Noto, Syracuse & Ortigia Day Trip from Catania

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Get to know three paradisiacal cities on the island of Sicily in one day by joining this excursion to Noto, Syracuse and Ortigia from Catania. You'll travel with a professional, historical guide to discover idyllic spaces steeped in history, such as the Archaeological Park of Neapolis (entrance fee not included). You'll travel in a comfortable , air-conditioned minivan around the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, located just off the 'tip of the boot' of Italy.

  • Experience an endearing journey around the island of Sicily on this guided tour of approximately eight hours.
  • Transfer from Catania to Noto, Siracusa and Ortigia by air-conditioned minivan, including hotel pick-up and drop-off.
  • Tour three of Sicily's must-see destinations in a single day, with a professional guide who is an expert in Sicilian history.

What’s included

  • Excursion to Noto, Syracuse and Ortigia
  • Transfer in air-conditioned minivan from Catania
  • Professional guide with historical expertise
  • Transfer to and from your place of accommodation
  • Entrance to the Neapolis Archaeological Park
  • Guide in the Neapolis Archaeological Park

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Step by Step

On this tour to Noto, Syracuse and Ortigia from Catania, you'll experience three of the most idyllic destinations on the island of Sicily in one trip.

You'll explore the cities in a comfortable , air-conditioned minivan, accompanied by a private guide who will tell you about the incredible history of each place, as you stroll through the beautiful streets and make the most emblematic stops.

In Syracuse, an ancient Greek colony later conquered by the Roman Empire, you will have the opportunity to visit the Archaeological Park of Neapolis (entrance fee not included), a site that reflects what life was like in ancient Rome.

There you can walk through the Ear of Dionysus, a limestone cave some 23 metres high that was sculpted by slaves under the orders of the tyrant Dionysus I of Syracuse. You will also see, among other monuments, the Greek Theatre, where plays and cultural performances were held in the 3rd century BC.

From the city's port, you can see spectacular sunrises and all around you will find bars, terraces and restaurants where you can try a delicious aperitif of the local gastronomy or refresh yourself with a drink.

When you reach Ortigia, after crossing one of its two bridges, the Umbertino or Santa Lucia, you will find yourself in the historic centre of Syracuse, birthplace of the genius Archimedes. A destination characterised by its elegant infrastructure and calm atmosphere.

You can stroll through architectural beauties such as the Cathedral, the Temple of Athena and a series of palaces that are worth seeing.

The third jewel of Sicily you will discover on this tour is Italy's baroque mecca, the small but significant Noto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After being struck by an earthquake in 1693, it was completely rebuilt in the Sicilian baroque architectural style, with streets, squares, mansions and palaces that will delight any tourist.


· 627 Reviews
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    Wonderful family day.
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    The excursion was very beautiful, I learned a lot about each place I visited and I was able to take beautiful pictures of each one of them. It's a pity that the weather was not the best the day I went on the excursion.
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    A very complete experience. To repeat in the future.
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    The experience was very positive, I leave with dozens of anecdotes to tell about this excursion. All the places we visited were very beautiful, but I will keep the visit to Ortigia.
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