Philadelphia and Washington DC 2-Day Trip from New York

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Experience Highlights

The United States offers a wide variety of interesting cities. If you are visiting New York it is a must that you also visit Philadelphia and Washington DC.

During this two-day tour, which includes one night's accommodation, you can visit both cities together with a tour guide. In addition, you'll also visit an authentic Amish farm where you'll see what it's like to live without modern technology.

  • You will tour the cities of Philadelphia and Washington DC with a tour guide.
  • One night's hotel, breakfast and round-trip airfare from New York is included.
  • You will enter an authentic Amish farm where you will see their day to day life.

What’s included

  • Professionally guided tour of Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.
  • Accommodation included: one night in a hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Round-trip bus travel from New York City

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Step by Step

This two-day tour includes everything you need to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Departing from New York, this tour includes a round-trip bus. You don't have to worry about accommodation either, as the tour includes one night in a hotel with breakfast. Plus, you'll be accompanied throughout your trip by a tour guide to provide you with all the information you need at all times.

Philadelphia and Washington DC are two of the cities where you can find the most American culture. Being Washington the current capital and Philadelphia the first capital of the country, you will be able to visit many national historical monuments.

Among them are Washington DC's political monuments and buildings, starting with the most important of all, the White House where the president resides. Continuing with political themes, you will also visit the Capitol, home of the US Congress.

However, not everything is related to politics as you will visit the National Air and Space Museum or the Jefferson Memorial dedicated to Thomas Jefferson.

The visit to Philadelphia is more focused on the origins of the country. You will visit the Liberty Bell Center, one of the symbols of American freedom, orConstitution Square. Walk along Elfreth Alley, the oldest inhabited street in America.

Last but not least, this tour includes a visit to a real Amish farm. You'll tour their farm, observing their unconventional way of life in a buggy, a small vehicle, to make the visit more enjoyable.


· 386 Reviews
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    All ok, very good visit, worth it.
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    Quality tour, worth the money and the price.
  • C
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    The guide was great, he gave life to the whole trip, each new place we entered made it more interesting when he told us the story behind it.
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    Incredible places to visit, both cities have many interesting places to visit.
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