Dubai 30 Minutes Jetpack Session

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Experience Highlights

Do you want to fly in a jetpack? Then don't miss this 30 minute experience! It includes 10 minutes in which a professional instructor will explain you how to take off, hand signals and safety procedures. This way, you can enjoy yourself without worrying about anything else but flying.

The rest of the 20 minutes will be entirely dedicated to your flight over the water. The jetpack is placed on your back and thanks to two water jets you will be propelled above the water. The flying experience is totally comfortable, as the jetpack incorporates a small seat on which you will sit, and your weight will be supported while you fly.

  • Enjoy this 30 minute experience in which you will fly with a jetpack over the water.
  • A professional instructor will explain everything you need to know in 10 minutes, and will be by your side while you fly.
  • All the necessary equipment is included such as lifejacket, helmet, showers and lockers.

What’s included

  • 10-minute jetpack instruction and 20-minute jetpack flight
  • Professional Instructor
  • Helmet and life jacket
  • Lockers and shower
  • Souvenir photos (available for purchase)
  • Towel

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Step by Step

There is nothing like feeling the experience of flying by yourself, something you can discover in this 30-minute jetpack session. Specifically, this session is perfect for beginners , as 10 minutes of the 30 minutes will be dedicated to learning how to use it from a professional instructor. And not only to learn how to handle it, but also hand signals to communicate with the instructor and safety procedures.

In this way, it will be a safer experience due to your knowledge and the instructor will always be at your side during your flight. Therefore, you will have about 20 minutes in which you will be able to fly over the sea with total freedom thanks to your jetpack. All you have to do is let yourself be lifted up by the water jets and enjoy yourself, as the equipment such as helmet and life jacket are already included.

What's more, using the jetpack is totally comfortable, as you put it on your back, but your weight is on a small saddle on which you sit. This way, you can fly without putting any weight on the straps. On the other hand, another aspect that you will have to master is the swinging of the legs, which is what provides the stability during the flight. But don't worry, as this is something you will learn once you are in full flight over the water.


· 50 Reviews
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    Everything was perfect, with no problems and a fantastic guide.
  • A
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    I recommend bringing some drinking water, usually after flying in the jetpack you fall into salt water, plus it is sometimes very hot.
  • J
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    I was very surprised, even though it was only 30 minutes, it was the most fun 30 minutes of my life.
  • F
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    You feel a great adrenaline rush when flying, I was laughing the whole trip from the excitement, I would repeat it several times!
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