities is that you can even find performances of music groups and other shows. It also has a restaurant, a tapas bar, several drink bars and small food stalls.

Visit Cala Jondal and eat at a fantastic beach bar

Once you have bought all the souvenirs, and why not, whims, that you have liked in the market of Las Dalias, I am going to ask you to move to Cala Jondal. This beach is known for being one of the few beaches of Ibiza with large boulders, besides the lively locals.

Once there, in addition to take a dip and relax on your last day at the beach, I invite you to eat at the beautiful beach bar Casa Jondal, a gastronomic space where they make an exquisite homemade food. The specialty of the restaurant are dishes with seafood.

Say goodbye to Ibiza with a sunset from the sea

For your last hours on the island I have prepared a very special plan. Once you have rested your meal, you will have to go to Playa d'en Bossa, because from there you will go on the paddle surf tour during the sun set that I have prepared for you.

In this tour, you will make a relaxing paddle surf tour in which you will visit different coves and caves until sunset. And if the views of the sunset from the beaches of Ibiza are already impressive, imagine seeing it from the sea!

When you finish the tour, you will return to Playa d'en Bossa. There, you can decide if you want to rest for your return trip, or if, on the contrary, you feel like one last party on the most lively beach of Ibiza.

Book a paddle surf tour during the sunset