10 Things to Do in Bangkok in June

Let me tell you everything you can't miss if you plan to visit Bangkok in June.

Nicolas Reffray

Nicolas Reffray

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10 Things to Do in Bangkok in June

personas caminando por el puente |©arcibald

In June Bangkok welcomes summer, and it is very common that during this time it rains more heavily than the rest of the year. However, there are many options to make the most of a trip to the capital of Thailand at this time, so don't be afraid. In this article I recommend what you can do to have a great time. In principle, being the rainy season, there are much less tourists in the city, so forget about waiting in line at any of its attractions.

You will see that there are many things to see and do in Bangkok in June, from visiting its amazing temples, touring its shopping malls and gastronomic markets, to know its museums, through some night tours and walks. Thailand has an extremely rich and interesting culture, so take the opportunity to discover why hundreds of thousands of tourists come to Bangkok every year and, most of them, decide to come back.

1. Visit some of the best temples in Bangkok

Wat Phra Kaew|©Joe Coyle
Wat Phra Kaew|©Joe Coyle

Bangkok is a fascinating place to visit, especially if you are interested in local culture and religion. In June the rains are very frequent, so a very good option to continue enjoying the city is to discover all the charm of the best temples in Bangkok, sacred places and tourist attractions of the most popular.

Wat Phra Kaew

One of the temples that you can not miss for anything is the Wat Phra Kaew. This temple is one of the most important temples in Thailand and is located within the Grand Palace complex. The temple is known for its impressive Emerald Buddha, which is located in the main chapel. The architecture and decoration of the temple are wonderful, with murals and statues telling religious stories.

Wat Arun

Also known as the Temple of Dawn, this temple is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. It is known for its central tower, which rises more than 70 meters high and is decorated with Chinese porcelain and stained glass. The temple is particularly impressive at sunset, when the lights illuminate it.

Wat Pho

This temple is famous for being the home of the reclining Buddha, which is an impressive 46-meter long and 15-meter high Buddha statue. Wat Pho is also known for being the place where traditional Thai massage originated. You can, if you wish, get a massage at the massage school inside the temple.

Wat Traimit

This temple is famous for its solid gold Buddha, which is the largest Buddha statue in the world made entirely of gold. The statue weighs more than five tons and is located in the main chapel of the temple.

Wat Benchamabophit

Also known as the Marble Temple, this temple is famous for its Thai-style architecture mixed with Western elements. The temple is built with white Italian marble and is known for its beautiful main chapel, which houses a gilded bronze Buddha statue.

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2. Join the colorful LGBTQ Pride parade in Bangkok

Bangkok Pride - the parade|©CharlesFred
Bangkok Pride - the parade|©CharlesFred

Recognized worldwide, the ** LGBTQ Pride parade and festival** is an event worth attending. Regardless of your sexual orientation, here you can see how the whole city dresses in color and celebrates diversity. In addition to the usual parade, there are shows, street music, street food, sweets and much more.

The event takes place in different areas of the Thai capital. This is a perfect opportunity to actively participate in a popular festival in Bangkok, where locals and tourists celebrate together. The parade and most of the events take place on June 10.

3. Visit its gastronomic markets

Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok|©mst7022
Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok|©mst7022

Bangkok is a world renowned gastronomic destination, that's why you can't miss its gastronomic markets, as they are an important part of the city's culinary scene, even a tour around its markets could be considered one of the best gastronomic tours in Bangkok, these places offer a unique opportunity to taste a wide variety of local and regional dishes in one place.

Youcan't visit Bangkok without enjoying its famous street food. Street food stalls are found almost everywhere in the city and offer a wide variety of authentic dishes at reasonable prices. In June, street food stalls can be an even better option as locals tend to cook more hot and spicy meals to combat the humid weather.

Chatuchak Market

One of Bangkok's most popular food markets is Chatuchak Market, which is located next to the famous weekend market of the same name. Here you will find a wide variety of food stalls serving traditional Thai dishes such as pad Thai, khao soi and som tam, along with international options such as Turkish kebabs and Italian pizza.

Rot Fai Market

Another popular food market in Bangkok is Rot Fai Market, which is located in the Srinakarin district. This market is located in a former train station and features a wide variety of food stalls, as well as vintage clothing and antique stores. Here you will find options such as fried chicken, fried egg noodles and the famous meat skewers.

Or Tor Kor Market

Or Tor Kor Market is located near the famous Chatuchak Market, is another popular destination for food lovers. This market focuses on fresh, high-quality ingredients and offers a wide variety of local and regional products such as fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat. There is also a prepared food section where you can sample freshly prepared local dishes.

Patpong Market

This is a popular night market in central Bangkok that features a wide variety of food and drink stalls. Here you will find options such as pad Thai, fried egg noodles, meat skewers and tropical cocktails. In addition to food, the market is also known for its clothing, jewelry and souvenir stores.

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4. Cabarets and night shows in Bangkok

Calypso Ladyboy Show|©Sreekanth Raveendran
Calypso Ladyboy Show|©Sreekanth Raveendran

Enjoy the best night shows and cabarets in Bangkok. The Thai capital's nightlife is famous for its array of adult shows, so if you're not planning to visit the city with your little ones, this can be a great way to escape the humid June nights.

With a style inspired by the big shows in Las Vegas, this is one of the best things to do at night in Bangkok, these types of places also offer traditional Thai dining and live music. The night here has something for everyone, you can't miss it!

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5. Take a cruise tour in Bangkok

White Orchid River Cruise Boat|©Uwe Schwarzbach
White Orchid River Cruise Boat|©Uwe Schwarzbach

Although in June the weather can be a bit unpredictable and rains are very common, you can take the opportunity to join a cruise in Bangkok and escape the humidity, having a drink while touring the coast.

I recommend you to check the weather in Bangkok daily, since, although this type of excursions are also made in the rain, because they have roofed and glazed boats, it is not recommended to do them in case of a heavy storm. Seeing the city from the water is always an incredible experience that is well worth living.

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6. Visit the best palaces in Bangkok

Bangkok - Vimanmek|©Enea Pestelacci
Bangkok - Vimanmek|©Enea Pestelacci

If the weather in June doesn't allow for outdoor excursions, then you can take the opportunity to visit some of Bangkok's finest palaces. With an extremely rich mix of styles, taking a tour of these centuries-old buildings is an ideal way to get a taste of the country's culture.

Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is one of the most visited places in Bangkok and is home to the famous image of the Emerald Buddha. It was built in 1782 and is a stunning example of Thai architecture.

Vimanmek Palace

The Vimanmek Palace is the largest wooden palace in the world and was built in 1900 for King Rama V. It is a stunning example of Victorian architecture.

Ananta Samakhom Palace

This is an impressive white building that is located in the center of Bangkok and was built in 1915 for King Rama V. It is currently used for royal ceremonies and special events.

Suan Pakkad Palace

Suan Pakkad Palace is located in the center of Bangkok and is an excellent example of Thai architecture. It houses a large collection of antiques and artifacts.

Phya Thai Palace

Phya Thai Palace was built in 1909 and is located in the Phaya Thai district. It is another impressive example of Thai architecture and was home to several members of the royal family.

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7. Take a tour on board of a tuk tuk

Tuk-tuk's in Bankok|©pixelfields241
Tuk-tuk's in Bankok|©pixelfields241

Undoubtedly one of the most picturesque tours in Bangkok. Touring the city aboard a tuk tuk is the perfect way to get in touch with its people, customs, noises, food and history. Your guide (and driver) will take you around the corners of Bangkok in this curious vehicle, you will visit some markets, taste Thai street food, have a drink, and visit some highlights.

The tuk tuk is a kind of small motorcycle with a cabin in the back, which can accommodate up to three travelers. Taking one of the best tuk tuk tours in Bangkok will make you marvel at Thai culture. You will visit temples, ride along the Chao Phraya River, where you can appreciate the beauty of the illuminated city, and much more.

June is a perfect time for this kind of tours. Although rains are frequent, the beginning of summer also brings warm and very pleasant temperatures, so a ride around the city in a tuk tuk is an ideal plan.

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8. Take a tour around the floating markets

Float Market|©Sergio
Float Market|©Sergio

Take a tour of the floating markets in Bangkok, you will not regret it. Although, in the month of June the rains can be a bit of a nuisance, these types of tours are very popular and adapt to inclement weather. This is a unique opportunity to explore one of Thailand's oldest traditions. Some of the most popular floating markets are the Amphawa and Damnoen Saduak markets.

These are one of the best tours in Bangkok, as they provide a chance to get an in-depth look at the local culture while allowing you to enjoy the delicious flavors of Thai street food.

9. Tour Bangkok's shopping malls

Siam Square (Bangkok,Thailand)|©Vesselin Kolev
Siam Square (Bangkok,Thailand)|©Vesselin Kolev

Another of the best things to do in Bangkok in summer is to take a stroll through its shopping malls. An excellent option to escape the June rains, as all of them are indoors, and offer a good amount of stores, entertainment spaces and places to eat, so you can spend the whole day in them.

They are mostly located in the Siam (Siam Square) area, one of Bangkok's most famous shopping districts. The MBK mall is one of the most popular malls in Bangkok, offering a wide variety of stores and famous for its night market. Other popular malls include Siam Paragon and CentralWorld.

You will find that touring the best shopping malls in Bangkok will delight you.

10. Visit the city's best museums

Wat Traimit - Bangkok|©Luigi cosentino
Wat Traimit - Bangkok|©Luigi cosentino

June brings with it a rainy season, that's true, but fear not, because a rainy day is an ideal day to visit museums, and in Bangkok the offer is as varied as it gets. Here are some of my favorite museums to add to your itinerary.

Bangkok National Museum

The National Museum of Bangkok is one of the most important museums in Thailand and has an impressive collection of art and historical objects dating from prehistoric times to the present.

Golden Buddha Museum

This museum is known for housing the largest solid gold Buddha statue in the world, as well as having a collection of other Buddha statues of great historical and artistic value.

Bangkok Museum of Contemporary Art

The Bangkok Museum of Contemporary Art focuses, of course, on the promotion of contemporary Thai and international art, and has an interesting collection of works by local and foreign artists.

Erawan Museum

This museum is known for its impressive collection of ancient artifacts and objects of Thai culture, as well as its exhibits on the history of religion in Thailand.