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Experience Highlights

On this 2-hour tour you will be taken through Seville's historic neighbourhoods of El Centro and Santa Cruz . Accompanied by an expert guide, you will be taken to stories from another era, full of tragedies, anecdotes and curious facts about the city of Seville.

You will also learn about the history and architecture of the city, as well as some of the most beautiful corners of Seville. Along with tales ofRomans, Muslims, Jews and Christians, you'll also hear legends of ghosts and lots of facts about the paranormal history of the Andalusian capital.

  • Tour the centre of Seville and explore the beauty of its historic neighbourhoods.
  • Learn about the history and architecture of the city, accompanied by an expert guide.
  • Listen to tales of the people who have inhabited Seville and the ghosts that still reside there.

What’s included

  • Walking tour through the centre of Seville
  • Visit to the Jewish Quarter of Santa Cruz
  • Expert guide

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Step by Step

Tour the centre of Seville and visit some of its most famous historic neighbourhoods, such as the Santa Cruz Jewish quarter . For about 2 hours, you'll walk around the cobbled streets of the centre of the capital while learning about Seville's history, culture and architecture.

You'll be accompanied by an expert guide, with whom you'll hear tales, stories and anecdotes about the different peoples that have inhabited the Andalusian capital. In theSanta Cruz Jewish quarter, you will see this 750-year-oldneighbourhood where the city's Jews lived.

You will hear how they lived and mixed with the Christians, as well as important events such as the massacre of the Jews in 1391 and their subsequent expulsion from the country in 1492. Paranormal legends claim that the ghosts of those who were unjustly murdered by the Christians still inhabit its streets.

The original name of Seville is Hispalis, an ancient Roman city where famous Roman emperors such as Trajan and Hadrian were born. Over the centuries, the city has been inhabited by Romans, Muslims, Jews and Christians .

It has the largest historic centre in Spain, and the sixth largest in Europe. The mixture and influence of cultures in the city has resulted in its extensive cultural heritage, which includes World Heritage Sites such as the Cathedral, the Alcázar and the Archive of the Indies .

It is therefore an unmissable visit to one of the most beautiful and culturally important cities in Spain and Europe.


· 203 Reviews
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    I liked it overall, I recommend it.
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    Everything was perfect that day, the group of sensational people along with the guide. We took some great pictures and the sunset was unforgettable!
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    Excellent tour!
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    I was fascinated by Santa Cruz, a truly unique place.
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