Vienna Danube Canal Cruise with Dinner

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Experience Highlights

Don't miss this dinner cruise on the Danube in Viennalasting approximately 3.5 hours. On this unique experience you will taste the delights of traditional Austrian cuisine and enjoy live Viennese music. Take advantage of this cruise and enjoy the cityscape of the Austrian capital.

An activity like this is perfect for a date with your partner, family or friends, taking in the palatial and park-like cityscape of Vienna. Combined with a dinner full of delicacies and folk music, the plan makes for a wonderful evening that will surprise your partner and will be one to remember.

  • Join a dinner cruise on the Danube in Vienna, a perfect plan for families, friends or couples.
  • Be prepared for an assortment of traditional Austrian gastronomic delights as well as live local music .
  • The cityscape of Vienna from the river at sunset is one of the main attractions of the activity, with its palatial aesthetics of the buildings and lighting.

What’s included

  • Dinner Cruise on the Danube in Vienna
  • Dinner
  • Viennese music
  • Beverages

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If you're looking for a unique experience in Vienna, you can't miss out on this dinner cruise on the Danube. For approximately three and a half hours, you can enjoy a selection of traditional Austrian dishes while enjoying live music and cruising on the river.

From the cruise, you will enjoy views of the music capital and its fantastic cityscape, including buildings such as the Danube Tower, the Vienna Opera House, Schonbrünn Palace. At dusk, you'll see how the city's illumination adds a magical and romantic touch to the experience.

A cruise is one of the best options for an evening activity in Vienna. One of the main attractions of this journey is the dinner. Austrian cuisine is famous for its delicious dishes, and this cruise is no exception. You can enjoy a selection of typical delicacies, with juicy offerings such as schnitzel, Viennese sausages and apple strudel, among others.

Music also plays an important role in this experience. During the cruise, you can listen to live music, including Austrian folk music and classical Viennese pieces. The combination of good food, music and the panoramic view of the Danube will make this an unforgettable evening.

This cruise is ideal for a romantic date with your partner, but it is also perfect to enjoy with friends or family. Whether you are visiting Vienna for the first time or you are a local resident, this activity is a wonderful way to get to know the city in a different and memorable way.


· 958 Reviews
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    Excellent cruise, I had a great time and I looked like a sweetheart with my girlfriend.
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    We arrived a little late but luckily they were waiting for us. From there everything was total enjoyment! The food was what I liked the most, exquisite Viennese food! It is worth taking this service!
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    I recommend it!
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