Hanoi Culture and Sightseeing Tour by Jeep

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Enjoy this cultural and sightseeing tour of Hanoi in a vintage Soviet-era jeep . This activity lasts about four and a half hours in small groups of about 15 people. A professional guide will accompany you on this picturesque tour of Vietnam's capital.

You can choose to do this tour in the morning, afternoon or evening, which may vary the route you take. Also included with this booking is a delicious lunch and drinks at a famous rooftop bar with spectacular views of the city.

  • Learn about the history of Hanoi on this cultural and sightseeing tour in a Soviet-era jeep in an activity that lasts about four and a half hours.
  • Be accompanied by a professional guide throughout this experience for small groups of about 15 people as you pass the highlights of Hanoi, such as the French Quarter and the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.
  • Choose your time slot for this tour, which includes lunch and drinks at a rooftop bar.

What’s included

  • Vietnamese Army Jeep Legenday - UAZ
  • Cultural and sightseeing tour of Hanoi
  • Professional guide
  • Rain poncho
  • Food and drink at a rooftop bar

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Step by Step

Enjoy this cultural and sightseeing tour of Hanoi in a Soviet-era jeep. In an activity that lasts around four and a half hours and for groups of around 15 people, you will be guided by a professional guide in this picturesque vehicle to see the highlights of Vietnam's capital.

Choose your time slot to start this tour, which can be taken in the morning, afternoon or evening. Enjoy lunch and drinks at a rooftop bar with beautiful views of the city.

Some of the gems of the capital that you will pass through on this experience are:

  • French Quarter: From the late 19th century until 1954, Vietnam was part of a French colony and Hanoi was divided into three regions, including the French area, which is now known as the French Quarter.
  • Tran Quoc Temple: Located east of Hanoi's West Lake, this pagoda is considered the oldest in Hanoi, with a history dating back more than 1,500 years.
  • Train street: is a popular alleyway hidden in one of Hanoi's streets and surrounded by tall, narrow houses close together.
  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: is a large building where Ho, Chairman of the Vietnam Workers' Party, read the Declaration of Independence on 2 September 1945, establishing the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

Also during the tour you will take a trip to the West Lake where you can relax and stroll on your own to escape the hustle and bustle of the capital.


· 517 Reviews
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    I expected something more. Recommended to do once.
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    A very high quality cultural tour. Although I expected something more from the sights of the city, I learned a lot about the country thanks to the guide and his kindness to answer my questions. Highly recommendable experience.
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    Very good guide.
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    Incredible tour, the guide knew how to arouse my curiosity from the first moment and made the tour very interesting and fun. It was a very pleasant experience.
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