10 Things to Do in Vancouver at Night

Vancouver is a city with a vibrant energy even after the sun has set, offering a myriad of activities for you to explore and enjoy during your trip. Here's what you can do in this destination at night.

Matías Rodríguez

Matías Rodríguez

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10 Things to Do in Vancouver at Night

Vancouver from Stanley Park |©Don Davidson

With so many skyscrapers to visit, natural sites to discover and cultural activities to do, you'll find the day slipping through your fingers in Vancouver, but don't worry, once the sun goes down, the city's offerings will still be there. At night this destination takes on a new facet and offers a long list of attractions that will allow you not only to have fun, but also to get to know the local spirit.

Some of the best things to do in Vancouver at night include exploring Gastown and dining at one of the area's restaurants, visiting the popular Granville Island flea market, taking in the panoramic views from the Vancouver Lookout observatory, touring Chinatown, taking a nighttime ride on the city's tour bus, watching the sunset over English Bay and catching an NHL game.

1. Dinner in Gastown, the city's oldest neighborhood

Gastown, Vancouver|©Harrogate
Gastown, Vancouver|©Harrogate

Gastown is the city's industrial neighborhood and also the oldest district, which proves to be a haven for foodies once night falls. Its cobblestone landscape and streets lit by century-old street lamps offer a charm that combines the history of this corner with the contemporary flavors offered by local restaurants.

In the restaurants and bars of Gastown, which is often included in the tours of the best tours of Vancouver, you can enjoy everything from fast food dishes to fresh seafood. Also in this district you can discover the Steam Clock, which is the main attraction of the neighborhood and is a tribute to the industrial workers who made the city's past great.

In Gastown you can also enjoy the street art and the historic architecture of the red brick buildings, which will transform your dinner into a much deeper experience, related to the identity and tradition rooted in the heart of this place that rescues the local spirit.

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2. Visit the Granville Island flea market

granville island, vancouver|©if8
granville island, vancouver|©if8

If you want to get to know one of Vancouver's main sites that is, at the same time, a meeting point where locals go about their daily lives, you can't miss the Granville Island flea market. This site of vibrant colors and tantalizing flavors becomes even more relevant at night, as it comes alive in the light of local merchants offering food and crafts.

As you wander the streets of Granville Island at night, you'll discover that it's not only a place to savor the region's cuisine, but also a vantage point that reveals panoramic views of the city. From strategic points in the market, the lights of Vancouver will reveal the illuminated skyscrapers and the glow of the bustling local nightlife.

In addition, the Granville Island Market is located in an area close to the island's ferry port, so you can also opt to take a nighttime tour of Vancouver's waters on a boat ride.

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3. Discover the panoramic views of the city from Vancouver Lookout.


The observation deck of the Vancouver Lookout building is the perfect portal to describe the city's skyline during the last rays of sunlight of the day. From its 130-meter height, you can see how the buildings intertwine with the mountains that surround the region, creating a scene that captures the essence of this destination.

In addition, from the west side of the 360° platform you can see a wide view of the Pacific Ocean, especially if you plan to visit Vancouver in the summer, when the sky is clear.

The observatory will also give you a glimpse of the glittering harbor and Fraser River, as well as the contours of the North Shore Mountains, a free sample of the natural grandeur of this destination. You can also choose to dine at the top of the tower at the Top of Vancouver revolving restaurant.

The experience on the observation deck of the Vancouver Lookout building is not only visual, it's an opportunity to view the city from above and soak in the nighttime serenity that contrasts with the daytime energy that distinguishes this site from so many others.

4. Walk through Chinatown and discover the light decorations.

Chinatown Vancouver|©Assu78
Chinatown Vancouver|©Assu78

Exploring Chinatown at night in Vancouver will allow you to lose yourself in a traditional universe that comes to life at sunset. This Chinatown, the largest of its kind in Canada, transforms into a visual concert when the night lights illuminate its streets. The luminous decorations, very popular in Asian culture, take center stage over the traditional arches and centuries-old buildings.

Walking through the narrow streets of Chinatown is like stepping into a nighttime fairy tale, where Chinese lanterns and colorful lanterns will lead the way. The restaurants and food stores will also allow you to discover the typical gastronomy.

During your night tour of Chinatown you can also visit the classic gardens of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, which are part of the main green lung of the area and that will give you a very particular vision of Chinese culture. In Chinatown you will discover the contrast between light and shadow that evokes a sense of mystery and fascination as you wander the narrow streets steeped in history, typical architecture and havens of oriental cuisine.

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5. Participate in a tour of lost souls in Gastown.

The Lost Souls of Gastown|©Jeremy
The Lost Souls of Gastown|©Jeremy

If during your trip to Vancouver you want to live a different experience you can choose to participate in a lost souls tour through the cobblestone streets of Gastown. These tours will allow you to delve into the hidden margins of history, exploring an intriguing nighttime tour that will take you wandering through the main arteries of the city's oldest neighborhood, guided by storytellers who will unravel for you the mysteries, tragedies and spectral presences that still haunt the corners.

As you walk through the dark alleys and historic sites, you will discover the fascinating convergence between the past and the present. Gastown, with its ancient architecture and evocative ambiance of grey and overcast appearance, especially if you visit Vancouver in winter, becomes the perfect setting to revisit tales of lost souls, from historical figures to anonymous characters whose lives left an indelible mark on the urban corner of this industrial landscape of red brick buildings.

The tour will not only immerse you in the paranormal, but also reveal little-known aspects of Gastown's history, from momentous events such as its importance as the productive heart of local industry to well-kept secrets such as fires and massacres.

Participating in this tour will not only lead you to discover lost souls, but also allow you to connect with Gastown lore, where the historical and the supernatural intertwine in a fascinating nighttime tale.

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6. Take a nighttime ride on Vancouver's tour bus.


If you want to get to know Vancouver at night in an effective and comfortable way, a good alternative is to opt for the local tourist bus. The route of this means of transport will allow you to embark on a ride that will take you through the illuminated avenues, the lights of the skyscrapers and the emblematic monuments, which acquire a different glow after sunset.

From the comfort of your seat, you will be able to watch the glimmer of the rivers that border the city intertwine with the lights of the waterfront and reflect the most intriguing profile of this destination. The Vancouver sightseeing bus tour will take you past iconic sites such as the Lions Gate Bridge and the green lung of Stanley Park, two very popular spaces that change their appearance substantially at night.

During the night bus tour you will be assisted by an expert local guide, whose information will allow you to discover the city from a unique perspective, soaking up the nighttime atmosphere that transforms every street and building into a completely different place than it is during daylight hours.

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7. Enjoy the FlyOver simulators at Canada Place.

FlyOver Canada|©Natulive Canada
FlyOver Canada|©Natulive Canada

If you are one of those who prefer animated entertainment, in Vancouver you will have the opportunity to get your kicks in the FlyOver simulators at Canada Place. These flight simulators will take you on an unmissable journey over Canada's distinctive landscapes, from the Rocky Mountains to the plains stretching across the horizon, in a combination of cutting-edge technology and visual detail.

The simulator's wrap-around screen and special effects will allow you to easily feel the speed of flight, creating a hyper-realistic experience in the landscapes of your choice. While this activity is available throughout the day, it becomes very popular during the night, as you can use the simulator until 8 p.m. In addition, from the Canada Place area you will be able to see some of the best views of the city.

The FlyOver simulator experience is not only part of a fun visual adventure, but also provides an opportunity to explore Canada's geographic and cultural diversity, which is vast and varied, including glaciers, modern cities and national parks. It is also one of the best things to do with kids in Vancouver.

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8. Take a tour of Science World's nighttime decorations.

Science World|©Bruce Irschick
Science World|©Bruce Irschick

Science World is one of Vancouver's most renowned museums and theme parks, and much of its fame is due to the quality of its exhibits, but also because at night this iconic science center is transformed into a stage of lights and decorations, offering visitors of all ages an experience that combines scientific knowledge with the magic of artistic illumination.

The exterior lighting of the complex, moreover, not only serves as an aesthetic accompaniment, but also highlights the wonder of science, enhancing the buildings that are reflected in the False Creek gravel pit. The combination of Science World's cutting-edge architecture and nighttime lights creates a futuristic and surreal atmosphere that captivates visitors.

As you explore the buildings you may be surprised to discover that the lighting plays a crucial role in not only highlighting the scientific concepts, but also immersing you in a visually stimulating universe that will be particularly interesting if you plan to visit Vancouver with children.

The Science World complex can be reached by Vancouver's hop-on-hop-off tour buses or local public transportation. Also, if you plan to visit this destination during the winter, when it gets dark around 4 p.m., you can schedule your visit during the museum's last shift, which closes at 5 p.m., to combine the tour of the exhibits with the exteriors of the complex.

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9. Discover the sunset at English Bay

English Bay|©Stirrett6
English Bay|©Stirrett6

One of the best things to do in Vancouver is to watch the sunset, and one of the best places to do this is English Bay, a bay that captures the essence of the Pacific coast and a beach platform from which you can discover the sunset and its picturesque symphony of colors.

English Bay is a tourist attraction in itself, as you can discover the seaside statues that decorate the boardwalk. These outdoor works of art, celebrating the connection between the city and the sea, add an artistic and cultural tinge to the coastal environment. Observing the statues in the soft light of the sunset and their contrast in the pink hues of the setting sun will enhance your experience at this popular site.

However, English Bay's evening plans are not limited to sunset, as after sunset you can dine or have a drink at the nearby restaurants and bars, which offer a variety of culinary and beverage options to suit all palates. This site is also included as a stop on the city's bike tours, as it is located next to Vancouver's bike path network.

English Bay thus becomes a complete destination where natural beauty, public art and gastronomy merge to offer one of the best things to do in Vancouver during the night.

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10. Attend a Vancouver Canucks Ice Hockey Game

Canuck Stretch|©H M
Canuck Stretch|©H M

If you're a sports fan, you can't miss a Vancouver Canucks ice hockey game. During the NHL regular season, which runs from October through April, Rogers Arena becomes the epicenter where the Canucks, one of the city's most popular teams, demonstrate their prowess on the ice.

The vibrant atmosphere and fan-filled stands create a unique experience that goes beyond the sport - it's a celebration of Vancouver's community and identity.

Winter in Vancouver, which coincides with the NHL season, provides a spectacular backdrop for these games. As you enjoy the game, you can watch the city lights expand beyond the arena windows, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere even in the midst of the winter chill.

During Canucks games, the city transforms into a melting pot of excitement and camaraderie, with fans sharing the thrill of every score. Whether it's the thrilling battles on the ice or the interactions with other fans, a Vancouver Canucks game is not only a sporting event, but also a cultural celebration that unites the city around its popular team.

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