Best time to go to Mexico City

The Mexican capital is an ideal place to visit all year round, although depending on the spirit of your trip there are times that could be more beneficial. Here I tell you what are the best times for each case.

Matías Rodríguez

Matías Rodríguez

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Best time to go to Mexico City

©Peter Connolly

If you are planning to visit Mexico City, the time of the year you choose to do your tour could depend on the people you are going with, the weather you want to face during your tour, the budget you have allocated for the destination or the amount of tourists you are willing to endure, so this article could help you to put together the ideal itinerary for your visit.

Many of the best things to see and do in Mexico City are outdoors, so the weather will be a major factor when choosing the time of year, but it will also be important if you are traveling with children, if you want to save time and money and if you are interested in learning about local traditions, such as the Day of the Dead.

1. What is the best time of the year to visit Mexico City?

Getting to know Mexico| ©Caroline Cooke
Getting to know Mexico| ©Caroline Cooke

Mexico City is a popular tourist destination all year round due to its warm and pleasant climate, as well as its rich culture and historical heritage. However, there are certain times of the year that may be more favorable to visit depending on your preferences.

For those who enjoy festivals and cultural events, the winter season, which runs from November to January is ideal, as there are many celebrations such as the Day of the Dead, the International Book Fair, the Jazz Festival and the Festival of Christmas Lights, plus you can visit some of the best museums in Mexico City with discounts and benefits that will allow you to save money and time in the entrance queues.

If you prefer to avoid the crowds and enjoy a more moderate climate, the spring season, which in Mexico City runs from March to May, and the fall season, which runs from September to November, are excellent options. In addition, in spring the city is full of flowers and nature begins to revive, while in autumn you can enjoy the colors of the foliage and the views of the Torre Latinoamericana.

As for weather conditions, the rainy season runs from May to October, with the heaviest rains in July and August. If you want to avoid the rain, it may be best to plan your visit during the dry months, which run from November to April and include some of the most crowded festivities such as Christmas in Mexico City.

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2. When is the best time to visit Mexico City with children?

Palace of Fine Arts| ©Ivan Hernández
Palace of Fine Arts| ©Ivan Hernández

Mexico City is an ideal tourist destination to visit with children all year round due to its mild climate and the wide variety of cultural, recreational and entertainment activities it offers. However, there are some times of the year that may be more convenient to visit the city with children.

A good option may be during the summer school vacations in Mexico City, which usually start in mid-July and end in August. During this time, many museums, parks and cultural centers offer special activities for children such as workshops, interactive exhibits and outdoor activities. In addition, the weather is warm and pleasant, allowing you to enjoy the green spaces without thinking about the weather.

Another good time to visit Mexico City with children is during the Christmas period, as the city is filled with Christmas lights and decorations, and many places offer special activities such as concerts, music festivals and theater. In addition, children can enjoy the traditional piñata and Three Kings Day festivities in January.

Mexico City, therefore, is a destination that can be visited with children at any time, but the best times are during the summer and Christmas Eve, as they can be especially convenient due to the variety of activities, pleasant weather and the availability of some of the best tours in Mexico City.

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3. When is the best time to visit Mexico City in the most economical way possible?

Chapultepec Forest| ©luuzzy :)
Chapultepec Forest| ©luuzzy :)

The best time to visit Mexico City as cheaply as possible is during the low season, which is usually from May to September, excluding holidays. During this time, prices for lodging, transportation and tourist activities tend to be lower than during the high season.

It is also important when organizing your itinerary to keep in mind that avoiding public holidays and school vacation periods, such as Easter and Christmas, can help you reduce costs. If, however, you prefer to travel during these times, you can save money by booking attractions and accommodations in advance.

Another way to save money during a visit to Mexico City is to take advantage of public transportation options, such as the metro and bus, rather than using cabs or private transportation services. In addition, looking for budget accommodation options, such as hostels and guesthouses, can also help reduce costs. You can also take full advantage of discounts on the capital's hop on-hop off tour buses.

As for tourist activities, many museums and attractions offer discounts for students, seniors and local residents, such as the Casa Azul and Chapultepec Castle. There are also many free activities, such as visits to parks and plazas, churches and local markets. If you do your research and plan ahead, you can enjoy a visit to Mexico City without spending too much money.

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4. When is the best time to visit Mexico City when the crowds are low?

Basilica of Guadalupe| ©Ted McGrath
Basilica of Guadalupe| ©Ted McGrath

The best time to visit Mexico City with few tourists is during the months of September to November, after the high summer season and before the winter vacations, which are a very popular period in the Mexican capital.

You will also be able to avoid the crowds on weekdays and outside of peak tourist times, such as weekends and evenings. Another option is to visit tourist sites early in the morning, when they are less crowded. Keep in mind that you should also avoid visiting museums on Tuesdays, which is the day of discounts and promotions in Mexico City.

However, it is important to keep in mind that some tourist sites in Mexico City, such as the Basilica of Guadalupe and El Zócalo, which is the busiest square in Mexico, always have a large number of visitors, regardless of the season or the day of the week, and that they are places that you cannot leave out of your tour itinerary, so I advise you to make the effort to endure the crowds and queues.

Also keep in mind that during these low season months you can optimize the time of the visits, which will be ideal if you have planned a short stay in the city. If this is your case, here is a list of activities you can do to discover Mexico City in 3 days.

5. When is the best time to visit Mexico City and get to know its traditions?

Day of the Dead| ©Pablo Leautaud
Day of the Dead| ©Pablo Leautaud

If you are looking to learn about the traditions of Mexico City, one of the best times to visit is during the months of September, October and November. During these dates, the city is decked out to celebrate Independence Day and the Day of the Dead, two of the most important festivities in the country and which attract the largest number of visitors.

Independence Day is celebrated on September 16, but the festivities begin on the 15th with the ceremony of the shout in the Zócalo, where the President of Mexico remembers the heroes of Independence and cheers "Long live Mexico! During this week, the city is filled with flags, decorations, music and cultural events.

On the other hand, the Day of the Dead, celebrated on November 1 and 2, is a festivity deeply rooted in Mexican culture. During these dates, the streets are filled with altars and ofrendas dedicated to loved ones who have passed away and there are parades, concerts and exhibitions related to this festivity.

In conclusion, if you want to get to know the traditions of Mexico City, September, October and November are the best months to visit Mexico City and immerse yourself in Mexican culture and celebrations.

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6. When is the best time to visit Mexico City and discover its best sights?

Teotihuacan Pyramids| ©fklv (Obsolete hipster)
Teotihuacan Pyramids| ©fklv (Obsolete hipster)

Mexico City is a city with many breathtaking sights that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. However, some times are especially recommended to have the best views of the city.

One of the best times to visit the city and enjoy its sights is during the dry season, which runs from November to April, as rains are less frequent and the sky is usually clearer. In particular, the months of December and January are ideal to enjoy panoramic views of the city from the most popular viewpoints such as the one at the Monumento a la Revolución, the Torre Latinoamericana or the Mirador de Chapultepec.

Another recommended time is during the jacaranda blossom season, which usually occurs in February and March. During this time, the city fills with beautiful shades of purple and pink, and some places, such as Paseo de la Reforma and Insurgentes Avenue, become tunnels of flowers that offer spectacular views.

The dry season and the months of December, January and February, as well as the jacaranda blossom season in February and March, are some of the best times to visit Mexico City and enjoy its best views, even in the outskirts like Teotihuacan, where you can also opt for balloon tours in Mexico City.

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7. When is the best time to visit Mexico City and avoid the cold and rain?

Touring Mexico| ©africankelli africankelli
Touring Mexico| ©africankelli africankelli

The climate in Mexico City is generally mild throughout the year, with temperatures averaging around 20 °C (68 °F). However, there are certain times of the year when it can be cold and rainy.

To avoid the cold and rain, it is recommended to visit Mexico City during the months of April to June and September to November. During these months, temperatures are warmer and there is less likelihood of heavy rain. In addition, if you visit Mexico City in November you will be able to attend some of the capital's most popular celebrations.

It is important to keep in mind that Mexico City is located at an altitude of 2240 meters above sea level, so although temperatures are not extremely low, the wind chill can be colder than it seems.

I recommend that you always carry warm clothes and be prepared for the usual sudden changes in weather, especially if you visit the city during the rainy season, which runs from June to September.

So... what is the best time to visit Mexico City?

Xochimilco| ©Anne and David
Xochimilco| ©Anne and David

The answer will depend on the travel plan you have in mind, which will be marked by the people you are traveling with, the activities you want to do, the time you plan to stay in the city and your tolerance to crowds of visitors, but generally speaking, the dry seasons, which go from April to June and September to November, are good alternatives.

During these months you can not only avoid bad weather, which is ideal for outdoor experiences, of which there are many in Mexico City, but you can also take part in some of the city's best festivals, festivities and celebrations, save some money by escaping the high points of the high season and also tour the city without the crowds, which can be annoying.

If you are one of those who prefer to relax and visit each destination with time, in the dry season you will have the opportunity to walk the trails of Chapultepec Forest, visit the archaeological sites of Teotihuacan and the Sanctuary of Guadalupe and even opt for more eclectic excursions such as a balloon flight in the outskirts of the capital.

If instead you plan to visit the city with children, then you may want to opt for more festive alternatives, such as Christmas Eve in Mexico City or summer, when you will find options for summer activities. Also keep in mind that if you visit Mexico City in February, although it is not one of the best times of the year, you will be able to see the Carnival, which is one of the most popular events and one of the most crowded in the country.