Serravalle Outlet Shopping Day Trip from Milan

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Save money on your next clothes shopping trip with this excursion to the Serravalle outlet from Milan. You'll have the chance to buy clothes and accessories from top designers, such as Dolce & Gabbana and Timberland, at discounts of up to 70% in the more than 200 shops spread across the complex.

A shuttle bus will take you to and from the outlet, located about 100 kilometres from the fashion capital. You will have the option of purchasing a VIP Shopping Pass with fast bus access and shopping card with a 10% discount. You will also have another pass option, the so-called Easy Shopping Pass, with 10% discount on purchases.

  • Save up to 70% with discounts on top-brand clothing and accessories on this excursion to the Serravalle outlet from Milan .
  • Don't worry about the journey, as a shuttle bus will take you there and back from Milan, about 100 kilometres away.
  • Take advantage of the different passes, from which you can choose separately: the VIP pass with 10% discount on your purchases, access to the Guest Lounge and priority access to the bus, as well as the Easy Shopping Pass, with 10% discount on purchases.

What’s included

  • Round trip transport from Milan by air-conditioned coach
  • VIP shopping pass with fast bus access, lounge access and shopping card with 10 % discount (if this option is chosen)
  • EASY Shopping Pass with shopping card 10 % discount (if you choose this option)
  • Food and drink (unless otherwise indicated)

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Step by Step

Get as much as you can and save on this excursion to the Serravalle outlet from Milan . On this activity you will have the opportunity to visit the more than 200 branded shops in the outlet and buy clothes and accessories at 70% off from top designers.

The transfer from Milan and back will be in an air-conditioned bus and the journey will be about 100 kilometres. Therefore, you won't have to worry about the journey, but rather about the shopping you'll be doing in this outlet, which is perfect for the family thanks to its cafés, restaurants and children's area.

Among the more than 200 shops that you can find in the outlet, you will find well-known brands that are usually out of people's budget. For example, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana or Timberland, among others, although their products in this complex will be discounted by up to 70%.

In addition, the complex is designed as if it were an Italian village, in a circular shape. This makes it very easy for visitors to move from one shop to another.

Also, with this reservation, you will have the option to purchase two different passes:

  • VIP: 10% discount on your purchases, priority service on the bus and access to the Guest Lounge.
  • Easy Shopping: 10% discount on your purchases with a special card.


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    Very good discounts and very good way to get to the outlet, comfortable and fast transportation, and with the VIP pass you get an extra 10% discount.
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    Good place to buy good brand-name clothes cheaper
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    Ideal for everyone who wants to update their closet in Milan, one of the best cities for the fashion world, I loved it!
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    If you like shopping, this is definitely the place for you, even if it is a bit far away.
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