Colosseum, Arena, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill Guided Tour

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Experience Highlights

Discover the Colosseum with this complete tour of about two and a half hours. Avoid the long lines and save time with this skip-the-line access. An expert guide will accompany you as you explore the arena, where the gladiators fought, and the second floor, so you can observe everything from above. Complete the experience with a tour of the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill to learn about the origins of ancient Rome.

  • See the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill with this walking tour.
  • Learn about the history of ancient Rome from an expert guide.
  • Access the experience without waiting in line.

What’s included

  • Tour of the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill
  • Live official guide
  • Restricted sand plant area
  • Quick Entry

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Step by Step

Get to know the Colosseum of Rome in depth with this tour of about two and a half hours. This comprehensive tour will allow you to skip the long lines and go directly into the arena of the Colosseum, where gladiators fought in times past. Accompanied by an expert guide, you will delve into the history and culture of classical Rome as you explore this iconic monument.

Once inside, in addition to walking through the arena, you will have the opportunity to climb to the second floor to see it all from above.

Also included is a visit to the Roman Forum, the heart of public life in ancient Rome. You will explore the ruins of temples, arches and basilicas dating back more than 2,000 years.

To complete the experience, you will visit the Palatine Hill, where Romulus is thought to have founded the city and where many emperors lived.


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    I visited the Colosseum in Rome with my brother, what an amazing experience! The stories of the gladiators and the ruins of the Roman Forum are simply amazing.
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    I loved the guided tour of Rome, I learned a lot about the history of the Colosseum and enjoyed the view from the Palatine Hill.
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    I loved the historical immersion and the expert guide, but the crowds were a bit overwhelming.
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    The guided tour was quite informative, I loved the history behind the Roman Forum. Without a doubt, the Palatine Hill with its panoramic views was my favourite part.
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