Eiffel Tower Guided Tour with access by Elevator

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Experience Highlights

Discover the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris with this guided tour. You can choose from a variety of options, such as a visit with access to the second or third floor, a visit to the third floor along with a cruise on the Seine or with a bus tour of Paris. Whichever option you choose, at the Eiffel Tower you will enjoy incredible panoramic views of the city while learning about its history and culture.

  • Enjoy the Eiffel Tower your way by selecting from all the different tour options.
  • Take the tour with a tour guide who you can ask all your questions as you take the lift up.
  • Add to your experience with a bus tour or a cruise on the Seine River.

What’s included

  • Guided tour of the first floor of the Eiffel Tower
  • Tickets
  • Optional access to the summit
  • Tourist guide
  • Seine river cruise (optional with visit to the third floor)
  • Sightseeing bus (optional with visit to the third floor)
  • Lunch

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Step by Step

Take this guided tour of the Eiffel Tower, one of the most famous monuments in the world. A tour guide will accompany you throughout the tour, sharing interesting facts and revealing the history and construction of the tower.

When booking this tour you can choose to take a guided tour with access to the first floor or go up to the top as well, in both cases you will go up by lift. Along with a visit to the third floor, you can also include a cruise on the Seine River or a sightseeing bus tour of Paris.

While touring the Eiffel Tower you can admire the panoramic views and iconic monuments such as Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe and many others. Your guide will highlight them all and tell you anecdotes and fun facts.

In addition to the guided tour, you will have free time to explore the tower on your own. You can visit the various exhibitions and learn more about the history and cultural importance of this monument. You can also enjoy a drink or a snack on your own in one of the tower's restaurants or cafes.


· 1060 Reviews
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    An unforgettable experience, climbing the iconic Paris monument with an expert guide was truly fascinating.
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    A must-see if you visit Paris. I loved the view from the top, simply breathtaking!
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    I went up the Eiffel Tower with my sister and it was an amazing experience, the views are breathtaking. The guide was very friendly and explained all the history of the tower.
  • A
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    The panoramic view from the Eiffel Tower is really impressive, but the wait for the lift can be a bit long.
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