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If you are a chocolate lover, take the opportunity to buy your ticket for the Lindt Home of Chocolate museum in Zurich. You will be provided with an audio guide and fast-track access without queuing. You will be able to use the lockers free of charge and you will have unlimited Swiss chocolate tasting at your disposal.

Discover the origins of chocolate in this museum with interactive exhibits. Here you will see a chocolate fountain over 9 metres high and learn how cocoa beans become one of the most popular sweets and much more.

  • Don't hesitate to enter the Swiss chocolate paradise with this ticket to the Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum in Zurich.
  • You can enjoy unlimited tasting of the delicious chocolate. The activity includes the use of an audio guide and fast-track access to the museum.
  • This is an educational activity where you will learn about the history of chocolate and, at the same time, interactive, as you will find a multitude of participatory exhibits.

What’s included

  • Tickets for the Lindt Home of Chocolate museum in Zurich
  • Audio guide
  • Use of lockers
  • Unlimited chocolate tasting

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If you've seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and your greatest wish is to enter a chocolate museum, this activity will fulfil that wish. This ticket to the Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum in Zurich will take you on a journey to learn about the history of one of the world's most popular treats. You'll also have fast-track access with no queues.

Enjoy unlimited Swiss chocolate tasting and tour the facilities, which include a 9-metre-high chocolate fountain and many interactive educational exhibits and activities. An audio guide and free use of the lockers are available.

The Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum in Zurich is also a research centre where the world's best chocolate is made. This building is 1,500 square metres in size and here you will see the world's largest chocolate fountain and Lindt shop.

There are educational workshops where you will learn about the manufacturing process, from cocoa beans to the delicious chocolate that so many people love. You will also discover the ways of cultivation and chocolate production techniques, such as conching. Today, the building is now a combination of industrial production, showroom, shops and research and development.


· 465 Reviews
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    A real chocolate museum, I learned more than I would have expected about the history of cocoa worldwide. Especially its elaboration and European consumption. It was very satisfying, I recommend it.
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    Very good
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    Beautiful visit, I was surprised by the mastery to make chocolate!
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    A place worth visiting, you learn a lot and the tour is very educational. Indeed, as the service comments before booking, the chocolate melts as soon as it touches your mouth. Delicious all the varieties, I indulged myself in a big way.
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