10 Things to Do in New Orleans in June

With the arrival of June, the temperature soars, bringing the first heat of the season and the festive weather that kicks off the summer in New Orleans.

Camilla Graciano

Camilla Graciano

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10 Things to Do in New Orleans in June

Enjoying New Orleans | Andres Guerrero

It's a huge 75 Fun Things to Do in New Orleans year-round, but particularly in June you will have the chance to feel the arrival of summer.

It is amonth full of celebrations and this will allow you to get to know the city, its culture and its magic while you party with good music, delicious culinary variety and the most fun plans. Here you can celebrate pride, celebrate the local gastronomy and eat the most popular delicacies, enjoy art, music and consume non-stop the culture of the city.

1. Celebrate and experience Pride in New Orleans

Pride Day in New Orleans| ©Tony Webster
Pride Day in New Orleans| ©Tony Webster

June is Gay Pride month and in NOLA you will have all kinds of events to celebrate throughout the month. New Orleans is without a doubt one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly cities, which makes it one of the best destinations to celebrate Pride.

But this celebration is not only limited to the classic parade, you can also participate in a lot of events throughout the month.

The parade runs down Decatur Street through St. Louis Street to Rampart Street to St. Ann Street and ends on Bourbon Street between St. Ann and Dumaine Streets.

Along the way, be prepared to see parade participants, dancing, miniature floats and lots of rainbow flags.

Plus, you can party on at Black Pride NOLA, which is a series of events exclusive to the black LGBTQ+ community, and take part in a white party, a pink party and even an awards ceremony.

You'll also have an abundant gastronomic variety throughout the city to enjoy, family activities to do and you can even end up on the beach at a great party.

2. Celebrate Father's Day

Audubon Park| ©Eclectek
Audubon Park| ©Eclectek

Every June, New Orleans offers an interesting variety of activities to enjoy Father's Day with the family. While each year, the city surprises with an exclusive event for this date, there are typical plans that you can't miss.

Participate in the race through Audubon Park

A classic for Father's Day in NOLA is the race through Audubon Park. Believe it or not, one of the most popular races takes place in the hot and sticky month of June and is a fantastic plan to get some exercise and have fun in one of the most famous parks in the city, where you'll find parties, music, food and lots of fun.

Whether you are a runner or not, no doubt you will have a great time celebrating Father's Day with this original plan that only New Orleans can offer you.

Visit a typical attraction

You can also take advantage of the day to visit some of the typical New Orleans attractions such as the Audubon Zoo or the World War II Museum.

Whichever attraction you choose to spend your Father's Day at, I advise you to reserve your tickets in advance to secure your spot.

Purchase tickets to the National World War II Museum

Enjoy the outdoors

NOLA has a good offer of outdoor spaces for you to celebrate this special date, such as parks and green spaces that lend themselves to family fun and is another plan that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

I recommend City Park, which is an excellent option for outdoor plans, such as fishing in the marsh, picnicking, experiencing safe games or practicing sports activities.

It isone of the largest parks in the United States and there you will find the New Orleans Botanical Garden, the Couturie Forest and Arboretum, the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Louisiana Children's Museum and the largest grove of mature oak trees in the world.

Where to eat on Father's Day

You can celebrate this special day in one of the restaurants open for the occasion, such as Galatoire's, Neyow's Creole Café or Rosedale. I recommend making reservations in advance, as it is usually a very busy date.

3. Have fun on the eccentric World Naked Bike Ride

World Naked Bike Ride| ©Francesco
World Naked Bike Ride| ©Francesco

Every June, a large number of naked bikers arrive in New Orleans from various cities and countries to gather in the French Quarter and participate in this extravagant ride. Get ready, you can be part of it too.

Beyond its undeniable eccentricity, this activity has the noble purpose of demonstrating the beauty of the human body and promoting cycling as an environmentally friendly means of transportation.

If you want to participate, but don't feel like getting naked, don't feel obligated! You'll still be able to join in and adapt to the activity's slogan. Just make sure you create your own style, honoring your body and your vehicle.

Also, if you don't have a bike, you can opt for other vehicles such as rollers, skateboards or even run. But remember that it must be a means of transportation free of any harm to the environment. Finally, this eccentric activity concludes with a party, it's all about fun!

Details of interest

  • Location: French Quarter of New Orleans.
  • Admission: the event does not require a ticket.
  • Price: it is a free event.

4. Participate in the New Orleans Oyster Festival

New Orleans Oyster Festival| ©Michael Prest
New Orleans Oyster Festival| ©Michael Prest

The beginning of summer each year is accompanied by this famous non-stop eating festival in the traditional Woldenberg Park. There is no better place in the United States than NOLA's French Quarter for this celebration in which seafood is the main protagonist.

Try seafood in all its forms and enjoy the tastiest and most exclusive dishes. You'll find them fried, in salads or in a po-boy and many more delicious oyster-based options from local restaurants.

But this festival is not only about food, you'll find a variety of cooking demonstrations, arts, crafts, live music and much more entertainment. For your consideration, Oyster Fest is traditionally held in early June.

5. Taste the tastiest dishes at Restaurant Week

Commander's Palace| ©Barbara Y
Commander's Palace| ©Barbara Y

For an entire week in June you can enjoy the most typical delicacies of New Orleans and take advantage of the varied offer of restaurants participating in Restaurant Week.

You'll have a variety of dining venues throughout the different neighborhoods to choose from, from lush French Quarter restaurants to more relaxed eateries serving some of the freshest seafood in the Gulf.

History and rich food come together at this event and there is no better opportunity than this to get a taste of the city's vast culinary culture. Really, it's the best way to get to know the city besides the food tours of New Orleans.

I recommend some of the most traditional and historic places so you can start planning your Restaurant Week wish list:

  • Commander's Palace is in the Garden District, it is a city landmark and its avant-garde Creole haute cuisine is a reflection of New Orleans. It has won multiple awards for its flavors and is a culinary legend.
  • Antoine's: is the oldest restaurant in New Orleans and synonymous with good food. It has an extensive and interesting history and its dishes are among the most traditional and exquisite.
  • Muriel's Jackson Square: beyond its gastronomic delicacies, this restaurant preserves the style of what was originally an elegant private house in the heart of the French Quarter. You will fall in love with it!
  • Mother's Restaurant: in addition to tasting a delicious baked ham, you will learn about its history dating back to World War II. It' s a must stop during restaurant week and you'll find locals and visitors, veterans, politicians and movie stars.
  • Acme: a historic oyster bar that is a must.

All of these restaurants and many more will be present at Restaurant Week. Plus, these are historic New Orleans locations, as they have been around for decades and some are even more than 100 years old.

Book a gastronomic tour of New Orleans

6. Experience the Caribbean Festival

Caribbean Festival| ©Anabel G
Caribbean Festival| ©Anabel G

As you will see, June is a month of celebration, party, good food and you will find the most varied and fun plans to do. One of the ones you can't miss is the mythical Caribbean Festival.

The early summer temperature is even more accentuated with this festival that brings together the entire Caribbean community of the area in a series of events that bring out their culture, traditions, food and music.

In the NOLA Caribbean Festival you will find a large number of multicultural activities that you can participate in or appreciate such as tournaments, theme parties, carnival parades, tents and typical food stands, among others. This celebration originated with the purpose of integrating the communities of Caribbean roots, coming from Jamaica, West Indies and Trinidad and Tobago.

I recommend a series of unmissable activities for you to live this celebration to the fullest:

  • Food fairs: take the opportunity to try all kinds of vegetarian dishes, Asian food and many food stalls.
  • Carnival parade: you will have music and entertainment accompanying this parade. The star of this attraction is Super Nova, the official carnival band, followed by painting wars, colorful costumes and dance groups.
  • Children's activities: due to the large influx of children, this festival offers children's activities such as inflatables, crafts, music and painting for the little ones.
  • Theme parties: enjoy music, live DJ's and typical food for hours absorbing the Caribbean culture.

Details of interest

  • Place: Central City BBQ, 1201 S Rampart St, New Orleans.
  • Price: free event.
  • Date: during the month of June.

7. Commemorate Juneteenth in New Orleans

Congo square sign| ©Mr. Littlehand
Congo square sign| ©Mr. Littlehand

Every June 19 commemorates one of the most important events in U.S. history: the end of slavery. New Orleans offers a variety of activities to celebrate this day, exploring historic sites and learning about the history of the city and the country.

Here are some of the attractions and sites you can visit on this special day.

Congo Square

This park is known for having been in the nineteenth century a meeting place where the enslaved and free people of color gathered. It was also used for markets and celebrations of African culture, especially music.

Nowadays it hosts several festivals. As you walk around this square you will find several historical points that will allow you to learn more about the city's past.

New Orleans African American Museum

It is the ideal day to visit the African American Museum of New Orleans, located in the traditional Tremé neighborhood, home to the oldest surviving black community in the United States.

In this museum you will find a variety of exhibits and learn about the history and art of the African American communities of New Orleans.

Ashé Cultural Arts Center

This center is very original. At the Ashé Cultural Arts Center, you will meet emerging artists who create and present their works there.

In addition, the center celebrates and commemorates African diasporic people, places and philosophies and is influenced by local African American artists and theater groups. Ashé also sponsors and conducts seminars and lectures that address social and artistic issues relevant to the African American community.

Book a tour of Tremé in New Orleans

8. Celebrate the French Market's Creole Tomato Festival

French Market Creole Tomato Festival| ©BananaOrg
French Market Creole Tomato Festival| ©BananaOrg

New Orleans is such a festive city that it even dedicates every year a celebration to the tomato, just as you read it.

It's a festival held at French Market in the French Quarter and is filled with music, art, food and of course, the best and tastiest tomatoes you'll ever taste.

Without a doubt, if you are in New Orleans in June you can't miss this celebration. It's a great plan, admission is free and you will have a great time.

Details of interest

  • Place: French Market in the French Quarter, New Orleans.
  • Price: free, you will only have to pay for what you consume.
  • Admission: no ticket required.

9. Enjoy the Cajun-Zydeco Festival of Louisiana

Louisiana Cajun-Zydeco Festival| ©Gonola
Louisiana Cajun-Zydeco Festival| ©Gonola

As you may have noticed, good music is one of the stars of New Orleans and at the Louisiana Cajun-Zydeco Festival you will have the chance to enjoy it to the fullest. And of course, as in every festival, you will also taste the most delicious traditional foods.

With the arrival of the first warm days, you'll find in Louis Armstrong Park the perfect combination of lively, good music and the tastiest spicy seafood you'll ever taste.

In addition, you'll find an art market with a variety of exhibits by local artists and a variety of food vendor booths. Admission is free, but donations are welcome and fun is guaranteed.

Details of interest

  • Place: Louis Armstrong Park, New Orleans.
  • Price: free, you will only have to pay for what you consume.
  • Admission: no ticket required.

10. Officially kick off the Sno-ball Season

Sno-ball| ©Infrogmation
Sno-ball| ©Infrogmation

There is no summer in New Orleans without the classic Sno-ball, so characteristic of the city. That's why in June you will be able to try this delicious and refreshing candy that will accompany all your walks and strolls around the city.

It is a snowball made of fluffy crushed ice flavored with sweet syrups and covered or filled with the most varied mixtures.

You can find them in different flavors, colors and sizes and their price varies between 2 and 6 dollars.

11. Keep the party going at the Essence Festival

At the Essence Fest| ©Nicole Mumphrey
At the Essence Fest| ©Nicole Mumphrey

To end June with a bang, Essence magazine organizes this event that takes place every year on the weekend before the 4th of July.

It's a huge celebration of contemporary music and black culture. So if you are a fan of R&B and hip hop, there is no better time for you to visit New Orleans than this date so you can participate in the incredible Essence Festival.

Details of interest

  • Venue: Caesars Superdome, Sugar Bowl Dr., New Orleans.
  • Tickets: you can buy them at the official site and prices vary.
  • Date: every weekend prior to July 4th.

June temperatures in New Orleans

Touring New Orleans| ©sprusak
Touring New Orleans| ©sprusak

The beginning of summer makes itself felt in New Orleans during the month of June. Temperatures generally range between 23°C and 32°C, so I recommend you start your day as early as possible to be able to make plans that require walking and touring without suffering too much from the heat.

Also keep in mind that you may encounter some rain, about 10 days in the whole month.

What to pack for a visit to New Orleans in June

Preparing your luggage| ©Marissa Grootes
Preparing your luggage| ©Marissa Grootes

As I mentioned before, keep in mind that June is hot, so it will be essential that you remember to bring light clothes and light colors to cope with it as well as possible.

I recommend clothes with light, comfortable and breathable fabrics for the day, such as T-shirts, shorts, loose dresses and linen garments.

It will be essential that if you plan to make plans outdoors, wear a hat large enough to cover not only your head, but also to protect your face from the sun and comfortable shoes that allow you to walk and walk as much as you want without discomfort.

Another essential you should pack in your suitcase is sunscreen and insect repellent.

Despite the heat, I recommend that you take a light coat, because closed places such as restaurants and museums usually have air conditioners at very cold temperatures. It's better to be safe!