Venice Carnival Mask Workshop

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Experience Highlights

Create or customise your own mask from the famous Venice Carnival, with expert guidance. The Venice Carnival is known worldwide and you can't leave the city without your own mask. During this activity, which lasts approximately 1 hour, you can choose between creating your own mask or decorating an existing one. Not only that, but you'll also get to take it home with you once you're done with it.

You won't do this process alone, as you'll always be accompanied by a Venetian master craftsman. He will be in charge of giving you indications, advice and aspects of the mask. In addition, due to his years of experience, he will also tell you all kinds of stories such as the origin of the mask in the carnival and other historical details about this festivity.

  • Create or customise your own Venice carnival mask and take it home with you!
  • Follow the instructions of a master craftsman to get the best possible mask.
  • Only 2 people will take part in the activity, so you will deal with the master artisan in a personal way.
  • Learn about the history of the Venice Carnival, the reason for its fame and the traditional art that emerged thanks to it.

What’s included

  • Workshop on production or decoration of Venetian masks
  • Instructions from a master craftsman
  • All necessary paints and materials

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Step by Step

Enjoy this workshop and learn all about the masks of the Carnival of Venice while you create or personalise your own mask. The workshop lasts approximately 1 hour where a master craftsman will explain each step you have to do.

Specifically, you will be able to choose 2 types of workshops, the first one will consist of creating a mask completely from scratch. In this case, you will learn about the techniques and materials used in these masks. In addition, each session will only involve 2 people, you and your companion. This way, the teacher can be more attentive to all your steps and explain what you need in a more personalised way.

Once the mask has been created, you will leave it in the workshop to dry for a few hours, but you can then return to pick it up and take it home. In the mask production workshop, the mask is not decorated. Therefore, if you want to give free rein to your creativity and play with colours, you can choose the mask decoration workshop.

In this other type of workshop, the mask will already be created, so your task will be to paint it, decorate it and give it the look that best suits you and your tastes. In this second activity you will take the mask directly after finishing it.

Even so, in both activities you will learn everything about one of the most famous carnivals in the world, thanks to the live commentary of the master craftsman. In this way, you will not only practice and make masks, but you will also learn about its history.


· 4250 Reviews
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    Excellent workshop.
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    The class was very good, although I expected something more. Of course, the master craftsman was very kind to us at all times and gave us all the necessary elements to decorate the masks. Highly recommended.
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    Very nice workshop.
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    If you are in Venice you are obliged to take this class, the experience is amazing and you learn a lot about mask decoration.
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