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On this tour you will have the opportunity to access the AYA Universe in Dubai, a museum that will allow you to discover the beauty and mysteries of outer space . You will be able to explore its rooms, which combine art and technology to immerse you in an immersive experience full of light, stars and secrets.

You can enjoy the sound and image quality of the museum's multimedia content, produced with cutting-edge technology, and feel like a real astronaut in the midst of an environment rich in knowledge. An activity full of beauty and mystery, ideal for those interested in discovering the secrets of the universe.

  • Immerse yourself in an immersive experience at the AYA Universe in Dubai.
  • Explore 12 rooms that combine art and technology to show you the secrets of outer space.
  • Learn about the mysteries of the universe while enjoying the museum's high-quality content

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  • AYA Universe tickets in Dubai

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Come to the AYA Universe Dubai and enjoy an experience that will allow you todeepen your knowledge of outer space. You will have access to a total of up to 12 rooms, whose combination of art and technology will allow you to immerse yourself in an experience full of knowledge and entertainment .

You can escape from reality as you glide throughsimulated observatories filled with stars, allowing you to marvel at the magnificence of the cosmos. You will also walk through projected gardens of blooming light, where nature and art merge in a dazzling visual spectacle.

Through the museum's high-quality multimedia content, you will be transported to other worlds, environments and places in the universe, which will help you deepen your understanding of its enormity, and the small space we humans occupy in the vastness of the cosmos.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about the beauty and mysteries of outer space, in an activity that is both instructive and entertaining . The high quality and cutting-edge content of AYA Universe will also give your experience a more realistic touch, which will make the memories last longer.


· 778 Reviews
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    I recommend exploring the AYA Universe to discover a new world full of wonder and magic.
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    The AYA Universe transported me to a place where everything changed, ebbed and flowed around me, creating a unique experience.
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    I was amazed by the wonderful combinations of art and technology present in every room of the universe.
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    I discovered the beauty and mystery of this new world thanks to my AYA Universe tickets.
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