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Take a trip back in time with this ticket to the Natural History Museum of Venice . Visit this fantastic national museum and explore interesting collections dating back over 700 million years.

Step into this natural world and see plants, animals, various specimens and rare fossils. Admire a set of zoological and botanical collections, as well as the Aquarium of Tegnùe and its library with more than 40 thousand volumes .

  • Discover one of the most remarkable buildings in Venice with this ticket to the Museum of Natural History .
  • Admire a wonderful collection of over 2 million historical objects .
  • See rare fossils, cetaceans and a giant reproduction of a dinosaur.
  • Enter the museum's aquarium and discover its marine life.

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  • Tickets for the Natural History Museum of Venice.
  • Audio guide.

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Immerse yourself in history and nature with this ticket to the Natural History Museum of Venice . Visit this beautiful 13th-century building and journey back 700 million years through its numerous botanical, zoological and ethnographic collections . See over 2 million historical specimens and discover a variety of artefacts ranging from fossil remains to books and documents. On top of all this, don't miss the museum's aquarium and library, an incredible place.

On the banks of the Grand Canal, in a white palace, you'll find this famous national museum. With your ticket you will explore the interior of this gallery at your own pace and see objects dating back to prehistoric times. You will discover a whole collection dedicated to dinosaurs, a room dedicated to cetaceans, as well as its spectacular library with more than 40,000 works dedicated to the scientific study of zoology, botany and natural science.

You will explore the hall dedicated to cetaceans and here you will be able to observe the skeleton of a baleen whale and a young sperm whale up close. You will also see huge dinosaur skeletons, fossil remains and prehistoric crocodiles. Marvel at the skeleton of a dinosaur Ouranosaurus nigeriensis, one of the world's most interesting finds housed in the museum.

Throughout this fascinating journey through history, you will also visit the museum's Tegnùe aquarium. Here you can see more than 50 species of different fish and invertebrates. Step into this unique underwater rocky environment and observe animals in their natural environment.


· 2485 Reviews
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    The museum is very well organized and the access with the digital tickets was very easy, it took us less than 3 minutes to get in and we enjoyed the tour very much.
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    Splendid, I was amazed with the variety of animals.
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    We arrived very easily and before coming I saw that many said that there were no explanations in English and although it is so, I used Google Lens / Translator and it was super easy! It didn't take us even 1 minute and we got to know a lot more.
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    Worth every euro paid. 100% recommended.
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