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Visit Capri from Sorrento

Take advantage of your stay in Sorrento to see an island of great charm. Everyone should visit Capri at least once in a lifetime.

Matteo Gramegna

Matteo Gramegna

6 min read

Visit Capri from Sorrento

Capri | ©Alex

Known as the "Pearl of the Mediterranean", Capri is one of the most enchanting islands in Italy. It has been an international jet set destination since the 1960s and celebrities keep coming back for the crystal clear sea, the elegant hotels and Via Camerelle, the street of luxury stores.

There is a lot to see and do in Sorrento and if you stay more than a day, I recommend you to complete your vacation with a mini cruise to Capri.

1. Route to Capri with a stop at Grotta Azzurra

At Grotta Azzurra| ©Nabil Molinari
At Grotta Azzurra| ©Nabil Molinari

The most classic of boat trips from Sorrento. Capri is very close to the coast and getting there is very easy. The boat does not just reach the port, it follows the coastline so you can admire the charms of the island:

  • Grotta Azzurra, Capri's most famous attraction. It is a natural sea cave and it is said that the emperor Tiberius used to swim here. Grotta Azzurra is quite wide (25 by 60 meters) but the access is much narrower. To enter you will have to lie on the bottom of a rowboat. Unfortunately, you will not be able to swim but you will enjoy the contrast between the crystal clear water and the dark rocky ceiling.
  • Punta Carena, where the island's lighthouse is located. It is the second largest in Italy and its silhouette is even more visible at sunset. Near the lighthouse is one of the most beautiful panoramic restaurants in Capri, the Lido di Faro.
  • Grotta Verde, the green cave or cave of the Turks. Pirates used to hide here to set traps for boats passing nearby.
  • Faraglioni, three rock peaks rising from the sea. They are the undisputed symbol of the island and if you feel like seeing them while tasting a good fish dish, I recommend you book a table at La canzone del mare (Via Marina Piccola 93).
  • Villa Malaparte, the rationalist residence of Curzio Malaparte, writer, journalist and poet. It is located on a rocky promontory that juts out into the Mediterranean. It is considered one of the masterpieces of modern architecture.
  • Arco Naturale, a rock formation from the Paleolithic age that has acquired an arch shape.
  • Grotta Bianca, a cave near Punta della Chiavica. It extends for about 30 meters and is characterized by white rocks. During the seventeenth century, the locals took refuge here to escape from pirates.

Once disembarked, you will have the opportunity to stroll around Capri, a place that has captivated millions of tourists around the world.

For a break in a small green oasis, I recommend a stroll through the Gardens of Augustus and Via Krupp, terraced gardens overlooking the faraglioni.

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Price: about 60 €.
  • Recommended for those who want to see the most famous attractions of Capri without spending too much.

Book your tour to Capri from Sorrento

2. Mini cruise for couples

Capri Cruise| ©shivankdua
Capri Cruise| ©shivankdua

A private experience, perfect for a romantic evening. Normally, the routes are done on a gozzo sorrentino, the typical boat of the city. Don't worry, it is a modern boat and has a bathroom and a small dressing room.

The navigation follows the same itinerary as the previous one, although the Grotta Azzurra usually involves an extra cost.

You will have an experienced English-speaking skipper at your disposal and in the fridge you will find waters, drinks, prosecco and the famous limoncello. It is an exclusive experience and there are options with different prices.

  • Duration: about 8 hours
  • Price: from 1300 €.
  • Recommended for those who want to do something more sophisticated.

3. Excursion to Capri and Ieranto Bay

Ieranto Bay| ©Kent Wang
Ieranto Bay| ©Kent Wang
  • Duration: approximately 8 hours
  • Price: about 50 €.

What is the best time to go to Capri?

In Capri| ©VV Nincic
In Capri| ©VV Nincic

The blue island is a typical summer destination but I do not recommend you to visit it in July and August. In these months, Capri's charm is clouded by the presence of a large number of tourists. June is a good option as well as September. However, the best time is spring, when nature leaves winter behind and the scent of orange blossom and jasmine perfumes the streets.

When there are fewer tourists, visiting the island is easier and it will be easier to find a place in the best restaurants. To enjoy the sea breeze, I recommend Il Riccio, a gourmet restaurant a stone's throw from the Blue Grotto (Via Gradola 4/11, Anacapri).

Is it possible to travel from Sorrento to Capri in winter?

Inside Grotta Azzurra| ©Michel voyages
Inside Grotta Azzurra| ©Michel voyages

Yes, sailing does not stop in the colder months. However, sometimes rough seas interrupt connections between the islands and the mainland. It is preferable to check the weather forecast but don't worry, in case of cancellations you will get a full refund.

With a little luck you will be able to enjoy the sun also in winter. The Grotta Azzurra is still open and if the weather permits there is nothing better than a little rest on the public beaches of Marina Grande or Palazzo a Mare. In the evening, I recommend eating at Aumm Aumm (Via Caprile 18).

What can I buy as souvenirs?

Shopping Perfume| ©Laura Chouette
Shopping Perfume| ©Laura Chouette

Capri is a destination to fall in love with and I'm sure you 'll want to go home with a nice souvenir. Beyond magnets and postcards, there are other products worth buying as a gift for yourself or a loved one:

  • Perfumes made with local essences. The most famous brand is Carthusia and its store is located a stone's throw from the Certosa di San Giacomo, Capri's oldest monastery (Via Matteotti 2D).
  • Ravioli capresi, delicious pasta filled with caciotta sorrentina (a rustic cheese typical of central and southern Italy), parmesan and marjoram. You can buy them at the centrally located Capri Pasta (Via Parroco 12).
  • Handmade sandals. On the island, the reference store is Da Costanzo. In the sixties, Sofia Loren and Jacqueline Kennedy ordered some custom-made shoes and today it is still a destination for celebrities (Via Roma 49).
  • Limoncello, the refreshing lemon liqueur. In Capri it is still made according to the traditional method. You can buy a bottle at the store on Via Roma 79.
  • Ceramics, a very typical souvenir that you can find in many stores. However, the best ones can be found at Sea Gull (Via Roma 25).

Can I get around Capri by public transportation?

Capri Funicular| ©St.Gera
Capri Funicular| ©St.Gera

The excursions include free time to visit the island. To optimize time, it is important to know the means of transportation in Capri:

  • Bus. They connect Capri and Anacapri, a small town in the north of the island. The ticket costs about 2 € and the trip takes about 20 minutes. They are tiny vehicles and can carry about 10 people. Don't worry, the trips are regular and the service runs smoothly. You can find the timetables on the official website of the transport company.
  • Funicular. Connects the port with the town of Capri. The cabins leave every quarter of an hour and the ticket costs about 2 €. Important: if you travel with large luggage, you will have to buy an additional ticket.
  • Chairlift, departing from Piazza Vittoria, in the center of Anacapri, to the top of Monte Solaro. From the top you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama. The ticket costs about 12 € (round trip).

Are there cabs in Capri?

Cab in Capri| ©kare_chin
Cab in Capri| ©kare_chin

Of course! You will find cabs in the port and in the central areas, but you can also hail them on the street, which is not very common in Italy. You will recognize them by their somewhat peculiar appearance, they are convertibles and can carry 6 passengers. The price of a trip from the port to Capri usually costs about 20 €.