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Get tickets to the Dubai Aquarium and its Underwater Zoo, which together form one of the largest aquariums in the world. Specifically, you'll be able to observe more than 150 species, including sharks, seals, crocodiles, piranhas, tiger fish and many more.

The world's largest reptile by the name of King Croc stands out among them. One of the most popular sections of the aquarium is its 48-metre underwater tunnel. Here you'll have an all-round view of the marine animals, so you can even see them swimming over your head.

  • Get tickets for the Dubai Aquarium and its Underwater Zoo section.
  • Learn all about marine life in one of the world's largest aquariums.
  • See all kinds of marine species in the underwater tunnel where you'll be completely surrounded by water.

What’s included

  • Entrance to the Dubai Aquarium
  • Access to Underwater Zoo

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Don't miss this opportunity and get tickets to the Dubai Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in the world with more than 10 million litres of water. This ticket also includes access to the Underwater Zoo section, so in total you will be able to see more than 150 different species of marine animals, totalling more than 33,000 different creatures .

You can't miss some of the most interesting species such as sharks, manta rays, piranhas, crocodiles, seals and many more as they swim around the aquarium. Among all these animals, the world's largest reptile also stands out. He even has a name, King Croc, and is much loved in the aquarium.

Although all parts of the aquarium are worth a visit, there is one area that stands out above the rest. This is the aquarium's 48-metre long underground tunnel, which is part of the Underwater Zoo section. All along the way, you will be able to enjoy the animals swimming around you and even above your head. In this way, you will feel totally immersed in the water, while staying dry and safe.


· 14353 Reviews
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    We were able to take some dreamy pictures, it was totally amazing.
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    Sharks and many other fish swam through the glass corridor constantly and we were able to observe them in detail.
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    My wife and I had a great time, our son was also very excited and happy with the ride.
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    The staff was very friendly, the place was very clean and well kept, we could see the animals without any problems.
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