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Complete your visit to the city with tickets to the Casa Milan Museum and find out all about one of the most important football teams in Italy and Europe. You'll have access to all the interactive exhibits, which adults and children alike will enjoy.

It is an ideal activity for the whole family. You can also take the opportunity to get your hands on an official AC Milan football in the shop or sample the local cuisine at the Casa Milan Bistrot restaurant.

  • Visit the museum of a historic club and learn with interactive exhibits.
  • Enjoy a fun and educational family activity.
  • Take home an official souvenir of your visit

What’s included

  • Tickets for the Casa Milan Museum

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Step by Step

Feel closer to AC Milan with these tickets for the Casa Milan Museum. From the moment you arrive, you'll be greeted by a variety of interactive exhibits in the museum.

With each exhibition you will learn about the history and career of this iconic football team. Children and adults alike will enjoy this activity designed for the whole family.

It doesn't matter if you are a fan of this sport or if you just like it sometimes, the museum has very interesting pieces beyond the taste for football. It is about getting to know and learning about a historic team, founded in 1899, which has had a great career.

As well as visiting the museum, you can also visit the official shop. There you will have the perfect opportunity to get your hands on an official football or many other souvenirs of your visit. You can also take the opportunity to try the local food at the Casa Milan Bistrot restaurant, right next to the museum.


· 412 Reviews
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    I was surprised by this museum, I knew that the Casa Milan Museum had its fame worldwide but it is something else to go personally. It deals with soccer in such a professional way and with a historical tour through it. Ideal to go with the family!
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    Great museum, if you like a lot of soccer or if you don't like it, it's great!
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    We have been following the ups and downs of AC Milan with my family, going to a place dedicated to soccer and learning about the club was very interesting. We all had a great time, the museum is definitely very good.
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    We loved it!
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