10 Things to Do in Auckland in August

Visiting Auckland in August, in the austral winter, will allow you to participate in fun festivals, snow sports and even the possibility of jumping from a tower over 300 meters high.

Joaquín Montaño

Joaquín Montaño

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10 Things to Do in Auckland in August

Vista de Auckland, New Zealand |©bmk_in_uk

This New Zealand city is famous for its nightlife, but it also offers visitors hundreds of miles of walking trails, great mountains, volcanoes, and beautiful beaches. In August, you will find many activities that join the things to do in Auckland throughout the year.

Although it is winter in August, maximum temperatures hover around 15 degrees Celsius so you can do all kinds of outdoor activities, both in the volcanic and mountainous areas as well as on the coast. And not to mention snow sports, both for experts and for those who have never done it before.

1. Free fall from the Sky Tower, one of the emblems of the city.


The Sky Tower is one of the emblematic buildings of downtown Auckland and can be seen from anywhere in the city. It is 328 meters high and is the tallest tower that was built in the southern hemisphere.

In this tower operates the only casino in the city and there are three viewpoints and a revolving restaurant that offers a majestic 360-degree panoramic view of Auckland and its two bays. The locals say that on very clear days you can see up to 80 kilometers away, while in August it is possible to see some spectacular snowy scenery.

If you are a lover of adrenaline and strong emotions there is the option of jumping from the tower into the void. Skyjump is the name given to this practice that consists of jumping from the 52nd floor, at a height of 190 meters, tied by a harness that ensures a fairly short but intense jump at an average of 70 kilometers per hour.

If you like this kind of activities, I recommend you to hire a parachute jump in the city.

Practical information

  • Address: Corner Victoria and Federal Streets
  • Hours: Monday and Tuesday between 9:30 am and 6:00 pm. Wednesday to Sunday between 9:30 am and 8:00 pm.
  • Price: depends on the activities you wish to do, but a single ticket costs a little more than 20 €.

2. Take the plunge and experience the adventure of snow sports

Mount Ruapehu|©Ulysse Bellier
Mount Ruapehu|©Ulysse Bellier

The ski season in New Zealand starts in June and continues until October, so during the month of August most of the ski slopes are in the best conditions for the enjoyment of snow sports lovers.

Most of the ski resorts are located in the South Island of New Zealand, but in the North Island you can also enjoy the snow, whether you are an expert or someone who is just starting to enjoy these sports.

In the North Island is Mount Ruapehu, located in the Tongariro National Park, an active volcano ideal for families with children who want to enjoy sledding and learn to ski on a small slope.

This mountain peak is about a four-hour drive from Auckland, making it an ideal weekend getaway. It is also one of thebest excursions to do from the city.

Another option further away from Auckland on the so-called South Island is The Remarkables, Queenstown's largest mountain, about 40 minutes from the city. Also about 25 minutes away is Coronet Peak, a place known for offering skiing activities at night.

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3. Take the Coast to Coast Walkway, a scenic hike

Coast to Coast Walkway|©Pedro Szekely
Coast to Coast Walkway|©Pedro Szekely

Clear August days are ideal for a nature walk. One of the best is the Coast to Coast Walkway, which connects one coast to the other. It is a route that starts in the Princes Wharfen area, the center of Auckland, and allows you to walk through forests, hills and parks with privileged views of the city.

Along this route, which is about 16 kilometers in total, five volcanic sites are crossed, including Albert Park, Domain, Mount Eden, the highest natural viewpoint in the city, and the famous Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill), a volcanic peak of 182 meters with a great cultural and archaeological value for the Maori.

This walk can take from four to eight hours, depending on how fast you walk. I recommend you dedicate a whole day to this activity and it is a must to bring a camera. In case you get too tired after finishing the walk, there is a good bus service that can bring you back to the center of the city.

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4. Enjoy New Zealand Fashion Week

Model on the catwalk|©Peter Jennings NZ
Model on the catwalk|©Peter Jennings NZ

If you are a fan of the latest trends in clothing and accessories, you can't miss New Zealand Fashion Week, which usually takes place at the end of August at theViaduct Events Center, one of the sites with a privileged view of the Auckland harbor.

The first edition of this festival took place in 2001. Since then, it has become the backbone of New Zealand's fashion industry. It enables the country's and the region's designers to promote their creations nationally and internationally.

The idea of its sponsors is to attract fashion influencers, but also to capture the attention of a group of consumers who are increasingly demanding that this industry be in line with new technologies and with a sustainable form of production, for better care of the environment.

5. Climb Mount Eden, the highest natural viewpoint in the city

Mount Eden|©José Luiz Gonzalez
Mount Eden|©José Luiz Gonzalez

Another perfect nature outing to do in Auckland is Mount Eden, an extinct volcano of the nearly 50 that are distributed throughout Auckland.

This volcanic peak has the distinction of being the highest natural viewpoint of the city with 196 meters high, and from where you get spectacular 360 degree views, including the port of Auckland. A curiosity is that when you reach the top there is a huge crater 50 meters deep, an ideal place to take pictures or videos.

If you do not want to walk there is a wide range of bus services and a train that reaches the area. It is also very accessible by car, as this volcano is close to the center of the city. Another great option is to book a bike tour of Auckland, as many include Mount Eden in their itinerary.

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6. Indulge guilt-free at the Auckland Fried Chicken Festival

Fried chicken in Auckland|©bob prangnell
Fried chicken in Auckland|©bob prangnell

The best food trucks and chicken restaurants in Auckland will bring their best chicken-based specialties for the delight of all those who dare to come to the Auckland Fried Chicken Festival, an event that has already become a classic.

The appointment is at Shed 10, a large shed facing the sea, located a few meters from the Ferry Building, an old boat terminal that has become a must for tourists in the port area.

In this festival different ways of preparing fried chicken are mixed, such as the style inspired in Jamaica, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia and this delicacy as it is prepared in New Orleans.

These and other options can be accompanied by a wide variety of beers and wines that go very well with the menu of delicacies offered by this culinary celebration. And all this enlivened with live music throughout the night. If you want more, you can always hire a gastronomic tour or a tour to taste the local wine.

Practical information

  • Address: 89 Quay Street
  • Dates: usually held in early August, but it is advisable to make sure of the exact date.
  • Price: depends on what you eat during the event.

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7. Take a different kind of tour of the city, aboard a tuk-tuk

Two colorful tuk-tuks|©Jess Snoek
Two colorful tuk-tuks|©Jess Snoek

A relaxed and fun way to tour some of the interesting points of the city is to do it aboard a tuk-tuk, a motorized version of the bicycle cab, those small three-wheeled pedal-powered vehicles, very traditional in Asian countries such as India or Thailand.

The tour passes through open spaces such as Parnell Rose Gardens, an area that is home to a large number of colorful rose bushes and surrounded by a very good environment, which makes the traveler have pleasant moments of relaxation.

The tuk-tuk will also take you through Auckland Domain, one of the oldest and largest parks in the city, with 75 hectares, which is home to the elegant Wintergardens or "Winter Gardens", which show their best side in August.

8. Walk among sharks, penguins and spiny sea dragons

Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium|©Mikey Novotny
Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium|©Mikey Novotny

One of the must-see attractions in the city is Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium, which is also a very interesting attraction for the little ones. Since there are fewer tourists, this aquarium is perfect for those looking for things to do in Auckland in winter.

Located about 6 kilometers from the city center, it has gigantic underwater observation tunnels, the first of their kind built in the world. Conceived and built by the famous diver and explorer Kelly Tarlton, this aquarium has several unique attractions, such as the world's largest sub-Antarctic penguin colony.

There is also the Shark Tunnel where large sand tiger sharks, giant stingrays and the so-called Wobbegong carpet shark swim very close to you, separated only by large transparent tunnels built in acrylic.

A separate experience is to tour the Seahorse Kingdom, where in addition to meeting a variety of seahorses, you can enjoy the world's only public display of spiny seadragons.

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9. Scent all your senses at the annual Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival|©Adrian Pink
Tulip Festival|©Adrian Pink

An exhibition with more than 10,000 flower bulbs, 30 market stalls and food for all ages are some of the highlights of the Annual Tulip Festival, the largest of its kind in Auckland.

It is a festival that takes place in a huge garden of 5.5 hectares, a real gem nestled in the Tahaki Reserve, in the heart of the city.

This festival was designed to be enjoyed by the whole family, since there are many activities designed for children, with prizes and raffles, music and live shows. There is also a wide variety of gastronomic proposals, such as gourmet barbecue stands and a cafeteria that operates on site, among others.

An interesting fact to keep in mind is that this event is not cancelled due to bad weather, since all the commercial stands and activities are held in awnings that are covered.

Practical information

  • Address: Eden Garden, Omana Ave.
  • Dates: late August
  • Price: from about 10 €. Children under 13 are free

10. See where "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" were filmed

Hobbit House|©susanhuntphotography.com
Hobbit House|©susanhuntphotography.com

Although it is a must-see place to visit all year round, August offers the advantage of being much less crowded. This makes it much more convenient to visit the Hobbiton film set in the heart of New Zealand's Middle Earth, where much of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies were filmed.

Although this place is not in Auckland, it can be reached in two hours, either by bus, train, car or organized tours to be enjoyed during a day.

If you dare, you will travel through the vast fields of Waikato, one of the largest agricultural areas in the world. These are fabulous landscapes, surrounded by mountainous peaks. Upon arrival you will find a gigantic sheep farm and Shire's Rest Inn, where you can have a soft drink, an ice cream or a good coffee.

Then you can visit the place where the scenes were filmed, visit some of the dozens of hobbit houses and enjoy the majestic landscapes of Middle-earth.

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