10 Things to Do in Mexico City in Summer

The summer season in Mexico City is a good opportunity to enjoy a wide range of cultural, sports and leisure activities. Find out which ones are not to be missed.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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10 Things to Do in Mexico City in Summer

Summer in Mexico | Jeremy Pettis

Summer in Mexico City is accompanied by a wide range of tourist attractions and annual celebrations that you can enjoy during your stay. You will have no excuse for not having fun in the city, as you will find as many activities as there are types of tourists.

For example, among some of the best things to do in Mexico City in the summer, the city's marathon or half marathon, the celebration of the Grito de Independencia, contemplating the summer landscape as the crow flies from a balloon or the viewpoint of the Torre Latinoamericana, among other destinations, are some of the best things to do in Mexico City in the summer.

1. Enjoy the Mexico City marathon or half marathon

Marathon in Mexico| ©Christian Ramiro González
Marathon in Mexico| ©Christian Ramiro González

During the summer season in Mexico City, you can enjoy the half marathon and the summer marathon. This is a sports initiative organized annually and you can join as a spectator or as a runner.

If you are in Mexico City in July, specifically during the second week of that month, you can participate in the 21K half marathon, which starts at the Torre del Caballito and ends at the Angel of Independence.

But, if you travel to Mexico City in August, then you will enjoy the 42K marathon. You can go to Insurgentes Sur avenue to watch the runners leave, whose final destination is the Plaza de la Constitución in the Zócalo.

After this sporting experience, you can continue with your itinerary of activities. For example, take a guided tour of Mexico City to learn about its history, or purchase tickets to the Frida Kahlo museum in Mexico City, among others.

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2. Take a hot air balloon ride and enjoy the summer scenery

Among balloons| ©Karen Blaha
Among balloons| ©Karen Blaha

Mexico City in summer is characterized by its picturesque sky, charged with a series of warm shades. The sun's rays pierce the clouds and cover everything in their path. Without a doubt, this is the right season to take a hot air balloon ride and see a different perspective of some of **Mexico'**s most famous landscapes.

One of the best hot air balloon rides in Mexico City is usually over the valley of Teotihuacan. You will fly over this ancient pre-Hispanic city, getting an amazing panoramic view of the vast archaeological complex and its surroundings.

During the balloon flight in Teotihuacan you will be able to identify iconic places such as the following:

  • The Pyramid of the Sun, 65 meters high. This construction, consecrated to worship the sun god, is considered the largest in Mesoamerica.
  • The Pyramid of the Moon; this is a 43 meter high building, whose platform used to be the stage for sacrifices in honor of the goddess Chalchiuhtlicue.
  • The Museum of Teotihuacan Murals, Beatríz de la Fuente, specialized in Teotihuacan culture, history and legacy.

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3. Try some of Mexico's traditional beverages and refresh yourself in the summer season

Tasting Tepache| ©City Foodsters
Tasting Tepache| ©City Foodsters

The heat can be a bit exhausting during the summer season, so during your 2-day visit to Mexico City or longer, you can opt to cool off with some traditional beverages. You will enjoy a variety of flavors (sweet, sour, spicy) and textures (creamy and light).

Some of the drinks consumed during the summer include the following:

  • Tepache, made with fermented pineapple and sweetened with sugar cane.
  • Pozol, which is a mixture of fermented corn, cocoa, sugar and water. It is served with ice.
  • Horchata; a drink that incorporates almond milk, rice, vanilla and cinnamon.
  • Cebadina, which is a bubbly refreshing drink made with barley and pineapple.
  • The fresh waters of fruits, seeds, flowers. Such is the case of aguas de jamaica, tamarind, lemon, etc.

In the city you will find many places where you can refresh your palate: the beverage carts in the historic center, the aguas frescas stores, the stalls in the main markets of the city, such as the Mercado de la Merced. An unmissable destination if you embark on a gastronomic tour of downtown Mexico City.

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4. Watch fireflies in the forests of Mexico City and spend a different moment.

Getting to know the forest| ©Mariana Lucchino
Getting to know the forest| ©Mariana Lucchino

If you want to be in contact with nature and enjoy a magical scenery illuminated by hundreds of fireflies, then the forests of Mexico City are the ideal destination during the summer. You will spend a different time walking under the moonlight and accompanied by these peculiar insects that decorate the forest environment.

To see fireflies the best time to go to Mexico City is summer. These insects usually appear annually, thanks to the humidity produced by the characteristic rains of the warm months.

This is an activity that you can undertake on your own without joining a guided night tour of Mexico City, although that is always a good option. To observe the fireflies, you only need to visit the Chapultepec Forest and the Tlalpan Forest at nightfall. Both are protected natural spaces that you can access without leaving the city.

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5. Climb to the observation deck of the Torre Latinoamericana and see Mexico City at sunset

Latin American Tower| ©Alvaro Sánchez
Latin American Tower| ©Alvaro Sánchez

Enjoying the summer sunset is another of the things you can incorporate in your itinerary of at least 3 days in Mexico City. To do so, you can go up to the viewpoint of the Torre Latinoamericana and, from there, contemplate both the city and its surroundings, bathed by the last rays of the sun.

The Torre Latinoamericana in Mexico City is a skyscraper of approximately 182 meters high, built between 1948 and 1956 and representative of the modern architectural style. You can access the 44th floor of this iconic building and, from its terrace, get a 360º view of the city.

You will be amazed by the warm summer light, full of intense shades (red, orange, yellow). You will see how the sun slowly sinks into the horizon, giving you a different perspective of the Mexican capital. In addition, with the tickets for the viewpoint of the Torre Latinoamericana in Mexico City, you will have the opportunity to access the Bicentennial Museum, located on the 38th floor.

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6. Have fun in Mexico City's water parks and spas

Aquatic Park| ©AquaVera
Aquatic Park| ©AquaVera

Your summer itinerary of 4 days or more in Mexico City cannot be complete without a visit to a water park or spa. You will be able to cool off and relax while enjoying a different kind of day. You will also have the opportunity to have a picnic and practice some sports, depending on the place visited.

The options of aquatic centers in the city are varied, some of them being the following:

  • The Balneario in Bosque San Juan de Aragón, with a couple of pools in the middle of the forest and several areas to rest and eat.
  • The Utopia Tezontli recreational center where you will find slides, water jets, semi-Olympic pools, sports courts, among other attractions for children and adults.
  • The spa-spa El Geiser, this is a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where you will enjoy swimming pools, zip lines, suspension bridges, etc.

After this refreshing experience you can continue discovering the capital. Perhaps by taking one of the 10 best gastronomic tours in Mexico City, or by attending a night of wrestling, mariachis and tequila in Mexico City.

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7. Tour the historic center of Mexico City at your own pace and take some pictures

Palace of Fine Arts| ©Ivan Hernández
Palace of Fine Arts| ©Ivan Hernández

Touring the historic center of the Mexican capital is an activity not to be missed at any time of the year. However, if you want to take pictures of the main monuments and buildings, the summer months will be more favorable. You will enjoy a slightly clear sky and a fairly warm natural light.

You will be able to get close to tourist sites such as the following:

  • The Metropolitan Cathedral, current seat of the Primate Archdiocese of Mexico, which will surprise you with its Gothic, Baroque and neoclassical architectural style.
  • The Monument to the Revolution, which is a work commemorating the Mexican Revolution.
  • The Plaza de la Constitución, also known as the Zócalo, representative of Mexican baroque.
  • The Palace of Fine Arts. A monumental work built between 1904 and 1934, in which you will be able to identify the art deco, neoclassical and modern architectural style.

This tour can be done at your own pace or by joining a guided tour through the historic center of Mexico City. In the latter, depending on the tour you are looking for, you could be accompanied by a professional photographer, who will help you get the best angles and make the most of the summer light.

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8. Attend the Gay Pride parade in Mexico City and support gender diversity

People at Pride| ©TJ DeGroat
People at Pride| ©TJ DeGroat

If you find yourself in Mexico City in June, specifically during the last week of this month, then you will have the opportunity to witness the Gay Pride parade. This is a very lively and crowded event, full of color and music.

This parade started in 1979 as a small march. However, nowadays it is one of the most awaited events by the LGBTQ+ community and by people (locals and tourists) who support cultural and gender diversity.

The route of this parade usually starts at the Angel de la Independencia, which is located between Paseo de la Reforma Avenue and Florencia Street. From this point, the parade advances through the Zona Rosa in Colonia Juárez until it reaches the Plaza de la Constitución, better known as the Zócalo.

In addition to the parade, you will find many parties in the city to celebrate this day. Just go to the LGBTQ+ bars and clubs. For example, Marrakech Salón or Teatro Garibaldi in the historic center, Blow Bar in Zona Rosa, among others.

9. Come to the Summer Flower Festival and enjoy a small garden in the center of the city

Flower and Monarch Butterfly| ©TJ DeGroat
Flower and Monarch Butterfly| ©TJ DeGroat

Every year, in mid-August, the Summer Flower Festival is held, whose purpose is to showcase the great wealth of local floriculture. Come to this small garden in the center of the city and let the sweet aromas of the flowers, vibrant colors and varied textures capture your senses.

This fair is considered one of the oldest in the city and brings together approximately 140 agro-ecological and flower growers, who usually set up on Paseo de la Reforma. There, you will be able to see and buy a great variety of plant and flower species: sunflowers, daisies, lavender, roses, palms, etc.

In addition, throughout the day (10:00 to 20:00 hours) you will enjoy some workshops that promote the conservation of the cultivation areas. You will also find food stands for you to taste the traditional Mexican gastronomy and live music presentations.

10. Celebrate the anniversary of the beginning of Mexico City's independence like a local

Parade in Mexico| ©VicSeven
Parade in Mexico| ©VicSeven

Perhaps your stay in Mexico City in September coincides with the second week of September. If so, you will have the opportunity to celebrate with the locals the anniversary of the beginning of their country's independence.

This event begins with a ceremony, known as the Grito de Independencia, held in the Zocalo. You should go to this square in the historic center of the city. There, you will find hundreds of Mexicans gathered, anxiously awaiting the call to freedom. All this in an atmosphere of celebration with live music and fireworks.

The following day, the commemoration continues with the military parade, whose route is usually from 20 de noviembre Avenue, surrounding the Zócalo to Campo Marte, passing through Paseo de la Reforma.

Along this route, you will see a series of exhibitions of weapons by the soldiers of the different divisions of the national army. All of them, moving to the rhythm of the military marches.

Temperatures in Mexico City in summer

Getting to know Mexico| ©Caroline Cooke
Getting to know Mexico| ©Caroline Cooke

Mexico City in summer, season that goes from the last weeks of June to the first weeks of September, is a very hot place. During this season, temperatures range between an average maximum of 26ºC and a minimum of 14ºC.

This summer season in Mexico City is usually accompanied by some rainy days, registering an average rainfall ranging from 74 to 121 millimeters. There is also a high percentage of cloudiness and winds that rarely exceed 6.8 kilometers per hour.

Alternative plans to protect yourself from the heat in Mexico City in the summertime

People with sunglasses| ©Helena Lopes
People with sunglasses| ©Helena Lopes

During your visit to Mexico City in summer you should consider some alternative plans to protect yourself from the high temperatures. This way, you will be able to make the most of the different tourist activities offered during these months.

  • Constantly apply sunscreen with SPF 50+ to avoid radiation damage.
  • Carrya bottle of water with you, in order to stay hydrated at all times.
  • Wear sunglasses and a hat while you are outdoors.
  • Incorporate some indoor activities into your itinerary so that you are not exposed to the sun all day. For example, a visit to one of Mexico City's best museums or take a scenic tour on the Mexico City sightseeing bus.

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