Rome Catacombs Panoramic Bus and Guided Tour

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Discover a part of Rome on this panoramic bus and guided tour of the catacombs. Enter the underground of the city and explore the ancient cemeteries that house the history of thousands of Romans.

From the hand of an expert guide, you will learn the importance of these sacred places. Marvel at the tombs and ancient frescoes as you are transported back in time to the past of what is considered the eternal city. Don't worry about transportation, as round-trip transfer by open top bus from the center of Rome to the catacombs is included.

  • Hop on this panoramic bus and take a guided tour of Rome's catacombs to learn more about the history of the city.
  • Discover the importance of these subway cemeteries with an experienced guide and a 25-minute introductory video.
  • Round trip transfer by open top bus from the center of Rome to the catacombs is included.

What’s included

  • Entrance to the catacombs
  • Roundtrip bus transfer
  • Panoramic bus
  • Visit with expert guide

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Step by Step

Discover the history of Rome on this panoramic bus and guided tour of the catacombs of Rome. Accompanied by an expert guide, you will immerse yourself in the history and culture of Ancient Rome. During this tour, you will go through the subway corridors of the catacombs, where you can explore the tombs and crypts of ancient Roman citizens.

This is an experience that will allow you to explore one of the most fascinating places of ancient Rome. You won't have to worry about transportation, as round-trip bus transfer is included and you will be picked up in the center of the Italian capital.

You will watch a 25-minute video about Ancient Rome as an introduction to this bygone world. As you delve into the depths, you will admire the architecture and works of art found in these sacred sites.

You will learn from your guide about the funerary practices and religious beliefs of the time. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the Chapel of the Catacombs, where you will see beautiful frescoes and statues dating back to Roman times. In addition, you will learn more about the daily life of Roman citizens and the importance of religion in their culture.


· 780 Reviews
  • J
    (0 Reviews)
    Una chulada de experiencia, la verdad. Los guías sabían un montón y las catacumbas eran impresionantes. ¿Lo mejor? El autobús panorámico, sin duda.
  • B
    (0 Reviews)
    Un viaje en el autobús panorámico por Roma con mi hermano fue una experiencia inolvidable. Las catacumbas son impresionantes, te las recomiendo.
  • C
    (0 Reviews)
    La vista panorámica de Roma es impresionante y la guía en las catacumbas muy informativa, pero el autobús podría ser un poco más cómodo.
  • V
    (0 Reviews)
    La experiencia fue genial, los guías súper amables y las catacumbas impresionantes. ¡Un 9 sobre 10 sin duda!
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