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Experience Highlights

Spend a spooky night of terrifying myths and legends as you join this ghost tour of Charlotte.

An expert guide will light the way with a torch as he reveals the darkest secrets of the Uptown area of the city, the area where spirits from beyond the grave are said to dwell. You'll visit iconic places that hide little-known horror stories.

  • Experience a terrifying experience on the streets of Charlotte by taking this ghost tour.
  • Learn the hidden history behind Uptown' s most iconic land marks
  • Visit sites said to be haunted, such as the Carolina Theatre and the old North Carolina Medical School

What’s included

  • Charlotte Ghost Tour
  • Professional guide
  • Walking tour
  • Visit to emblematic places in the city

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Step by Step

Experiencea mind-blowing and terrifying experience as you wander the streets of Charlotte at night on this unforgettable ghost tour, a fun journey that will allow you to experience the area in a different way.

An expert guide will narrate, torch in hand, the spookiest stories of the city, in the same place where events unexplained by science happened, passed down from generation to generation and still talked about today.

You'll stroll through the Uptown area to see iconic sites that hold dark secrets from the past, such as the Rira Irish Pub, the Carolina Theatre and the Dunhill Hotel.

Among the more historic, you'll visit North Carolina's first public hospital, the defunct medical school and the strategic sites where locals discovered gold in mines and tunnels, which today are haunted and filled with experiences of the afterlife.

These destinations, so the story goes, are inhabited by otherworldly spirits who were trapped by the tragic outcomes of their lives. Whether myth or reality, the stories are sure to impress.


· 304 Reviews
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    I had been through several of what were supposed to be haunted houses and had no idea! In fact this is something to be done with a professional, it gave us great excitement.
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    I took my 16 year old daughter and she was thrilled. It was her first time on such an experience and now she has asked me to do more. I highly recommend it!
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    The experience was so good that I started looking for other similar tours from the same company but in other cities. I hope it will be the same or better :)
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    Doing the tour at night, with the lights of the buildings and the mysteries that emanate from the places was feel the vibes of everything that surrounds you....
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