Chianti Day Trip from Siena

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Experience Highlights

Take this half-day excursion of about 5 hours to visit the Chianti wine region from Siena. Being a small group of about 8 people, you will learn about this locality together with the tour guide who will accompany you. You will be taken inside a traditional winery where you will have a tour of the interior, as well as a wine and olive oil tasting.

All the necessary transfers are included in the excursion in an air-conditioned vehicle with direct pick-up and return to your hotel. With this tour you can also learn about and see the medieval village of Monteriggioni and its castle up close.

  • Get to know the Chianti region with this half-day excursion from Siena.
  • You will be accompanied by a tour guide, but you will also have free time to spend as you wish.
  • You will visit a winery for a wine and olive oil tasting.
  • All transfers are included in an air-conditioned vehicle with pick-up and drop-off at your hotel.

What’s included

  • Excursion to Chianti from Siena
  • Tourist guide
  • Wine and oil tasting
  • Pick up and return directly to your hotel

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Step by Step

Learn about the Chianti region thanks to this half-day excursion with tour guide included. For about 5 hours, after leaving Siena, you will get to know Chianti, a wine region of Tuscany.

As the two regions are separated by about 20 km, all transfers are included in air-conditioned vehicles so that this is not a problem. The pick-up and drop-off of these transfers is done directly from your hotel in Siena.

The experience is for small groups of about 8 people, so that the tours with the guide are comfortable and without disturbing anyone. Thanks to this excursion you will visit a traditional winery in this area where the wine culture is predominant.

After visiting the interior of the cellars, a wine and oil tasting is also included, combined with complimentary snacks, so that you can taste the richness of the products. One of the villages you will visit will be Monteriggioni, a medieval village that stands out for its ancient and beautiful castle.

Throughout the experience, in addition to the tours with the tour guide, you will also have free time. This will allow you to explore the streets of the places you visit on your own, as well as to go into shops that interest you.


· 116 Reviews
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    The wineries were very interesting and the views in these were incredibly beautiful.
  • G
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    Recommended tour. The transportation was very comfortable and everything was more than perfect.
  • I
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    The village of Monteriggioni was amazing, it was like traveling back in time to medieval times, the houses have been maintained too well.
  • E
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    The wine and oil sampling was a beautiful touch that made the tour more than fantastic.
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