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Duration: 2 hours
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Experience Highlights

Be amazed by the magic of Prague's illuminated streets at night on a night tour lasting approximately 2 hours. You will fall in love with the enchanting panoramic views of the city from the Prague Castle, its mysterious corners and cobbled streets in the company of a local guide.

  • Take the best pictures of Prague from the most important viewpoints of the city.
  • A local guide will tell you all the secrets of the capital of the Czech Republic.
  • The tour includes a funicular ticket to reach the most emblematic sights of the city.

What’s included

  • Night Tour
  • Professional guide
  • Funicular ticket

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Step by Step

Enjoy a night tour of Prague for approximately 2 hours. A professional guide will accompany you and tell you all the secrets that the city has kept throughout its history.

You will get to know important places of Prague such as:

  • St. Charles Bridge: one of the most visited places in the city during the day, but at nightfall you will be able to enjoy a quieter atmosphere and see from there the stunning panoramic view of Prague Castle, one of the most emblematic monuments.
  • The Elton John Wall, located on the other side of the bridge. It is a graffiti of the Beatles singer that has become an obligatory stop for all his fans.
  • Mount Petřin: you will go up the funicular to get directly to Mount Petřin, one of the favourite places for walking in Prague. It is a 140-metre-high hill where you can take the best photos of the night views of the city.
  • The gothic St. Vitus Cathedral: considered the largest piece of gothic art in Prague and ornamented with semi-precious stones and paintings. In the crypt are the tombs of Czech kings and the crown chamber.

Fall in love with a medieval city flooded with cobbled streets and illuminated by gas lamps.


· 2364 Reviews
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    What a great tour, I loved it!
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    I had an excellent group of people and a fantastic guide, I had a great time even though I went alone.
  • S
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    I definitely choose Prague at night! There are less people and you can see everything better.
  • H
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    The tour offers the best of Prague at night. The guide is also very informative about each place. Very good!
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