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Save up to 55% with this all-inclusive Go City Stockholm pass. Valid for one, two, three or five days, you'll be able to visit dozens of attractions in Sweden's capital. This way you'll save much more than buying individual tickets for them. In addition to the attractions, bus and boat trips are also included.

Create your own itinerary and travel at your own pace, as the pass will be activated from the first attraction you visit. One of the advantages is that you will have everything in one app, where you can consult the information about the attractions and the map of the city. You can also use it to make all the necessary arrangements for booking in advance, which is recommended.

  • Save up to 55% with the Go City Stockholm All Inclusive Pass on digital tickets valid for 1, 2, 3 or 5 days.
  • Create your own itinerary with this pass, as you can visit the dozens of attractions that are included whenever you want, although booking in advance is recommended.
  • Take advantage of the application that comes with this pass to have all the information on one device and make all the arrangements.

What’s included

  • All Inclusive Go City Pass in Stockholm
  • Entrance to dozens of attractions in Stockholm
  • Access to dozens of activities, including a boat trip and bus tour
  • Go City application

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Step by Step

Save up to 55% on your trip to Sweden's capital with the Go City Stockholm All Inclusive Pass. Valid for one, two, three or five days, you'll have total freedom to create your itinerary and organise your trip to the dozens of attractions and activities included in this digital pass. You'll have all the information in an app that you'll download to your mobile phone and with which you'll be able to manage everything.

It will be activated once you visit the first attraction. From then on, the pass will be valid for the number of consecutive days you have chosen when you purchase it. Please note that non-activated passes will be valid for at least two years from the date of purchase.

When you arrive at the attraction, you will need to present this pass, which you do not need to print out and can carry on your mobile phone. You will also have an app that you will have to download to carry out all the formalities from there, such as booking in advance.

In addition, this app will provide you with all the information on the attractions, as the list will be updated, and a map to guide you around the city. It is worth noting that purchasing this all-inclusive pass is much cheaper than buying tickets for the attractions separately.

Among the monuments and activities you can do with this pass are:

  • Vasa Museum: discover one of Sweden's most important cultural treasures, the warship Vasa, which sank in 1628 on its maiden voyage from Stockholm.
  • Viking Museum: a space of illusion where you will learn about the Viking heritage, with an interactive display of the daily life of a Viking family.
  • Sightseeing bus tour of Stockholm: hop on board a sightseeing bus and hop off at different stops around Stockholm.
  • Boat tour: on the sightseeing boats you can discover the city from a totally different perspective, sailing through its lakes and canals.


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    With the Stockholm Pass I was able to visit several attractions in the same day without feeling rushed.
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    The variety of attractions in the pass makes it a perfect choice for all tastes.
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    The process to activate the Stockholm Pass was very simple.
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    With the Stockholm Pass I saved a lot of money on tickets.
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