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Don't hesitate to take part in the Rembrandts Amsterdam Experiencie with this ticket and audio guide, which includes a narration of the author's life and milestones. For around 25 minutes, you will take a journey to relive the times of the Dutch artist in the 17th century, visit his last art studio and learn about his greatest creations.

The activity will be done in small groups of around 8 people, thus optimising the experience. This immersive video will reconstruct the famous Jordaan neighbourhood, as well as give you an insight into the artistic and personal life of one of the world's most renowned painters.

  • Experience the Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience and travel back in time to the 17th century, where you will learn about the reality, life and work of Rembrandt.
  • During the experience, you will have an audio guide who will narrate the events you observe. In addition, your group will be approximately 8 people.
  • Take a look at the painter's last studio, how he lived with his family, his most famous works and the Jordaan.

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  • Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience Tickets
  • Audio guide

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If you are an art lover, this immersive Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience is the perfect plan for you. Lasting around 25 minutes and in a small group of 8 people, this experience will immerse you in 17th century Amsterdam where you will learn about Rembrandt's life and work.

You will be accompanied by an audio guide, who will narrate everything you see and highlights of the exhibition about Rembrandt. You will learn about life in the Dutch Golden Age, the painter's last art studio, life with his family, the Jordaan district at the time and much more. You will also see some of the works Rembrandt created that became internationally famous over time.

Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience is an immersive experience, in which video, music and special effects will transport you and make you feel like 17th century Amsterdam. In addition to the painter himself, you will meet important figures close to him, such as his children Titus and Cornelia and his lover Hendrickje.

Of Rembrandt's collection, 340 authentic paintings have been recorded and are preserved. One of the curious facts about them is that he sometimes used his wife and children as models for his paintings. The studio in which he painted his last works, the Rozengracht, a small house in the Jordaan district, is a peculiar studio where he produced paintings in styles different from the refined and detailed ones of his past.


· 1247 Reviews
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    A perfect way to spend the afternoon with the family.
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    There is still time to learn all about Rembrandt, he really has an impressive history.
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    Rembrandt's life is an incredible story, from which all the inspiration for so many masterpieces is born.
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    It seems to me that 25 minutes is too short a time to get to know someone's life, they should extend the experience more to get to know the artist more in depth.
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