Dubai Indoor Skydiving Experience

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Experience Highlights

Don't hesitate to take part in this wind tunnel experience in Dubai. This activity where you can fulfil your dream of flying includes a training session, an instructor and all the necessary equipment. In addition, you will have 2 flights of 1 minute each.

The technology and air jets allow you to stay in the air for a while, during which you will have individual assistance and you will ascend up to 4 metres in the air. If you're thinking of trying flying sports, a perfect way to start is with this experience.

  • Join this wind tunnel experience in Dubai and learn to fly with a certified instructor.
  • The air jets will lift you up to 4 metres in the air. You will have 2 flights of 1 minute each.
  • The activity includes all the relevant equipment , a training session and the assistance of an instructor during the flight.

What’s included

  • Wind tunnel experience in Dubai
  • Training session
  • Use of flight equipment
  • Professional Instructor

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Step by Step

Take part in a wind tunnel experience in Dubai. For the more novice and curious flight sports enthusiasts, this activity could be the ideal plan. You will soar up to 4 metres high thanks to the technology and water jets. You will have 2 flights lasting 1 minute each.

You will be provided with the necessary equipment for the flight and a training session. You will be accompanied at all times by a flight instructor who will teach you and assist you in your experience in the world's first double vertical wind tunnel. Fulfil your dream of flying at last, in a safe and fun way.

This is a 10-metre high tunnel dedicated to the activity of freefall. Thanks to the wind suit, helmet and eye protection, you can enjoy a safe activity and withstand the thrust of the wind jets. Try flips and spins during the flight and pose for photos from outside.

Participation in the wind tunnel is open to everyone from children to seniors. It's a family activity to take the little ones along for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It can also work as a way to overcome fear of heights or as an introduction to more risky flying sports.


· 56 Reviews
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    More than fun! The instructors were top notch. We enjoyed it from start to finish.
  • D
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    Great experience, in the future I would like to skydive from an airplane and I feel this was the first step to know how it feels.
  • C
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    100% satisfied! I learned super fast and the feeling of flying is priceless.
  • M
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    I went with my 12 year old son who I initially doubted if he would make it and he came out faster than me ;) we laughed like never before. I really recommend it
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